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Astringent vs Toner

Lets address the elephant in the room. What is the difference between an astringent and a toner?

similarities: They're both designed for regular skin care which share a similar purpose. What are they?
-Cleanse the skin of makeup residue
- Destroy bacteria that causes acne
-Adjust pH level in the skin
-Gives you a temporary feeling of "taut" skin

Who uses which?

Oily Skin - Use an astringent! This is a strong toner used to control excessively oily skin. This has an anti-bacterial quality that reduces oil, blackheads and cares for acne prone skin types. 

Can I use an astringent if I have dry skin? I wouldn't suggest that you do since alcohol based astringents will only make your skin even drier. 

Dry Skin - If you fall under this skin type, use a toner. They're mild on the skin and it's meant for those who produce less oil on their faces. This product is also perfect for aging skin. Toners aid in hydrating dry skin. These are designed to help clear clogged pores and cleansing.

How to use them:

For both toners and astringents, use a cotton ball to apply the product on your face.
Be sure to apply the product after cleaning and before moisturizing.
Use this on a daily basis as part of your beauty regimen.

These products are necessary to keep your skin conditioned. I saw a difference when I started using a toner. I use Clean and Clear's Fairness Toner with Vit. C and it leaves my skin feeling taut and healthy. Not using toners/astringent increases the risk of losing natural oils in your skin and thus, increasing the accumulation of dirt. That's a NO-NO

How do you benefit from using them?

It closes open pores and retains the moisture in your skin. Also, skin toners cleanses your skin of makeup residue and microorganisms responsible for acne and blackhead build up. Upon regular use, it will leave your skin feeling supple, fresh and improve  your skin's texture and complexion. For aging women, it will lessen the appearance of lines and maintains the natural pH level of your skin. 

Nightly moisturizing tip for girls with dry skin like me:

After you clean and tone your skin, splash some water or use water mist like Evian Facial Water Spray to your face then pat it nearly dry with a towel.
Then, apply your night cream/moisturizer on your face and neck and leave it on for five minutes. If you want to hasten the process, cover your face with a warm towelette then pat your skin dry of excess moisture.

Drink more water and avoid diuretics like caffeine and alcohol. Eat orange and yellow fruits that are rich in beta-carotines, an antioxidant. Though your breath may repel people, eat garlic. It helps. Avoid sweets, darlings. Minimize the chocolate intake.

Recommended moisturizing products for oily skin
-Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
-Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream
-Lancome Aqua Fusion
-Olay Night Cream with Aloe for Sensitive Skin

*Avoid those with cocoa butter. Choose non-comedogenic moisturizers with SPF in it. Clay masks can help reduce excess oil and dead skins cells but only do this once a week or else it will increase oil production.

Recommended moisturizing products for dry skin:
-Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
-Clarins Extra Forming Night Cream for Dry Skin
-Garnier Regenerist Night Cream (also good for normal/combination skin)
-Clinique Comfort on Call Allergy Tested Relief Cream

*When looking for a night cream/moisturizer, be sure to read the ingredients. Check if there's CynergyTK(TM)  in the list. If so, purchase the product because natural substances such as this promotes elasticity in your skin by further producing collagen. Other ingredients to look for: shea butter, avocado oil and active manuka honey.

Toners: (dry skin)
-Kiels's Rosewater #1
-Clean&Clear Fairness Toner
-Murad Hydrating Toner
-Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion

Look for these ingredients in toners:
-Cucumber, Rose Oil, Chamomile and Witch Hazel Extract (They contain hydrating properties intended for dry skin.)

Astringents: (oily skin)
-See Breeze Fresh-Clean Astringent for Sensitive Skin
-Clean&Clear Deep Cleaning Oil Fighting Astringent

Beauty Process:
cleansing - toning - moisturizing

My products:
St. Ives Apricot Scrub - Clean&Clear Fairness Toner - Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream


  1. Can't live without my Toner from skin feels so different now!

  2. Cool thanks I'm going to have to try that clean n clear toner! Alot of toners are usually strong and irritate my skin. Is it really strong?

  3. This really helped, thanks a lot!:) Just one question, when applying, do you rub it on or pat it on? Also I like your disclaimer "ATTN: Comments with links to your personal site will NOT be published." I hate when people do that.

  4. @luckiebeauty I've tried the Clinique one. It's the blue solution, right? It works well but it performs just the same as the Clean&Clear one so I choose to use the cheaper product. :)

    @JOCEE411 I really like it. I have sensitive skin and it works well on my mine. Try it out and see how it goes for you. Toners are mild and have less alcohol content so you should be fine.

    @Ivonne Thank you! :) You pat it all over your face and neck. Don't rub it because that will irritate your skin. If you put it over a scab, a burning sensation is normal. It will dry out the scab faster. I know what you mean! :)) If someone wants to see your page, they'll click on your name so there's no need to post a link. GEEZ.

  5. Thanks for the helpful information. I've never used toner and just started using one. I'm glad to know the reasons why I should keep using it now.

  6. I don't use either of them, I have fairly dry skin so even a toner especially formulated for dry skin still makes mine feel overly stretched and dry. But I love both the St Ives scrub and the cetaphil lotion... sometimes products are actually pretty good!


