Thursday, July 29, 2010

Midnight Reverie

amor, esto es para ti

I saw a luminous light,
Which peered at me far into the night,
It emitted an iridescent glow,
A familiar sight I have come to know

Memories of you come to mind,
Those taut cheeks which pressed against mine,
I picture your fingers glide through my hair,
Our eyes gently meet only to stare

Tears trickle down my face,
Thoughts of you I struggle to trace,
Gazing at the moon shorn of a smile,
I lay glum and alone for a while

Wind rustles and awakes me from a dream,
You pull me in at a moment so serene,
I succumb deeper into your loves' abyss,
As you leave me tantalized in the fulfillment of destiny's kiss

te extraño y te amo mucho, amor! tu tienes mi corazon siempre! tu eres mi vida, amor.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You're So Funny, I'm Gonna Die!

Jordan sent me a message on Skype and said: "BABY, DID YOU CHECK OUR PROFILE ON VJ?". I asked why but he refused to tell me and insisted that I check it out myself. I logged in and saw a notification for a new comment. What I discovered made me burst into howls of laughter! I've never encountered such a ridiculous spam message before so I'm still caught up in the hilarity of it all.

Hello I am is miss Jasmine, a single girl in search a man for friendship. who understand love as trust and faith rather seeing it as a way of fun but a man with sense of humor reading your profile i derive interest about you please write me on my private email k/i/s/s/s/j/a/s/m/i/n/e/@/h/o/t/m/a/i/l/./c/o/m i wait reply so i send pictures for introductions

In a nutshell, that message seriously made me LOL! I'm pleased to know that the account is under investigation. I received a private message from one of the members of Visa Journey's moderation team and she informed me of the action taken. Another busted troll, thanks to the efficient team.

Monday, July 26, 2010

CFO Manila Process

I went to the CFO office a day after I attended the PRISM seminar since I wrapped things up later than I expected. I arrived in the CFO premises at 10:15 am and submitted one valid I.D. to the guard. (I gave him my NBI I.D.) I have provided a flowchart of the CFO process for K-1 visa holders like me.

CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate

CFO sticker

Counter 1B - Issuance of Forms for Emigrants I was handed forms (3 pages long) to fill up. I provided basic information about my fiancé, closest relative and myself.

I submitted the following documents:
-photocopy of the Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance (from PRISM or SMEF-COW)
-photocopy of passport
-photocopy of visa

Time check: 10:20 am

I filled up the forms and proceeded to the line at 10:25 am.

Counter 2 - Verification Counter Since the lady assigned to the counter was busy, I was asked to proceed to Counter 1B in stead. I submitted the duly accomplished forms along with one 2x2 I.D photo. (A 1x1 I.D. photo will suffice.) I was asked to check the spelling of my name on the PRISM Certificate of Attendance. I overlooked the spelling of my second name so a CFO employee electronically corrected it for the issuance of my CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate.

Time check: 10:35 am

Counter 3 - Cashier I paid the fee of Php 400.00 and submitted my passport. I was asked to wait for my name to be called.

Time check: 10:40 am

Counter 4 - Passport Releasing When the guy behind the releasing section returned, he called out the names of five people including mine. I was asked for my birthday and place of birth for identification purposes. He made me check the spelling of my name on the CFO sticker and the Guidance and Counseling Certificate which were affixed to my passport. No spelling errors. I claimed my passport and visa along with the CFO information kit.

Contents of the CFO Information Kit:
-Emigrant checklist
-List of Philippine Embassy and Consulates in the States
-CFO Feedback form

Time check: 11:20 am

My trip to the CFO office took an hour and despite the lines, I was accommodated faster than the others who were there. If you're worried about getting lost in the process, don't worry because the guard will guide you. The staff at the CFO office were pleasant and I had a good experience. One thing I noticed was that at the releasing section, the employee assigned to that counter disappeared every now and then. I assume that he prepared the stickers and certificates himself so that caused the applicants to pile up. Other than that, it was speedy and hassle free.

3... 2... UNO!

