Toni Tidbits

I'm married to my alma gemela ( soul mate ).
I'm working on having an extensive scarf collection.
Animal prints steal my attention.
I can't go to bed soundly without my blinders and toe socks.
I walk around the house with my fluffy slippers from KOHL'S.
Intricate damask designs are a must for me.
I'm ga-ga for polkadots!
I'm a fan of cheese. Brie and Camembert are my top choices.
I listen to Electronica and Industrial music.
I love being at the beach.
I'm a private person who needs "me time" on a daily basis.
I find pleasure in crooning.
I'm self deprecating but happy.
My emotions are incongruent with my expressions.
I revel in acquiring general trivia.
It's hard for me to look at myself in the mirror each morning.
I dream to go to New York and watch a Broadway show someday.
I'm allergic to seafood, dust, grass and alcohol.
I don't like coffee or tea. I abhor caffeine.
I clean when I'm irked.
I'm not an animal person.
I'm in the process of learning to craft my own bags and accessories.
I have a preference for subdued environments.
I stand at 5 ft 5 inches tall.
My favorite color is red. Can't you tell? 
Car rides soothe me for some odd reason. Regardless of the destination, I want to be there for the ride. It somehow puts my mind at ease.
I reside over 7,000 miles away from my mom and siblings who are in a different continent than I am. They are all the way in Asia.