Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

I'm going on a weekend hiatus as I'll be en route to Vegas. I'll be back with a giveaway! Please do visit as I have a new product in the market that I'm so proud to introduce to my readers.

Vegas will be fun but the giveaway is going to be even better. It's not makeup but a multi-use accessory. I'll keep you guessing until Monday!

What is it?

Come back on Monday and join this one of a kind giveaway!

I was tagged by GorgeousMommyK in a post that I'm eager to comply with. Please do the same if you wish.
In this tag, you name 3 of your imperfections & 3 of your perfections (about yourself).
I'd rather begin with my imperfections and finish this on a positive note as I'm beautifully flawed.

Uno I'm not completely comfortable with my weight. Looking at myself in the mirror is a chore. I've never been satisfied with how I look yet I live behind a facade of contentment.

Dos My feet are so gross that I grimace whenever they are in sight. I keep them moisturized and clean my nails regularly yet the width and size of bother me. (US sizes 8-9 depending on the shoes)  I feel like I have man feet attached to my body.

Tres Being in California, everyone loves having a tan. I don't. If I had the power to choose, I would love to have less pigment in my skin. I envy ladies with a wan complexion and jet black hair.

Uno I don't recall the last time I brushed my hair. I need to befriend the brush yet I'm doing fine for now. L-O-L! My natural hair is straight and flat yet I absolutely enjoy curling it every now and then. I must say, I like the length and texture of my hair.

Dos I realize that I'm going to sound like I have an eating disorder when I say that I like how my shoulder blades protrude but believe me, I eat like there's no tomorrow. Some people may think it's gross but I have a big frame so even if I seem bony, I'm a curvy woman.

Tres I have doe eyes which are engaging. At least I think they are. I'm a product of multi-racial parents so I like that I have big and chinky headlights. 

What flaws do you wish you didn't possess? What features about yourself do you love?


  1. hi toni! this got me all excited, haha. i hope you have a blast in vegas! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. @Mimi Hang in there! I promise to publish it on Monday! <3 Thank you!

  3. Love this post! :D I love your doe eyes too! and I know what you mean by protruding shoulder blades, I love it too, but wish mine was more visible...and I am not a skinny skinny girl too ;)

    And have fun in Vegas, and can't wait for the giveaway!


  4. ahhhhh!! ur just like me LOL i hate my weight! i am trying to diet too, i dont like my feet, and i didnt like my curly hair and tanned skin but i am embraced it now :)))

    have fun in vegas. no wonder ur so quiet! LOL

  5. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I love yours so much, it has great content and excellent quality! Looking forward to reading more from you and your competition, what was the Stila Disney makeup you were talking about btw? :) x

  6. i hope you have a great time in vegas - and well, you do have gorgeous doe eyes, great post darling x

  7. I hope you have a lot of fun in Vegas! Definitely don't buy into the "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" stuff. We wanna hear stories! Lol.

    And, you're super beautiful, don't tell yourself any differently. And a size 8/9 shoe is not that big. I wear an 11/12 in women, which is IMPOSSIBLE to find, so I have to wear man shoes. :/ I have really long feet, so, I feel your pain.

  8. You are just GORGEOUS in every pictures! Can't wait for your giveaway and have fun in Vegas!

    Have a FAB weekend! (:
    Sanny's Head To Heart

  9. Girl, you are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I also love how my collar bone shows! My Husband hates it though LOL

    Have fun in Vegas!!

  10. You look so pretty in your last pic! Great post I love hearing about peoples thoughts on themselves.

  11. have fun in vegas..btw, you look like kc concepcion..hehe

  12. Oh my.... there are so many things I wish they were "fixed"! One more reason to indulge myself with my beauty products! hahahaha

  13. Check out my blog girlie!! Congrats!!! I;ll email the info tomorrow :)

  14. @aiko I'm glad that you can relate to me! I thought people were going to respond negatively to it. I like being thick, don't get me wrong. I had a blast! <3

    @Eleanor You're welcome and thanks for the compliment. The Stila Barbie makeup collection. ;)

    @jamie-lee Thank you! <3 The first thing my husband ever told me upon meeting was, "WHOA You really do have big eyes!" :O

    @Christina in Wonderland Believe me, married or not, I wouldn't go by that saying anyway.

    I had a blast in Vegas - as usual. The Aria buffet is the best! WOW! You must be a tall woman to have feet that size. It's a challenge since my calves are thick.

    @Sanny Thank you! I had a blast in Vegas! Please do join my giveaway.

    @GorgeousMommyK No, thank you! It took me a while to ponder over my perfections and imperfections but that made me think things through. You're beautiful too! :P Collar bones are sexxxay!

    @Eugenia AWW! I like the same thing so I figured to start this and hear my readers' thoughts. :)

    @camgaga Thanks, I had a blast! AWW! I get that often. It makes me laugh. She's waaay prettier but thanks! :P

    @Beauty Addict I know, me too! I think it's why I like to hide behind cosmetics. I get you with that one. You're beautiful though. You gotta see it!

    @Rinz YAAAY! I won! Thank you, Rinz! This is great news! It makes me wonder how your feet look like now. :P

    @dblchin Thank you! Have a wonderful one as well!

  15. Toni, you are a beautiful girl! Let's not get started on ugly feet because mine would win hands down :-)

    I'm trying to lose some weight-30 lbs. But I still want to keep my curves.

    Hope you have a great time!

  16. Toni!
    You are a BEAUTIFUL, wonderful woman! And I don't think your feet are gross. Who told you that? You are a beauty!!

  17. hello lovely,

    I like the picture with the weight scales.
    you are so pretty. red lips look up to you very well. charming


  18. Love this post! You defo have lovely hair! It looks so long and healthy! & I like the colour of your skin! I wish I was more tanned..
    And you have NOTHING to worry about your weight! You are fine the way you are :) xx

  19. Emy Oh you're funny! I hate feet in general though but mine, I loathe the most. hihi. Being curvy is great! Good luck with the weight loss. :)

    The Girl with Pearl Earrings You are so sweet! Thank you! I just really don't like my feet. They look icky! lol.

    @MARiZA Thank you! I like it too! It's Kat Von D's lipstick!

    @LipglossAndLeopardPrint AWW Thank you! I appreciate it. I'm mulling over chopping my hair off though. Really? We can switch skin tones! lol. I would like to be one of those skinny b*tches. :))

  20. i like ur skin colour!!!! i have similar skin colour to u and i love it =]

    ok i kinda wish i didnt have a giant birth mark on the side of my forehead!! can you believe it?? i have to cover it with bangs everyday and wind is my worse enemy T_T but i do like my eye size and amount of lashes =P ohoh i also have a dimple hehe

    great post hunnn =]

  21. @Alx AWW Thanks! I feel like I'm darker than you though. :s I'm yellowish. :))

    You do!? What color is it? I have one birthmark as tiny as a fish's eye. lol. I have to go and look now. lol. You have thick lashes, eh? I have dimples too but they aren't deep. lol.

    Thanks, doll!


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