Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Abridged Account of my Fiancée Visa Process - Interview

Days prior to the interview, an application fee of $350 (I paid the Peso equivalent of Php 16,100. You can opt to pay in Dollars like I did but you will more than likely add a few Pesos.) should be paid for at any BDO branch. You will be given two receipts; blue receipt for the Embassy and a white one for you to keep.

NOTE: Bring one copy of DS 156 and one copy of DS 157 plus the email confirmation letter. Nothing will be stamped on the papers but the teller may want to check the papers. Some branches don’t require the papers but it’s best to be ready. I was asked for the email confirmation letter.

Interview Day

Be at the Embassy grounds at least one hour before your appointment. Prepare one primary I.D. together with your email confirmation letter to show at the gate. Don’t bother using pesky folders since you already have a file with the Embassy. I suggest using an expanding envelope since it files the documents and thus makes it accessible. If you want to be more practical, place your documents in a Manila envelope and make use of paper clips to separate the evidence. I have listed a way of arranging documents for the interview day. Affix your I.D. photos on the DS 156 forms prior to the interview. Before you enter the interview room, muster every ounce of confidence you have and flash a winning smile.

DS Forms (Duly accomplished forms will be submitted to the cubicle right next to the entrance of the Non-Immigrant section.)

*I sorted them into two sets and used paper clips to bind them

set 1:

DS 157

DS 156K

DS 156


DS 157

DS 156

+email confirmation letter

Certificates (You’ll submit these papers to the prescreener)


NSO Birth Certificate

NBI Clearance

Proof of Existing Relationship (You’ll submit these papers to the prescreener)

fiancé’s updated Letter of Intent

chat logs (Two conversations per month from Feb-June)

Skype call logs (Complete call history from Feb-June)

emails (One per month from Feb-June)

snail mails (One per month from Feb-June)

petitioner’s cellphone logs (Jordan sent me phone logs from Feb-May.)

photos (10 pieces will suffice)

Evidence of Support

I-134 (It's not necessary to notarize an I-134.)

Letter of Employment (Petitioner's complete name, position, salary and company header should be indicated.)

Most recent year of W2s (I submitted W2s for '08 and '09 but the latest one weighs more to the CO.)

Most recent year of Income Tax Returns (I submitted ITRs for '08 & '09 but the CO only looked at the latest one.)

pay stubs/pay checks (Jordan didn't send me any pay stubs for my interview so I returned to submit 4 of his most recent pay checks.)

NOTE: You can provide supplementary evidence such as bank statements, receipts of leases, investments, etc.)

If you pass the interview then congratulations! However, if you lack a certain document, you will receive a 221g form like I did. Submit the evidence as soon as possible and check on your case status once a week. You can contact the Embassy regarding Non-Immigrant concerns at 3012000 press 7 then 5184 or 5185.

Remember, the approval will be based on the preponderance of evidence you submit.


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