Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Award Time + Striped Nails

Thank you to the wonderful ladies who have given me awards in the past. I just received five more awards from fellow bloggeristas.

from Leslie , Rinz , TinkerBi and My-My

Thank you!

A quick insert of my sad attempt at coloring my nails.
Mind you, it's nothing out of the ordinary.
My "technique" is rather rudimentary and hey, it's fun!

Place the tape on 3/4 of the nail or less.

By doing that, you'll achieve this look.
Peel a few layers of cotton and wrap it around the nail pusher.
Dip the cotton covered portion of the pusher in nail polish remover and erase unwanted stains.

If you want more stripes, just add more pieces of tape.
Apply the tape horizontally on the nails.

...and voila!

products used:

Scotch tape cut in 1/3 strips
cotton ball wrapped around a nail pusher
OPI black polish
Beauty Rush pink polish
nail polish remover

These photos were taken with my crapola webcam so I'm sorry for the poor quality!
I know, I should definitely get a digital camera. A lot of them are currently on sale so that's a thought!

P.S. I'm going to have an Apothica giveaway on the the 24th so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Hey hey! Thanks for the award that was in a different post!

    I love the pink/ black combo! Very cute!!

  2. looove your nails i'm gonna try this!

  3. @Eugenia You're welcome! Thanks! :)

    @RC AWW Thank you!

  4. Lovely nails, I love the way those colors look! & congrats on your awards! <3

  5. I've done that technique a few times!

    p.s I can't wait for your giveaway!

  6. Gorgeous nails, love that pink color!

  7. sweet! i've never even thought of tape! and it seems so simple too!

  8. Cool trick on the nail art :) I'm so clueless when it comes to nails lol.

  9. haaa too much work for me LOL i am lazy but i will try :)

  10. @Miss Tapia Awesome! It's pretty easy and economical so I did it. :)

    @Audrey Allure Thanks! My husband's aunt gave it to me. <3

    @Lex It is pretty simple. I wanted to use zigzag scissors but I didn't have any. lol.

    @Becky Thanks! It's nothing new though but I wanted to try it anyway. :)

    @Rinz I know, eh? It took a while for me to do since I kept painting my finger too. :))

  11. what are you talking about, your nails look great! I like the colour combo. I might have to copy you hehe

  12. I want to try the slanted french mani. I just need tape. You did a really nice job, I may try this with black and silver.

  13. That is so cool!! Never thought about doing that!!

  14. So gorgeous!!! I love that color pink as well! xoxo

  15. Congrats on all the awards, girl! :) And how cute is your manicure? The nails that have 2 stripes remind me of little pink bees! :D buzz buzz...


  16. sweet nail trick! i never even thought of that! ima try it out! :) btw congratz on the awards! :)

  17. @sncsport I was iffy about posting it too! lol. Thanks and yeah, sure! Try it out!

    @Hell Notes for Beauty Yeah! It's a great way to knock off a french manicure. hihi. Good luck!

    @Susie Go try it out!

    @Brunch at Saks It was interesting since I don't like pink. :)) I got a red gel manicure 3 days after. teehee!

    @Caro Thanks! I didn't think you guys would like it. I know, eh? I was thinking of a pink bee too!

    @JOCEE411 Thanks, mama! Try different colors on it and shapes! Like heart stickers or something.

  18. Oh, your nails look awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  19. I LOVE THESE NAILS! How fun! I'm going to have to try this!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  20. @MageeBaby Thank you and no problemo! :)

  21. hi Toni,
    I love the colors you've picked. Pink and Black Nice! I've actually tried doing that very same technique before but I find it easier to just simply swipe the nail polish brush from left to right. I don't have shakey hands...hehe

    Congrats again on the loads of blog awards you've received. I know there's a lot coming...

    hmmm I wonder if I'll ever get one of those..hehe

  22. @Hollie Thank you! That's all I have so I figured to make the most of it. I tried gel nails at the nail salon a couple of days after. It lasted about 3 weeks but removing it is a pain! lol.

    I can't do it without the tape because I hate it when they're uneven. :s You'll get some for sure! Thanks again! <3

  23. GOrgeous nails! That is such a smart idea and I love it! Thnank you for sharing :D

  24. Wow...lovely nails!! Kisses from Spain!

  25. @Dolce♥Bunny Thank you! and you're most welcome!

    @Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris Thanks so much! I'm envious that you're in Spain! I would love to go there!

    @Jet Setting Divas Thank you! :)

  26. Looks so good! ive tried things like this before but it was when i was a kid, when the varnish went all over my finger let alone my nails! ha did u have to unstick the tape slightly incase it peeled off the pink or did it work ok? xx

  27. @Steph Oh yeah? It happened to me too which is why I used the nail polish remover for the stains. lol. I let the pink polish dry first then I applied the tape, painted the area black and peeled off the tape once the black polish dried. It was okay, actually. To my surprise, none of the polish came with the tape.

  28. The nails look amazing love it and may have to try it xxxx Congrats on another award kitten xxxx

  29. Love the color combination!

    Looking forward to your giveaway!

  30. Congratulations on your awards! Also, love the striped nails, they are so cute! :)

  31. I LOVE this design! I've done a pink color with a black tip then added a line of silver glitter underneath it. Now I wanna try the stripes out!

  32. so clever id have never have thought to use scotch tape! they look FAB!!! I'm going to try these out in a white and black combo :) x

  33. @Donna ♥ Baby Thanks! :)

    @Vintage and Cake Thanks, doll! Sure do when you have the time! I like what you do with your nails too! ;)

    @Emy Thank you! I'll definitely post it on FB and Twitter so you won't miss it!

    @Nnenna Thanks so much!

    @amber d* You definitely should! Yours sounds intriguing. I'm just starting so the simple things amaze me. hihi.

    @Mike "Kigen" Suazo Thanks, buddy!

    @Adrienne Hey, that sounds great! It's very "Nightmare Before Christmas". :)

  34. Love this! And I know I used to get gel on my feet and stopped after a few months cause 1: y the heck was I paying over 100 buck on gel (no full pedicure with a massage n that either) and 2: well it looked crazy when you take them off...
    So that's why I love the gel "look" top coat. it only looks like gel, its polish!

  35. they look lovely, wish i could do my nails like this haa! xx

  36. @J ♥ Thank you! Try it out! It's rather easy. :)

  37. Love this! It's a snowy day in Oklahoma, so I'll be stuck inside. It will give me the chance to try this out! Not sure if it will be a success though...

  38. Thankyou for the comment on my blog, your nails look awesome! :)


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