  7. do you have any recommendations on good night cream/moisturizers? my dry/semi-combo skin is so chapped!!:(

  8. @yourstrulypam You're welcome and thanks for reading! I know, eh? It took me a while to realize what benefits I was getting from it.

    @Makeup and Macaroons Yeah, they are good! You just need to find the right product for you to use.

    @Kaleido Mind I suggest Garnier Regenerist Night Cream for your skin type or use Cetaphil like me. :) I use Clinique from time to time.

  9. Thank you for this post! It was so helpful to me because I need a new skincare regimen. I started breaking out a couple months ago and have dry skin and had no idea what to use to keep my skin clean but not dry.

  10. Ooh this is very helpful! I use witch hazel & love it!! :D

  11. Thanks for getting back to me!:)

  12. @Leslie You're welcome! Read comments from here to so you can see what other girls use. :) Personal experiences always help!

    @Cerina That's awesome! :) It is a good product and also, you won't break bank buying it!

    @Ivonne You're most welcome! <3

  13. I love this! Thanks girl. Very informative. This oily-skinned girl loves her Clinique.

  14. @Miss Meg You're welcome, Meg! You've been gone for a while. :P Clinique is good for oily skin.

  15. i never knew the difference ! hehe yay! i have dry skin and have been using a toner.. the h20 toner and i love it!

  16. thanks for your suggestions, I have oily skin and Clinique is def my best friend! I heart their toner :D

  17. I need to get one! but i hate washing my face too much lol

  18. Great post, I'd never heard of an astringent before now, lol. Very informative, thankyou :) xxx

  19. Hey Toni, this was really helpful. I use toner for my face but I'll try an astringent next time :)

    by the way, I was going through my food blog and I noticed how much you've commented on a lot of my post. I just wanted to say thank you for showing some love ^_^

    ok I'll go nite nite now :)

  20. Really useful, I love this!!

  21. i tend not to use a toner, but this post was soooo helpful! thanks for the sweet comment too :) x

  22. wow. Thank you for the tips! I didn't know the difference between the two, and I think I 've been using the wrong thing... argh!!
    Thanks for posting this. I'll go look for that Clean and Clear toner. Thanks dear:]

  23. @siwing I know, eh? I love hearing about new products!

    @popchampagne I know that it works well as I've tried it too! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    @Rinz Don't dry your face out! :))

    @Jo Woods Thank you for reading! :P

    @EveryDay Makeup (becky) You're welcome! I looove food. What can I say? :P I'll be looking forward to more from your foodie site!

    @Henar Thank you!

    @kirstyb Thanks!

    @Amy from Forever Curiouser You're welcome, doll!

    @SiSi Sparkles You're welcome and thanks for participating in my giveaway! The Clean and Clear toner is awesome. Remember to pat it and not rub it on your skin! :)

  24. great review, dear!
    it's very helpful!

  25. Great, helpful post. Thanks for breaking down the routine and giving different options for each skin type. I'm a product junkie and love giving new things a try. Thanks also for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. I'm your newest follower:) Have a lovely New Year's! xx Marisa

  26. wow really informative post, i love it!!

  27. Great review kitten I need to get a new toner as the one I have is crap, I think I may get some at Neal's Yard :) Hope you are well xxxx

  28. I've been curious about the difference between toner and astringent but was too lazy to search it up and nowi know what it is...hehe

    I wanna try Kiehls rose water but its for dry skin and i have oily..yikes!:-)

  29. i am so terrible with beauty products this was a great post! i definitely learned something :) xo

  30. thanks for such a good review! so helpful for next time I'm buying facial cleaning products!

  31. thanks for sharing, i've been looking for a good moisturizer for my oily skin.

  32. You must love H$M. They get everything right. :) I agree with the post above. You look lovely. <3

    I'm inviting you to participate in my international giveaway. Join if you're interested! Lots of love from California! :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment, haha yes I do! Oh I'll have a look at the giveaway :)
    Love, Britt from The Netherlands!

  33. wow i love this review!it help me understand whats this toner is for >.< because I've been using it without thinking what it is for :3 I just heard that it's great but never knew until you blog it :)

    thank you for visiting my blog ^_^ and for leaving a sweet comment :)

    yes the tokidoki flat iron is great :) i chose pink because it's my favorite color and yes I would love to join ur giveaway :)

  34. This really helped! And now I'm definetly going to look out for CynergyTK in my night moisturiser x

  35. thanks for sharing this info darling - I'm so hopeless with make-up!

  36. @Clover Thanks! :)

    @Marisa Noelle I am too! I love trying new products but I peruse the ingredients first since I have such sensitive skin. AWW! That's sweet of you. Happy New Year too!

    @MsShamz Thanks!

    @Vintage and Cake You should try it and tell me how it goes! I've never heard of that one. I wonder if we have it here.

    @MINAKICHU My sister told me that it works well on the skin but then again, it's different from person to person. Try it out, still! :)

    @Diana AWW! That's touching. Thanks so much!

    @Jessica Dee Thanks, doll!

    @jess You're welcome! Thanks to you for reading! I know, I learned my lesson. I don't want to develop wrinkles this early on. lol.

    @jamie-lee You're welcome and hey, you look good even without it!

    @likeasmoothie You're welcome!

  37. Thanks for the tips! It really was helpful!

  38. p.s. Bif bad work stress = so not good break-outs everywhere!


    p.p.s. Hoping to go home in April!


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