Saturday, January 22, 2011

Giveaway Announcement + A Zombie

If you're interested in a tutorial, just say so. :)
Giveaway starts tomorrow!


  1. Do a tutorial!!!!!

    and I'm STILL excited for your giveaway! haha

  2. lmao ur crazy!!!...Yes i'd love to go to work looking like a zombie...or maybe to shurch what u think?

  3. wowww that looks awesome! TUTORIAL <3!

  4. Love the new feel of your blog! You look awesome!

  5. @Miss Tapia teehee. Alright then! I'll do one next week!

    @La Cabrona Well, if it could pass for normal makeup, I would. Loca! :))

    @Donna Thank you! <3

    @Emy AWW Thanks so much, Emy! I appreciate it.

  6. Lol you look awesome! Bring on a tutorial!

  7. LOL! You're so cute in your video! :)

  8. @fashioneggplant Thank you!

    @BlueVanilla Thanks! I'll do one next week.

    @Patt HA-HA! You got me all shy now. lol.

  9. Hi Toni! Thanks so much for dropping by at my blog and for saying hi! And much much appreciated about the giveaway heads up :)
    Wow! Your zombie makeup is insanely good! Especially that part on the right side of your cheek OMG very talented :)

  10. woow that is pretty cool, do indeed show us the tutorial, I cant outdo myself next Halloween or razy disguised party!
    Regarding Dexter and Modern family, it is so cool you enjoy them too, we recently started season 2 of Modern family so the american accent episode is still unfamiliar. Last night we watched the one where Phil (the dad of the 3 kids, we are such fans of him! He is like the 4th kid!) is asked to host the annual gala from his real estate work! Hilarious!

  11. I am so freaking blind I was thinking you had a piece of bacon on your face. I was like "why is this crazy girl wearing bacon?" But neva mind I get it now... cute. Fun thing to do on a rainy day.
    Will be back to enter the giveaway once I get my newest post up. Hope you are enjoying your Friday :))


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