Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Get 50-70% Markdowns at HauteLook

I was browsing and browsing and browsing relentlessly until I came across a site called HauteLook. It's a member's only shopping site that's celebrating their third birthday. As a gift to the members, they're hosting a 50-70% off sale on all items for a limited time basis. The sale ends on 12/9 at 8:00 am Pacific time so grab your Christmas goodies!

Stila palettes and the new Make-Up Player that's valued at $50 is currently $20 on their site! The portable vanity kit has a sound system for your enjoyment. Apply your makeup as you listen to music of your choice.

It gets even better! Refer a friend to the site and receive a $10.00 credit at their first purchase!

Make Up Player $25, Starlet Palette $24, Malibu Set, $24

The Stila Make-Up player is available at the Stila website with five options to choose from. For the Create Your Own set, you can pick from a wide range of products that total upto $70.00!

Dorm Room set - $50.00
Create Your Own -$70.00
The Classic - $69.90
Bronze Goddess -$49.95
Travel Must Have - $42.00

I'm still keen on purchasing the rest of the travel palettes! If you intend on doing the same, majority of them are out of stock at the Stila website so proceed to the Sephora website or visit the stores to check their availability. I'm a Stila baby. The first makeup item I got was an eye shadow from Stila then came Urban Decay, MAC and the rest as they say is history.

Click here to visit the Sephora landing page.

Happy cyber shopping!


  1. Toni! hope your larengitis (ok how do you spell that?) will get better, love the stila make up you got! and I am dying over the new DIOR gold nailpolish, is it on the website you mention?

  2. Awhhh.. you are so cute! Because I could barely hear you clearly, so I watched your video twice heheh! And that Stila make up player is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing it!

    Have a sparkling day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  3. @Catita Thank you so much! I'm beginning to feel so much better now. <3 I hope you get that gold nail polish! Top it off with a shimmery clear polish. I think that would look great! :) Unfortunately, they don't carry that. :( They have various sales daily so you should check their site!

    @Sanny HA-HA! I know, my throat hurt even worse after that video. I sounded like I should have been part of a horror movie or something. :)) You should get it! I want it just because. I don't know. The Tarte one seems really tempting too! :)

  4. sephora has a set...its like 96 eyeshadows, eye applicators, 16 lip glosses eyeliner etc..for $48! thats the best deal i've seen..but ive seen the hautelook banner on facebook--just never checked it out

  5. Thank u for being my first follower. I am now following you. n I love ur blog. That makeup site sounds the bomb. Im going to have to sighn up or become a member.

  6. Thank you so much for your comments! There are always such great deals on hautelook ... i signed up then realized that they dont ship to where i live! :( xx

  7. oooh, this is gooood! thanks for sharing! :D

    p.s. the two short necklaces were on sale. :)

    <3, Mimi

  8. Girl, aren't you dedicated! Can't say haven't seen someone demo-ing on laryngitis, that's gotta hurt like hell. Anyway, I wish I could put on make-up. I don't know how. I have about 4 things in my make up purse, a brow liner, a mascara, and a lipstick.

  9. awesome!!! Toni, in regards to your comment on my blog, where is the sales ? I cant find it at Sephora website =/

  10. thanks for letting us know. these sound like such great deals! btw u are adorable in your video! wish i could have the courage to make one too.

  11. @Gertrude They don't ship to your country? :( I'm guessing it's only open to the States and Canada? They're having a new sale now too!

    @Mimi Thanks! Tell me if you get anything! I can't wait to start shopping. Seriously! lol.

    @Dhila I don't blame you. I don't like putting so much gunk on my fave yet sometimes, it's fun to do. You have to look "presentable" at the office and I got used to doing so. MWAHAHA That's me! I just wanted to say hi. :D

    @Rinz They dooo! I sent you the link! Go to the one in Topanga!

    @Faboulista You're most welcome! Adorable!? You better be kidding me! :)) You should make one. I'd love to see it. <3

  12. AAww babe you sound like you have a really soar throat hope you are feeling better I love what you got. I love the who makeup box with the sound system how amazing is that !! I could listen to Lady gaga while putting on my party makeup :) great post hun, thanks for sharing xxxx

  13. I loveee that site. I recently bought a pair of True Religion jeans from there for only $130 :D

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. YEEES!! definitely gonna pick up the ipad w/ facetime once it comes out!! what about you?? ;D I didn't like the tsubaki shampoo and conditioner, some people do and some don't. It's up to you though.