If you're a child of the nineties, you should know what UNO Stack-O is. I grew up playing the game with my family and friends whenever we took rain checks on Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, Boggle and loads more! Kids need a break from the educational games every now and then so that's where Go Fish and UNO Stack-O come along. My fiance and I make such an eccentric pair and our quirks came to surface a few weeks after we met. Jordan with his odd Chubaka sounds and extensive knowledge of movies and music; my self deprecating disposition, peculiar laugh and anal retentiveness that drives him utterly nuts. A lot of people can testify to our quirky attributes which is why we take pride in the success of maintaining our long distance relationship. You can babble about your daily encounters only for so long so games are a breath of fresh air.

Our chatting transitioned from Yahoo to Skype and most recently, MSN. Yahoo Messenger Video Calls never worked well for us so Skype came to be our niche for the months we've been apart. I've used Windows Live Messenger before but never with Jordan so I suggested to give it a try since his Skype account began acting up after the application upgrade. He was laughing in the picture I sent him because I kept smiling and he couldn't see himself on the camera. He was so oblivious to the fact that I was taking a screenshot of his reaction. We're both extremely competitive and lack sportsmanship so losing to each other is double the fun. We used to play Tic-Tac-Toe and Pipes on Skype; I prefer the latter since it requires teamwork and we're much more effective when we work together.

We experimented with various games on MSN yet a lot of them got me grunting so Jordan and I settled with UNO. The virtual card game associated with UNO Stack-O. I had to re-discover the mechanics since the last time I played was a decade ago. It didn't take long for me to get the hang of it and yell - - - "UNO!". It may seem shallow but the game never gets old and there's just something special about seeing him smile, knowing that he's having fun amidst my presence. We both won one game each though the application defeated us so frequently that Jordan decided to close the window. Precious moments like this makes me look forward to waking up in the morning.

Online relationships are so unique in a sense that the distance hinders both parties from being blinded by the trappings of the others' physicality. Thus, an intellectual connection ensues. We are kids at heart who wish to live our dreams. Something as trivial as a game can aid in strengthening relationships as I've found it to be for us. Being inherently playful conjures creative ways for bonding ideas between Jordan and I. Try something new today and see if brings a spark to the romance.

PRISM Seminar '10

I was running late for the 10:00 am seminar yet luckily arrived five minutes before the said schedule. When I got there, I went to the 3rd floor and filled up a form that was three pages long. When I saw a girl pay for the fee, I suddenly remembered that I left my wallet in the car! I had to wait for 20 minutes before the money was sent to me. Anyway, I finally went back upstairs at around 10:35 am and to my surprise, I was still accommodated for the 10:00 am schedule. I have created a flowchart of how the process went for me.

-photocopy of passport
-photocopy of visa
-Php 250.00 payment

NOTE: I had my mom compose a parental advise letter for me in the event that I might need it due to my age but it surprisingly wasn't required by PRISM. I have read that women from 18-21 years old need parental consent while those between 22-24 years old need parental advise. SMEF-COW may ask for such paperwork since they're stricter. Sadly, adherence to the mandate is bleak since there are no clear instructions in the first place. The requirements published on their official websites are inaccurate so I have found personal accounts to be so much more reliable.

S1 Window: Submitted requirements and duly accomplished forms (3 pages) then proceeded to the S3 room.

Time check: 9:55 am (I had to leave and wait for my money.)

S3 Room: The male instructor gave brief tips about airport regulations, luggage restrictions and then persuaded us to sign up for BDO's Kabayan Savings account. After that, he assigned the people to their respective rooms depending on the country of destination. U.S.A. bound attendees were asked to stay in the S3 room.

Time check: 10:35 am

Majority of the questions raised were about what we could and couldn't bring to the airport. The Kabayan Savings account has a front-end charge of $7/$8 per transaction for remittances of $499 and below. (West Coast fee: $8; East Coast fee: $7) Your relatives in the Philippines will receive the whole amount you deposit since OFWs and Filipinos with foreign spouses are given a tax exemption privilege.

For more information about the Kabayan Savings account remittance charges, please refer to this link:

NOTE: If you don't wish to sign up for the Kabayan Savings account, you can simply decline and ignore the BDO forms.

-one valid ID (a photocopy will suffice)
-payment of Php 50.00 (You can withdraw the amount once the account is activated.)
-one ID photo (1x1 or 2x2)

A female instructor replaced the former one and headed the group and one-on-one counseling. She explained the visa categories in depth and what to expect upon arrival in the States. I was the first to be called for the one-on-one counseling. She imparted stories of Filipinas who had miserable experiences at the airport and the States.

