Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 Most Annoying Habits

I generated a list of the ten worst habits that never fail to exasperate me. Since everyday encounters are saturated with irritating behavior, it took me nearly two hours to consolidate a brief list for my entry. I have trimmed down the numerous uncouth practices to the ten most annoying habits in no particular order.

1. Doors Left Ajar – If you’re able to open a door, you can most definitely close it. You won’t exhaust your energy doing such a simple task.

2. Sneezing Openly into the Air – Cover your mouth with your hand if you have an anti-bacterial or some Kleenex nearby. If not, do the “Dracula Sneeze” method and sneeze into your sleeve. This way, you’ll avoid spreading germs on door knobs and other objects. Be considerate of the people in your midst. Sneezing expels germs from your body and permeates the air where colds and Influenza viruses are contracted. In worse cases, it spreads an epidemic.

3. Loud TV Volume – Unless you’re a senior citizen or make use of a hearing aid, I don’t see the point of setting the volume outrageously high. Your neighbors aren’t interested in your program preferences.

4. Tossing Clothes on the Floor – We have enough mountain ranges in the Philippines so your mound of clothes won’t benefit us. Who knows what germs have seeped into your clothing? Fold the clothes and place them in a hamper!

5. Dragging/Stomping Feet – If you have a ball and chain wrapped around your ankle then you’re excused. Otherwise, add a touch of refinement to your walk.

6. Disorganization – I’m a fastidious person so clutter drives me nuts! I can’t comprehend how some people can manage to live in a pigsty. Allow yourself to have the luxury of cleanliness in your personal space. Many aspects of our lives are subjected to clutter such as time, finance, emotions and more. Start with one area and dedicate yourself to a better change.

7. Boisterous Conversations– If you demand attention, just say so. If you’re not getting it then zip it. There’s no need for you to damage my cochlea. Have the common courtesy to be enthusiastic without exposing your tonsils. What may seem funny to you might infuriate another.

8. Snide Remarks – If you have nothing good to say then it’s best to keep it to yourself. Some individuals have the impeccable ability of getting under peoples' skin. It’s so bothersome!

9. Spitting – Imagine someone hack up and spit a glob of saliva on the pavement. It’s an outright revolting habit which I cannot pardon. Spitting in public places can spread diseases!

10. Chewing Food like a Goat – It’s not difficult to practice proper etiquette. There are suitable ways to conduct oneself when attending functions from dining to everyday etiquette.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is perfect. I love the "add a touch of refinement to your walk". And I totally agree with the boisterous conversations. Nothing makes me more angry than an ostentatious moron who won't shut up :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I know what you mean! The dragging feet irks me as much as the sound of gritting styro foam and nails screeching on a blackboard! :s Glad to know that someone shares my sentiments. lol.

    boisterous conversation = cry for attention :D

  3. I am guilty of everything but 3, 7, 9 and 10! Don't punch me! :p

  4. #2: hahahaa remember that kwento I made abt my dad, how he sneezes so loud. lol!

    #5: I also don't like that! haha

    #7: hahaha...toni, i remembered someone. lol!

    #8: EXACTLY! if you have nothing good to say, just shut up.

    "oh where, oh where can my babyyyyy be?" hehehe.

  5. Addition to #2 item: blowing your nose in public especially in restaurants, while dining. Blech, that grosses me out to the point of vomiting.

  6. First of all, I have to say that you guys are so awesome and interactive! :)

    @Vajarl In retrospect, I remember how you walked in college but it never annoyed me cuz you made it look funny with your facial expressions. :)
    @Pao YES! Now that you mention it, I do! lol. That's so gross. :s Oh my oh my, I wonder who that someone can be? An annoying person who irks majority those s/he meets? Blind item oh!
    @Dhila That bothers me! Is it so hard to excuse yourself from the table?

    Another thing... When girls brush their hair in public especially at the dining table. :|
    Nose picking, I don't even need to mention since that's a given.

  7. I agree with and applaud every point mentioned on this list. There are a few I might add, but I would probably need to be confronted with them and worked into a state of supreme annoyance before I could actually think of them. That's the problem with these things.

    Nevertheless, nice work. Love it.

  8. Thanks, Meg! Believe me, I would add a ton to the list at a snap of a finger! I decided to limit the list to 10 because I can go and on about this. :))

    I know what you mean, I agree! I've come to find that the more you expose yourself to new people, the more annoying habits surface. :s

    Your comment is much appreciated. :)


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