Sunday, August 1, 2010

Salamat, Music Player

I've been continuously going back and forth about tweaking my blog though I couldn't figure out what feature to install. After a slow day at home in the unbearable heat, cloistered in a quasi sauna and a cacophony of noise, I had a brief a-ha! moment. Enter, thought bubble. I admit to my own share of blonde moments.

"Music player! Silly Toni didn't think of it any sooner. Genius. O.O"

I was on Windows Live Messenger with my fiancé when the thought came about so he witnessed the excitement on my part. I'm relatively new on Blogspot so I haven't completely dissected the controls yet. Upon registering on a music site, I searched for appropriate songs to place in my blog. I decided to veer from my beloved goth music and in stead, give the readers calm tunes to listen to. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate other genres but goth music is undeniable ear candy to me. I'll disclose my top 10 music preferences in an upcoming entry so that's a story for another day.

I must confess, I am the direct antithesis of a techie. (A non-techie?) I had to wade through a vast music selection, none of which appealed to me so I sent Jordan the link and asked him to look for my favorite love song. I occasionally croon my favorite love song, Just Like a Star by Corrine Bailey Rae to lull him to sleep. He insisted on insisted on inserting Last Kiss by Pearl Jam as one of the songs in the music player though I vehemently said NO - - - at first. After selecting two slow songs of my choice, I included Last Kiss as the main song on my player. Due to connection problems, I didn't see Jordan's reaction but he thanked me for it since the gesture was unexpected. My fiancé and I have a history with that song since we live thousands of miles apart and due to other factors, communicating with each other is solely based on technology. Whenever I'm nowhere to be found, he sends me a message with an excerpt from the song.

"Oh where, oh where, can my baby be? ... So I can see my baby when I leave this world."

I was uneasy about featuring the song on my blog since it wasn't chosen by me. It only took me a while to contemplate on the fact that a few days from now, it won't just be about me anymore. It's funny how something so petty can transition into an unanticipated realization. I would normally react by displaying how grumpy I get but surprisingly, I felt none of that. Sharing a portion of my music box with Jordan wasn't so bad after all. My analysis of the situation may seem trivial but majority of life lessons are gained from such basic circumstances. It's high time for me to establish myself as a grown woman and make my mark in society. Being in a relationship, more so, a marriage teaches you to mature into a better person and rid yourself of the negative aspects of your personality. There's an indelible room for growth and I choose to kick off my progress from here. All it took was a music player for me grasp that notion.

Dear Music player,

Thank you for helping me come to terms with my childish ways. I made him smile today because of this and he affectionately thanked me. I never believed in matrimony until he pranced into my life. You came in the nick of time for my wedding date is imminent.

TTYL! <3

The future Mrs. Toni P.


  1. Getting married soon, eh? I can't help but feel a little left out. I mean, I haven't even started trying to look for someone I could potentially spend some years of my life with. But I do wish you both the best. :)

    I love Corrine Bailey Rae's music. Not much of a goth fan though. My goth music knowledge is pretty much limited to Evanescence, and I still blame that jerk of a guitarist (or whatever he was playing) for their disbanding.

    I love the black-and-whiteness of the layout btw. :)

  2. Hey JC! I'm getting married in September. Ironic thing is that I didn't even have to search for love because Jordan found his way to me. Being that you're armed with intellect and a peculiar personality, someone out there is bound to be with you. I bet you just intimidate them. ;)

    Thank you, JC. This overgrown amoeba appreciates the well wishes. lol.

    Corrine's voice is ethereal so listening to her sing is always a treat. Goth music like Angelspit which happens to be my favorite. :) Amy made her mark in the industry so she's there to stay. I'm hoping she'll come out with a solo album - unless she already has.

    Thank you! I randomly came across the layout and I like the Victorian feel to it. My wedding is going to be black and white too! :)


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