Some stories:
-Several Filipinas murdered by a common American spouse. After an in-depth investigation, it was found that the USC petitioned four other Filipinas before at separate instances. Four of his wives all died in car crashes while the fifth wife survived so that raised a few eyebrows. It was found that once the USC taught the wives to drive, he got them life insurance then tampered with the breaks of the car.
-A Filipina who married a Japanese national was sent back to the Philippines and was permanently blacklisted in all countries. The culprit happened to be a Php 20 Hello Kitty chukchuk which the Filipina used to clip her hair.
-A Filipina arrived in the States on a Fiancée Visa and a few months in, she met a Filipino and married him. She was deported and blacklisted due to her petitioner's complaint.

Things I learned from the talk:
-A two way ticket is open for one year so as soon as you receive the green card, you're free to travel.
-During the AOS, a K-1 status will be converted to a CR-1 status.
-Once you receive the green card, you are free to travel to any country. Keep in mind that if you intend to go back to the Philippines, limit your stay to less than six months. Overstaying will cancel your status in the States.
-It's recommended to apply for a SSN after marriage to avoid hassles. The SSN is the equivalent of a TIN in the Philippines. In the States, all babies are automatically assigned with a SSN unlike in the Philippines where people apply only when they are about to join the work force.
-Apply for a Health Insurance Card as opposed to Life Insurance for obvious reasons. You can do so by visiting a Health Ministry in your area.
-NGOs are located in the vicinity of the Church regardless of the denomination so immerse yourself in the community. Just in case an emergency arises, you'll know where to go.
-A re-entry permit is given to permanent residents who wish to stay outside of the States for more than a year. If you plan to work or study overseas, you have an option to renew your green card at the Embassy for either one or two years.
-At the naturalization stage, senior citizens are exempted from taking the exams. You are free to retake the exams until you pass. At the oath taking, you will renounce your Filipino citizenship but if you choose to apply for dual citizenship, you will be charged a fee of $20. Being an American citizen will limit you to the properties you can buy in the Philippines so if you choose to invest in the Philippines in the long run, apply for dual citizenship.
-Remember to renew your green card three months before the indicated expiration date.

Time check: 12:18 pm

One-on-one counseling:

Nakapunta ka na sa States?
Does your family like him?
So you're both 23?
Is he a Filipino living in the States?
What's his mother's maiden name?
When did he visit you?
How long did he visit you?
Do you think that's enough?
Where did you attend college?
What's your job?
When are you leaving?

I answered the questions truthfully and even told her that Jordan talks to my siblings and mom whenever they're around. The consul at the Embassy wasn't as prying as she was but I didn't mind it at the time.

Time check: 12:23 pm

S1 Window: I paid the fee of Php 250.00 and entered the room to have my photograph taken. I waited for the Certificate of Attendance which took twenty minutes. When I descended the stairs, I had to return to the S1 window because my name was misspelled. I got a new certificate after five minutes.

Time check: 12:40 pm

Certificate of Attendance

BDO: I waited for roughly an hour and half before I was entertained. I was given an ATM and bankbook as well as a guide on how to activate the account. You will be asked to sign the back portion of the ATM card and sign a few logbooks. If I'm not mistaken, I signed three.

Things to show:
-CFO Certificate of Attendance (from PRISM)

Arrived at BDO at 1:00 pm
Finished at 2:20 pm

Kabayan Savings ATM card and bank book.

In totality, I had a pleasant experience despite the wait at BDO. One thing I noticed upon arriving at PRISM was that it reeked of old socks and the place was rather dingy. Other accounts mentioned watching a documentary about abused spouses but my batch didn't go through that. I deduce that the process has been modified for the convenience of the attendees. To clarify, you can attend the CFO seminar even before you receive your visa. I opted to take mine after receiving the visa since there's less paperwork to accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.

Friday, July 23, 2010

An Account of My U.S. Embassy Interview in Manila

The original interview date my fiancé set for me was on June 28, 2010. The courier service he chose failed to deliver the package in time so we were forced to reschedule the interview to July 1, 2010.

