Monday, January 31, 2011

Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Things you'll need: 

Elmer's Glue-All  Multi-Purpose Glue
Toilet paper
lotion / petroleum jelly
lip gloss
lip stick
red fabric marker
makeup brush

How to do it:

1. Make a palette by mixing lipstick colors of your choice with either lotion or petroleum jelly.
Cut off a measly amount off the tip of the lipstick and blend it with the lotion or petroleum jelly.
Keep adjusting the mixture once you get the color you desire.
Do the same with the eyeliner.
Squeeze some lip gloss on the palette for a gooey scab effect.
(I used Victoria's Secret, Beauty Rush)

2. Once your palette is ready, apply an ample amount glue on the areas of your face which you want to cover up then scrunch up some toilet paper for texture and layer more glue on it if the toilet paper is protruding.

3. Allow the toilet paper to dry on your face. This will take 20-30 minutes. Once it hardens, use a red fabric marker to line your scab with it. I do this only to get a rich red color. Slightly color the scab with the marker. You don't need to color the whole scab. Just highlight a few areas on them.

4. With a makeup brush, dab the mixture of lotion and lipstick on the scab. Fill out the areas and apply the colors on several areas of the scab.

5. When you're done coloring, get the zipper and use the adhesive to stick it on the chosen area of your face. You can opt to leave the zipper closed but I chose to unzip it and fold one side. Add pressure to the zipper until it finally dries up and stays in place.

6. When all the work is done, apply dark eye makeup  to match your look and zipper.

7. Removal is easy. Peel off the scab and apply a makeup remover or astringent/toner depending on your skin type. Wash your face and get rid of the residue because wearing this for hours can cause itching.

Have fun transforming yourselves into zombies!

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  1. girl that's crazy! I bet you go all out on Halloween!

  2. that looks so gross!!you did a great job.. and pic number 4--you are hot zombie!!

  3. great job. i love the kleenex trick!

  4. nyahaha! Thanks, guys! That's what boredom does to you.

  5. The zipper is a great touch! Very GaGa!

  6. This is great for Halloween. Love the idea =)

  7. @Michelle Thank you! :) I wasn't aiming for Ga-Ga but thanks! lol.

    @Keirasluckycharm You should totally do this for halloween!

  8. Lol awesome job! Loving the zombiefication you got going on here, really great job! I wonder what made you try this though, trying to find things out in case the zombie apocalypse happens and you need to be able to walk around without being hurt? :D

  9. oh my god this is fantastic! and so clever! I love it! make sure come halloween time you do more looks like this for inspiration. Love it.


  10. Wow Toni this is awesome and so interesting. I wonder if I can wear this for valentines day hehe:-)

  11. Woah this is too cool!!! I wish people would celebrate Halloween here so I could dress up as a zombie (preferably a hot one with one cheek ripped off and some teeth showing), hahah!

  12. THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This is SO creative and awesome! I've never been a zombie for halloween so maybe I should:)

  14. I've never been a zombie for halloween but you're making me think that maybe I should ;) This looks like so much fun! You're so creative!

  15. ewww ... that toilet paper makes it look so ...real! Great texture! Very gross, too :D
    What was the occasion? A resident evil theme party?

    PS: I'm in lurrrrve with my shoeclips! :)

  16. Very neat! Definitely not what I was expecting!

  17. wow thats awesome! good job on the makeup it looks soo gross hahah! :)

  18. oh my god. Without reading your entry, the pictures alone scared the daylights out of me!!! Hahahaha very convincing halloween costume haha

  19. You're so creative! Have you even been to a Zombie March? I've always wanted to go to one. (:

  20. This looks so good :)
    you're really talented!! x

  21. wow this is perfect. i know what i'll be this year for halloween. perfect makeup tutorial.

  22. This is amazing! :) it'd be perfect for halloween. :D

  23. Wow you're so talented! I could never do this! I bet you have a blast with Halloween lol. Hope all is well xo -shayla

  24. you did an aswesome job! I love zombies even if that sounds weird :)

  25. Hey hun! I gave you two awards. Check 'em out on my blog. ;)

  26. wow this is fab! i love that you added a zip, it gives the zombie look a nice unique twist

  27. very nice post! I like it, entertaining! :-)
    Great blog you have!

  28. aaaaaa! i'm scared :) great blog

  29. Done andas Toni...was checking in to see if you are okay. Never knew you to miss a tweet of the day... hope all is okay :)

  30. I really think the zipper adds the perfect touch to it!

  31. Wow that's very cool! Love the zipper!


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