Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Week Hiatus

I'll be on a one week hiatus albeit more time is needed for me to spare. The hubsters and I are moving to a different city so next week will be a rather frenzied time for us. I just reached a total of 10 giveaway winnings so I thought of showing you my goodies! (I will do so as soon as I receive them all.) I plan on doing a mascara review on this great bargain I found on Haute Look! I have things lined up so I'm not slacking as much as you think I am. L-O-L.

On a sad note, my sister's dog met her demise yesterday. Boo was such a good dog. She mastered a few tricks within a short amount of time. "Sit, lay down, BANG!". This was an unfortunate accident. Someone poisoned her one night and she was found feeble in the morning. We'll miss this beagle

R.I.P. Boo! :(
She wasn't even two years old.

Her first photo

What a jolly doggy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayers for Baby Maddie

A fellow blogger of ours just lost her angel. No words can appease the family's loss but we can console her. This  story pinched my heart not just because it was about a child's demise but more so, a special someone lost her one day old baby last year. There isn't much I can say as this brings me to tears so I just want to share a poem with you all who have lost their precious angels and to those who know people that have.

Send your condolences to Kellie and James here.

The Day God Took You Home

In tears we saw you sinking,

And watched you pass away.
Our hearts were almost broken,
We wanted you to stay.
But when we saw you sleeping,
So peaceful, free from pain,
How could we wish you back with us,
To suffer that again. It broke our hearts to
lose you, But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God took you home.


Bless all the angels in heaven and guide the families of those who have lost them.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apothica Giveaway Winner!

Heaps of thanks to all the participants of the Apothica giveaway! 
I am pleased to announce that the winner via is Rinz!
There's always an ongoing Apothica giveaway so be sure to look for ongoing giveaways at fellow co-bloggers' pages. You might just be the next winner!

 You will be contacted via email and as soon as you reply within the 48 hour time frame, I will forward your details to an Apothica representative for confirmation.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Surprise

Today should have been my first day of training yet due to some circumstances, I had to stay at home. My husband had a fever last night which I had to monitor since the pobrecito was so hot that the cold towel I rubbed on him was warm after application. He's all better now.

Anyway, I wanted to impart a little Valentine's Day surprise I got at our front door compliments of my friendly neighbor. This wasn't intended for me but seeing a lost puppy first thing in the morning was enough of a reason for me to get out of bed. I know that I should have called as soon as I saw him but my husband told me that he goes astray often and lives down the street. Being that he claimed that, I ran outside to pet him.

Behold my new friend, Pierre. 

Anyone who knows me is fully aware of how I'm far from a pet person but I fell in love with this heart breaker. How could I have not? I sat with him on the porch for about 30 minutes and gave him water and just when I thought I could play with him, he walks away to visit another house. I felt bad and hoped that he would return. 

Pierre did come back and my husband's female doggies went wild knowing that there was a male doggy in their midst. I think he favored Spice over Shugg. He barked at me and cried when my husband took away Spice. I felt like I had to call his owner before he wandered around elsewhere. I finally called the owner and he arrived shortly after. I found out that Pierre has a sister and a brother and they didn't notice that one of this dogs went astray. I felt sad seeing him leave but it showed how trained he was because as soon as his owner came, he was trailing behind the owner like a happy camper.

It was nice meeting you, Pierre! 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!