I arrived at the U.S. Embassy grounds at 5:40 am, a couple of minutes before my 7:00 am interview. I lined up at the K-1/K-3 line. Upon showing the guard my NBI I.D. and email confirmation letter, he let me in to join yet another queue. While waiting, a different guard approached us applicants and asked to see the Embassy letter for confirmation. At the entrance, my things were scanned through the machine as I went through the metal detector. At the Non-Immigrant Visa Section, the guard gave everyone clear instructions to sit down. I spent a few minutes with the two men I met (Cyrus and Charles) and helped them arrange their papers. As soon as they were done, I disregarded the guard's instructions and lined up at the booth beside the entrance with Cyrus and Charles. I submitted the DS forms along with the email confirmation and the blue BDO receipt. I was handed a number and was told to take a seat. I must say, Initiative gets you ahead of the pack.

While waiting for my number to be flashed on the screen, my name was called for biometrics. I proceeded to the area where Charles was since the number assigned to me was 7012 as he had 7013. I heard something behind the window a monotonous voice so I faced Charles and asked, "What was that? A computer?" It was finally my turn and upon advancing in line, I saw that it was an elderly American doing the biometrics. We had quite an interesting conversation. A Filipino employee assisted me with the biometrics while I conversed with the American.

Biometrics man: Good morning! You look nice. Are you Ma. Antoinette Cecilia YadaYadar Blahblah?
Me: Good morning! Thank you! Actually, it's Yadayada and not Yadayadar
Biometrics man: Oh! I'm so sorry! Yes, it's Yadayada. Yadayada Blahblah. So do you know who you're named after?
Me: My parents named me after the Queen of France who was beheaded because of her role in the war in the late 1700s.
Biometrics man: (laughs) She started the French revolution and yes, she was a queen whose reign was cut short. (Talk about a pun, huh? lol)
Me: She may not have gotten the result she desired but I will succeed today.
Biometrics man: Wow! You have a really good attitude. Your papers seem to be in order.
Me: Of course! Plus, I'm a queen in my own right.
Biometrics man: Well, good luck to you! You have great confidence. Thank you!

I headed back to my seat and as my number flashed, I proceeded to window 15 to submit my documents. The prescreener was a friendly Filipina. She asked me for my NSO Birth Certificate, CENOMAR and NBI Clearance. While sorting my documents, she asked me a couple of questions.

Name po?
Nagka anak na ba?
When's your birthday?
Name of fiance
Work of your fiance
What's your job?

I handed in my Proof of Existing Relationship and I-134. I insisted on including Jordan's co-sponsor just in case I'll need it. She told me that the acceptance of co-sponsorship will depend on the consul. I returned to my seat and waited for my turn. After a good 10 minutes, my number flashed on the screen so I proceeded to room 27.

Consul: Good morning! How are you feeling?
Me: Good morning! I'm swell, thanks.
Consul: Oh! Is that a fly?
Me: (glanced at the fly) Yeah, It most definitely is.
Consul: (laughs) It's fine though since it's on your side of glass and not mine.
Me: Ukkk!!!
Consul: So... Your name?
Me: Ma. Antoinette Cecilia Yadayada Blahblah
Consul: When's your birthday?
Me: March 28 ****
What does he do for a living?
Me: *&^%$##
Consul: I see he has a cosponsor?
Me: I included that in the I-134 just in case his income doesn't suffice.
Consul: Okay, so he was unemployed last year? Doing what?
Me: Unfortunately, his contract ended and the recession was of no help. He worked as a game tester.
Consul: What game did he work on?
Me: NBA Live 2008 (I knew that wasn't it but white lies are fine at the event of an emergency. lol.)
Consul: Where was your fiancé born?
Me: Hullabaloo, California
Consul: Okay, very good. So, is this your fiancé? (points at a picture of Jordan and I with my family)
Me: I even added captions! My OCD compelled me to do so.
Consul: Very well done. I see that. (looks at post its) Everything is good though I need you to submit your fiancé's pay stubs before I can issue you a visa.
Me: Yeah, okay. Thank you for your time.

The consul returned my Evidence of Existing Relationship then I left and proceeded to window Y. I was handed a blue slip (221g form) along with an instructional guide and a personal data sheet with a checklist at the bottom. The consul scribbled a note requesting for pay checks under the category of Evidence of Current Sustained Income. My passport was returned to me. He emphasized that I needed to submit pay stubs so I asked him how many and he curtly responded, "Three of his recent pay stubs will do." I was told to return between Monday to Thursday between 1-2 pm. He handed me an Air 21 form to fill out and submit at the Air 21 booth so I did just that. The attendant told me not to pay and to wait for them to contact me.

