Wednesday, January 5, 2011

HauteLook $2 Urban Decay Haul

Being a member of Haute Look has it's perks! I got Urban Decay items for $2.00 a pop!

Big Fatty Colored Mascara - Flipside (bright teal)
Ink For Eyes - Pyrotechnics (cream liner)
Loose Pigment - Asphyxia (bright pink with a hint of purple)
Loose Pigment - Yeyo (bright white)
Smoke Out Eye Pencil - Maui Wowie (dark khaki)

The packaging looks so chic! 

Ink For Eyes - Pyrotechnics
Out of curiosity, I tested the product on my eyelid and there wasn't much of a difference.
I like how the brush is easy to manipulate and that the cream eyeliner applies so smoothly.
The double-ended applicator makes the products easy to use.

Big Fatty Colored Mascara -Flipside
To break away from black mascara, I purchased a bright teal color.
I had to repeatedly apply the mascara for the color to cling on my eyelashes.
It claims to volumize lashes in which this product didn't deliver. 
I do enjoy the color as it's a refreshing alternative to black and that it wasn't clumpy at all.

Asphyxia and Yeyo 

Eyeshadow looks before and after eyeshadow application.
No mascara or liner.

A combination of Asphyxia and Yeyo,
I used the eyeshadow I applied on my hand.


Me: Amor, do you see the difference?
*He peers at me*
Jordan: Uhm... It's shiny?

Adds a tinge of color.
It looks heavily pigmented but this is a very light eyeshadow.
I believe it's best to blend with a darker pink shade to achieve the desired effect.


Brings shimmer to your eyes.
This would make a great top coat for any look that needs a wash of color.

Since I didn't want to waste the loose pigment shadows, I used one of my own brushes from my modest brush kit.
It was a gift from my oldest sister after a trip to Hong Kong.

I got another blog award.
Thank you, Jocee!

I'd like to pass this award to:

Toni Tidbits
1. I'm Spanish-Chinese-Filipino
2. I abhor being in the limelight.
3. I'm bashful yet I know when to exert myself.
4. I have the appetite of a man  - or maybe even worse.
5. I want to venture into advertising.
6. I like it when my husband tugs my toes. LOL.
7. I collect scarves, vintage rings&bangles and stuffed animals



P.S. Watch out for my upcoming giveaway!


  1. OMG! I can't wait for my Urban Decay items come in. I'm so excited. :) Congrats on the awards.

  2. Thank you! What stuff did you get? You have to post about it! I must see this! :)

  3. I've always been in love with Urban Decay's packaging! But sadly, the product itself is sometimes disappointing. Thanks for reviewing your loot! :)
    Congrats on your award, too! :)

  4. Cool products :) I love the brush set!
    And congrats for the award!!!

  5. How I wish overseas consumers can purchase products from Hautelook! They always have the most fabulous products on sale =]

    And congrats on the Stylish blogger award, you deserve it!! =]

  6. $2 bucks?? nice!

    p.s I also have a huge appetite!

  7. Holy moly why didn't I see that! Following your blog!

  8. yes!!! you really do need to tell me where to go in LA when i am there :o)

  9. oh and also, thanks for stopping by :)

  10. I like the teal mascara! what a fun way to wear some color :D


  11. Your spanish/filipino thats the best combo! beautiful! Congrats on the award <3

  12. @Blair Thanks! You should sign up for a Haute Look membership. They only ship to the States and Canada. :( Thank you! :)

    @Miss Tapia Yeah, exclusively on Haute Look. I eat a looot, seriously! I'm bigger than you! lol.

    @Haute Hoosier Thanks for following! :)

    @GEMBEAR You should! Let me know so I can show you where to go! :P

    @Susie Thank you!

    @Caro Thanks! I think so too! I love doing so because it's something different. <3

    @Keira Thank you! :)

  13. OMG thank you so much sweetie that means so much :) I have been feeling crap in the wardrobe department so that has perked me up :P
    Wow wish I was a member I really want to get some Urban Decay but it is just too pricey for me, I LOVE all your buys and now I want to go make up shopping haha lucky I have vouchers form Christmas so may just treat myself. Thanks for the award and for sharing your haul xxxxx

  14. I like your style. I know you vsiited my blog and asked about making a stromboli. Its quite easy. e-mail me your e-mail and I will send you different recipes. Its all in the filling and all you need is pizza dough.

    Thanks for your support. My e-mail is

  15. thank you for the blog award hon! I'll have it up the next time I post! good luck on your giveaway! have a wonderful day! xoxoxo

  16. @Law You're welcome! Hey, you shouldn't feel that way. I think you're doing great. You're on a budget but still, you look fine. :P Sadly, Haute Look only ships to the US and Canada. :s

    @Norma Thanks for being so nice about this. I appreciate it!

    @Jhoy Thanks! Enjoy the award, you deserve it! :) Bless you! :P

    @Jay Thank you!

  17. oops, sorry i did not read your disclaimer about posting my site =) will not do it anymore, still following you though =)

  18. Toni! I'm so mad I missed out on this sale. YOU LUCKY *ITCH! I really wanted Yeyo pigment, it looks good on you. You're bf is right, it does gives you that "shine".

    BTW I just wanted to let you know that you always leave me the kindest comments, thank you. :)


  19. @fashioneggplant Thank you! :)

    @Mara You should join! Are you part of it already? Check out Gilt too! They just did a Laura Mercier sale for practically 50% off! My husband is amazing. I had to ask him about it since I thought I was hallucinating. :))

    AWW! You're most welcome! Thanks for commenting on mine. It's much appreciated! <3

  20. haaa u already got them?? i need to use that website on one of these days!

  21. i'd better win your next giveaway LOLOLOL.
    maybe i am allergic to lactose because I cant drink milk. for breakfast i have to eat cereal with almond or rice milk or soy LOL

  22. thank-you for the comment, amazing haul! :]
    your very pretty yourself! xx

  23. @Rinz Yesireebob! I did get it! I told you so, silly! GAWSH. You really are stalking me! :)) I'm allergic to lactose too. lol. I like it though because it serves as a laxative for me. HA-HA!

  24. Hi sweetie! Haha, so much fun that you like to clean too;) hope that you have a nice day. Gorgeous makeup!

    Love Iben

  25. Love the shimmer look! :) Followed you :D

  26. $2 make up one word wow! haha x

  27. Hii... Thanks for commenting on my blog. ;)

    Have you tried using those pigments with a good base? Or even NYX jumbo pencils?
    I usually do a white or pale beige base and that helps colors pop. SOmetimes slightly dark lids can make shadows looks blah.

  28. I have really dark lids too and about your skin tone. A primer will just make the shadow stick and not creace.

    WHat you need for your lids to look light/like the rest of your face is a shadow base - and that's what the NYX pencils are used for usually. (MAC also has of course, but more expensive.)

    I personally find the NYX jumbo pencils good. :) They only cost $3 too, but you have to apply a thin layer so it doesn't crease (if you have oily lids).
    You can get it at cherry,, ebay i think, and a few other place. i by mine at ulta and cherry culture. :)

    If you want any NYX recommendatins: milk or yogurt. the other colors are also good, but those are just the basics that work with all eyeshadow colors.
    You'll be surprised what a difference a base makes. the colors look more like they do in swatches. :)

  29. OOOhhhh.. anddd.. as for the rest of NYX products: alot of people are saying how great they are, but I dislike their lipsticks, and the blushes are powdery for my liking.
    You could always try one of them for yourself though, because the whole line isn't expensive.

    I think their pigments are good, nail polishes, liquid eyeliners as well as a few other products.



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