Thursday, July 29, 2010

Midnight Reverie

amor, esto es para ti

I saw a luminous light,
Which peered at me far into the night,
It emitted an iridescent glow,
A familiar sight I have come to know

Memories of you come to mind,
Those taut cheeks which pressed against mine,
I picture your fingers glide through my hair,
Our eyes gently meet only to stare

Tears trickle down my face,
Thoughts of you I struggle to trace,
Gazing at the moon shorn of a smile,
I lay glum and alone for a while

Wind rustles and awakes me from a dream,
You pull me in at a moment so serene,
I succumb deeper into your loves' abyss,
As you leave me tantalized in the fulfillment of destiny's kiss

te extraño y te amo mucho, amor! tu tienes mi corazon siempre! tu eres mi vida, amor.


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