I finished at 8:43 am and went straight home. I was stoic in the car since I couldn't believe that I had to go through another waiting game. I was aware that the 221g form wasn't an outright rejection but still, I couldn't help but entertain the possibility of a denial. After discussing the situation with Jordan, we immediately acted on resolving the problem. My bubele knows just how to appease my nerves.

Instructional Guide
An original MNL-IV-22 form (refusal letter)
Personal Data Sheet with Documents Checklist (The original form was blue)

Since the U.S. Embassy was closed on July 5, 2010 due to the celebration of the American Independence Day, I went there the following afternoon. I arrived at 12:40 pm and went straight inside without any hassle. I submitted the forms at the booth beside the entrance of the Non-Immigrant Visa Section.

Documents I submitted:

-A photocopy of the MNL-IV-22 form
-Personal Data Sheet with Documents Checklist
-Scanned copies of Jordan's pay checks
-Valid Philippine passport

The papers were returned to me with an affixed number. I waited for roughly 40 minutes until I was called to window 20. I gave the Embassy worker the forms along with my passport.

Embassy worker: What's this? checks?
Me: Yes. He gets paid weekly.
Embassy worker: Please indicate that he gets paid weekly and sign it.
Me: Okay! So, Am I done? Can I have the Embassy's contact number?
Embassy worker: Yes, we'll inform you of your visa status.

I got the piece of paper and left at 1:35 pm. One week after submitting the documents, I called the Embassy at a local number given to me by a friend. My case was still under review after four days. I decided to email the Embassy and shortly after doing so, I received an automated message. I sent the NIV Unit two emails in the span of a week. I called the Embassy on July 16, 2010 and found out that my visa was approved on July 13, 2010. I finally received a reply from the Embassy On July 20, 2010 stating that my visa was issued on July 19, 2010. I began tracking my visa packet online at the Air 21 website and received my visa at 10:14 am on July 21, 2010.

Be persistent in reaching the U.S. Embassy. I never received a notice from the Embassy nor Air 21 so take it upon yourself to contact them. Bear in mind that the assessment of additional evidence will be subjected to greater scrutiny and processing times will differ from case to case.

You can contact the U.S. Embassy Manila Non-Immigrant Visa Section at 301-2000 press 7 then 5184 or 5185 plus the number sign. You can also reach them via email at

NOTE: Responses from the NIV unit are limited due to the large influx of correspondence they receive on a daily basis.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Magic Ticket

I blacked out most my personal details for privacy but other than that, this is how a K-1 visa looks like. The Fiancée Visa is valid for approximately five months upon the date of issuance.

If you wish to check your visa packet online, you can do so by logging onto the Air 21 website at by using the receipt number.

In the absence of a tracking number, you can use the Manila Case Number to track your shipment at

You will receive detailed shipping updates on the site. The delivery takes 2-3 days for residents in the Metro Manila area while provincial deliveries stretch from 7-15 days.

Relentlessly Fueled by Anticipation

Shared closet space, weekend getaways, Taco Tuesdays, footsie, mutual telepathic thoughts, dancing, unraveling annoying habits... A boundless list comes to mind at the mere mention of my imminent departure. Married life awaits me in a foreign land and there's a constant stream of curiosity which floods my thoughts.

Where do I even begin?

Embarking on a new journey opens doors to countless opportunities. No matter how hackneyed it sounds, we have all found this to be accurate and logical. Adversely, an introduction of a new cycle acts as a prelude to the end of another. Detaching from a way of life that's customary in your homeland is tougher than I initially perceived it to be. I have come to appreciate the underrated value of observance in environments I used to frequent prior to my visa process.

When I tendered my resignation at work, I got to mull over my daily routines and couldn't help but feel robotic. I inadvertently lost track of time, slipped into reverie during coffee breaks and began to feel lethargic. Intuition led me to infer that my life in the Philippines was over. After a few bags of chips and tons of unhealthy caloric binges, it dawned on me that parting ways doesn't always have to be tearful. I may be leaving my beloved country but I'll have snapshots to take with me as I go. One month is an ample enough amount of time for me to be myself; no pretenses just because I'm leaving. Revel in the Filipino lifestyle that I've imbibed for twenty three years. Be with family and celebrate a momentous Despedida de Soltera to remember down the line.