    I am going to watch your vid once I get off from work. lol ;)

  16. @Vintage and Cake My Laryngitis was terrible but I'm all better now. I want either that makeup box or the Tarte one. I'm torn! :s You're welcome, Law! You and Lady Gaga! LOL!

    @Pop Champagne I know, right? They're doing a different promo today! I can't wait to log into my account! That is such a steal for that brand! They go for way more than that!

    @Alessia Stella No ads, please!

    @TinkerBi I should have figured since you blogged about it anyway! lol. That's going to cost you a fortune! I can tell! lol. Oh well. I'm not going to waste my energy looking for something that isn't worth my time. :))

    Thanks though! NOOO! I sound horrible! lol.

  17. Thanks for your comment!!
    Your blog it's cool ^^

  18. haha OMG, don't get the kindle it looks so ghetto and cheap!! Get your money worth it and get iPAD w/ FT hint hint. Once I get the Ipad, definitely gonna get the 3g w/ internet. So.. I can read everyone's blog and stop by gurugossip.net too when Im on the go..LOLLLL. Also, you can do a live tutorial on FACE TIME for me. LMAO.. i'll be like "what?! what!! replay redo!! do it again. I missed the other part too." LOl!!

  19. @TinkerBi The iPad is too pricey! I wouldn't squander my money on a single device. I'm happy with what I have. I just want a Kindle since all I want to do is read anyway. Go get that new iPad and show me! You're funnayyy! You should do that! It's going to be so convenient on your part! :))

  20. 499 for the cheapest iPAD!!!!!! compare to 189 kindle! LOL :) well, Its up to you =( lol!

  21. Thank you for your comment :) and thanks for sharing this! Keep up the good work!

    XX, Ana


  22. awesome !! I love that case its my favorite I'm a stila addict I just started using it this last year !!!

  23. Thanks so much for subbing back,
    Love your blog !

  24. lovee hautelook! I can send you an invite to a bunch of other sample sites if you want:)

  25. thanks so much Toni. Appreciate it!:) I just got home from shopping and i got lots of goooodiessss! :)

  26. @TinkerBi It's all yours! :))

    @FashionFly But of course!

    @Curves ahead makeup Me too! I just love Stila so I can't complain. The texture is just perfect in my opinion.

    @Sara As. You're welcome. No problemo. ;)

    @Kaleido Mind Are you serious? That would be great! I'll contact you in a bit!

    @Rinz You'r welcome! You have to tell me what you got! :P

  27. I love your blog ; D

  28. Thanks for your comments! Yes I think only those living in the USA and canada are eligible! xxx

  29. hey
    thank you for your lovely comment
    i love Stila
    once I bought the same masquara thri times because it was so amazing and I was afraid I couldn't be able t find it later

  30. I MISSS READING YOUR BLOG!! Although I didn't actaully read your post, I miss reading it! It's changed so much since I last visited. Tomorrow I will skip out on doing math homework and read your blogggg :)

  31. amazing blog dawl, I'm defintely going to follow. Thanks for your sweet comment !
    What's Lomography ??

    I have never heard of that .. lol

  32. This is the park in the Leiden [Netherlands]. My blog has an option of translation. There is on the right side that inscription "FIND YOUR LANGUAGE", select the language with the word "angielski" which means in English.

  33. id love to shop at hautelook except i heard shipping is 20 bucks for canada! ridiculous :( lol.

  34. @KLAUDIA Thank you! I'll look at it!

    @Gertrude Only to Canada and the States. :(

    @Nana I like Stila too! There are a few products that don't do as promised but when i comes to eye shadows and lippies, most definitely Stila!

    @TheFeminissima You've been gone for quite some time, missy! Thank you!

    @TheDreamer Thank you! It's a branch of photography. <3

    @kirstyb You're welcome!

    @Donna Baby I know, I heard about that! They only ship to Canada and the States too! :(

  35. hey! thanks for visiting our site! I just wanted to take a look at your site and im loving every bit of it! :) I also visit hautelook (whenever i can remember), but time to time i do like to do a DOTD (deal of the day) on our site.

    oh yea, i'm glad you're considering the benefit concealer, i really do like it alot :)

  36. @alysiahh You're welcome! AWW! That's really sweet of you. HauteLook is a great site with deals but they don't last long though. Sometimes, it works against you. lol.

    I'm seriously going to get it because I saw the difference it made on your dark circles! :)


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