Change is the only permanent thing in this world and I'm ready to take it head on. There are so many possible answers to the questions that ravage my thoughts. It's ultimately pointless to squander time obsessing over the scenarios in my head.

How am I going to insert myself into society? Will I be welcome? Will there be a suitable job for me? Do I really have to clean the bathroom? Where can I buy adobo? lol.

I've decided to take things by stride since the happiest instances are shared upon actual spontaneity. In my case, apprehension apparently incites paranoia so a chill pill and optimism goes a long way. I will strain forward to what lies ahead of me.

Destiny may be preordained yet the fulfillment of that desire is contingent on the action taken. Hence, I will create my own destiny.

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." - Shakespeare

My Disassembled Visa Package

I received the visa packet along with my visa two days after the issuance date. It arrived at 10:14 am so I rushed to my laptop and showed my darling fiancé how I ripped it apart and his reaction was priceless! That adhesive was way too sticky!

The visa packet, visa, warning note, CFO guide and a savagely torn plastic pouch.
The warning note was face down when I tore the plastic open. DOH!
The tempting visa packet.
Close-up shot of the visa packet.
Do not open!
CFO guide

Be sure to handle it carefully so as not to tarnish the packet or else you won’t be allowed to enplane on your departure day.

An Abridged Account of my Fiancée Visa Process - Interview

Days prior to the interview, an application fee of $350 (I paid the Peso equivalent of Php 16,100. You can opt to pay in Dollars like I did but you will more than likely add a few Pesos.) should be paid for at any BDO branch. You will be given two receipts; blue receipt for the Embassy and a white one for you to keep.

NOTE: Bring one copy of DS 156 and one copy of DS 157 plus the email confirmation letter. Nothing will be stamped on the papers but the teller may want to check the papers. Some branches don’t require the papers but it’s best to be ready. I was asked for the email confirmation letter.

Interview Day

Be at the Embassy grounds at least one hour before your appointment. Prepare one primary I.D. together with your email confirmation letter to show at the gate. Don’t bother using pesky folders since you already have a file with the Embassy. I suggest using an expanding envelope since it files the documents and thus makes it accessible. If you want to be more practical, place your documents in a Manila envelope and make use of paper clips to separate the evidence. I have listed a way of arranging documents for the interview day. Affix your I.D. photos on the DS 156 forms prior to the interview. Before you enter the interview room, muster every ounce of confidence you have and flash a winning smile.

DS Forms (Duly accomplished forms will be submitted to the cubicle right next to the entrance of the Non-Immigrant section.)

*I sorted them into two sets and used paper clips to bind them

set 1:

DS 157

DS 156K

DS 156


DS 157

DS 156

+email confirmation letter

Certificates (You’ll submit these papers to the prescreener)


NSO Birth Certificate

NBI Clearance

Proof of Existing Relationship (You’ll submit these papers to the prescreener)

fiancé’s updated Letter of Intent

chat logs (Two conversations per month from Feb-June)

Skype call logs (Complete call history from Feb-June)

emails (One per month from Feb-June)

snail mails (One per month from Feb-June)

petitioner’s cellphone logs (Jordan sent me phone logs from Feb-May.)

photos (10 pieces will suffice)

Evidence of Support

I-134 (It's not necessary to notarize an I-134.)

Letter of Employment (Petitioner's complete name, position, salary and company header should be indicated.)

Most recent year of W2s (I submitted W2s for '08 and '09 but the latest one weighs more to the CO.)

Most recent year of Income Tax Returns (I submitted ITRs for '08 & '09 but the CO only looked at the latest one.)

pay stubs/pay checks (Jordan didn't send me any pay stubs for my interview so I returned to submit 4 of his most recent pay checks.)

NOTE: You can provide supplementary evidence such as bank statements, receipts of leases, investments, etc.)

If you pass the interview then congratulations! However, if you lack a certain document, you will receive a 221g form like I did. Submit the evidence as soon as possible and check on your case status once a week. You can contact the Embassy regarding Non-Immigrant concerns at 3012000 press 7 then 5184 or 5185.

Remember, the approval will be based on the preponderance of evidence you submit.