Friday, December 31, 2010

Felíz Año Nuevo

This year has been a significant year for me. I moved halfway around the world, got married and joined the blogging community.

I'm grateful for all the rekindled friendships, sustained relationships with good friends back home and new friends I've acquired since I arrived in the States.

Being that I've never had any New Year's resolutions, I figured to start one for next year. This is an appropriate time for me to reform my habits.

1. I think girls will agree with me on this one. I will adhere to my diet.  You see, I'm trying so hard not to laugh right now since I'm thinking... 

...but I will stay true to my word this time around. If I want to have any babies in the future, I need a bangin' body sometime soon. Not for anyone else but myself. Slowly but surely.

2. I should strictly follow my list during trips to the grocery store. It may seem trivial but all these things add up in the end. I'm worse during trips to the mall so my husband has developed telepathy in the span of time we've been married.

Toni: Papi... Can we? *Jordan interrupts*
Jordan: I don't like the mall. We don't need anything right now.
Toni: But there's a huge sale. We'll save upto 80% off on... *Jordan interrupts*
Jordan: 20% out of my wallet, right?
Toni: You know what, I didn't feel like it anyway. :s

3. Put some money aside for a rainy day and a dream vacation to New York! My husband and I want to go cross country before we have children but our hopes for next year is a three day vacation to either New York or Catalina Island.

Despite the trials and tribulations, I have my alma gemela by my side who's my rock. Te amo, mi vida! All I want is a happy marriage and a stable life. Bless my family back home. I wish I could celebrate it with you. Distance isn't a detriment in relationships for genuine love can surpass that. I love you, mom! 

A massive thank you to my blogger friends!

Dhila, Mimi, Rinz, Vintage and Cake, Caro, Evey, Christina, MINAKICHU, jamie-lee, Lalaine, Ares, Laura, Curves Ahead Makeup, Sanny, The Girl with Pearl Earrings and to the new fabulous ladies such as La Cabrona, Leslie, Becky, Jocee and Fifi.

If I'm missing any names, it's because I'm writing this at 2:00am.

Enjoy the remainder of 2010 and have a prosperous New Year!


  1. hello Toni, happy new year!!!

  2. @charlieandanne Hey you! I didn't know you could comment on my stuff! Happy New Year! You guys will be reunited soon!

  3. Awww...Happy happy New Year to you and Jordan. I'm sure you'll have your NY or Catalina trip in no time at all. And the next thing i know you'll be posting about mommy stuffs here already...haha! Stay happy, lovely and fabulous!*HUGS*

  4. Happy new year!!
    I think I have to make a new year's resolution too :p

  5. Happy New Years Eve! Good Luck on sticking to your resolutions!

  6. Happy New Year! I hope all your new years resolutions work out for the best. xxx

  7. P.S. I just saw what it says above your comment box. You don't have to publish my previous comment, I just thought maybe you'd want to check out the post I made. (:

  8. Have a great New Year! :)


  9. hope you had also a great year 2011!<3

  10. hey Toni!

    i'm glad to have met you online. Thanks for stumbling on my blog. Without that, we couldn't have been online friends. :) hugs.

    Happy new year!

  11. The two drawings make me laughed!! haha
    I hope you will accomplish all the things that you deserve! : )

    Happy New Year!

  12. I love your ambitious new years resolutions, I hope you succeed with each and every one. And I hope you get your trip to NYC it I'd w fabulous city to visit!
    All the best in 2011!

  13. Happy New Year! I'll be sticking to my diet this year as well! :)

  14. Didn't realize your ATTN sorry ! Happy new year and yes I agree with your adhering to a diet and saving money !

    I hope you read my other comment on the NYC thing hehe !!

    Take care


  15. How Sweet of you to remember me on your post..I really want to Wish you only the best, as a newly wed many new things will come your way and I hope that only good things do.. You have a Happy New Years Eve and The Greates Year to come...Take Care of yourself and well talk next year lol! you have a good one Toni!! Luv Laura

  16. lol every year I say my "new year resolusion" is to get in shape and be healthy... never happends.. lol BUT 2011 WILL be different!! lol well I hope all your new yrs resolutions come true!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :) xox

  17. Have a great New Year Toni!!!


  18. great post, and happy new years to you too! (and I am not making the resolution to diet, but i am going to always)

  19. Hey Toni! :) Thank you for visit my blog and comment :)
    I follow you! lovely blog, hope you'll visit mine soon!!

  20. Heya hun, Happy New Year to you & your fam! Hope you have a great one! Really loved finding your blog & thank you so much for the comment on mine :) Looking forward to more fab posts next year!

    Aysh xoxo

  21. Hi Toni :) thanks for your comment a while ago on my blog! Good luck to your new year resolutions! (am in the process of writing up some) :P

  22. DEar Toni,
    Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions! All the best to you!

  23. Happy New Year sweetie. Lovely post.
    Wish 2011 to be a wonderful year for you.

  24. 2010 was the year I got married and joined the blogging community too!

    Totally agree with your 1st resolution, I gotta do this too! Gotta get serious this time!

  25. ♫•*¨*•.¸¸•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.

    Hi Toni, I'm blog-hopping today and visiting people I've never met. Wishing you a Happy New Year!


  26. Hello!
    Happy New Year!
    I hate spending money on food, && its not like I am eating out at a 5 star place, its just Starbucks, && random food places, but they sure add up, it sucks. Cuz, like, I have food at home. Boo! Goodluck with your resolutions. I already kinda broke two, && it is still the 1st day.


  27. Happy new year babe!
    Wishing you an amazing year full of success, health and lots of happiness :)

    We have similar resolutions! I'm going to try and stick by them!

    Malisha x

  28. Happy New Year kitten :) and Congrats again on everything. I can't imagen moving away and getting married all in one year ...mental I'm so happy as you are such a doll :)
    I laughed out loud at the shopping list, I am exactly the same we must be strong :)
    Thank you for all your support and I love your blog and look forward to more fab posts for 2011 xxxxx

  29. Hellow Darling! Happy New Year girl :))) hope this 2011 will bring you much happiness and success!

  30. great list! Good luck with it!
    lovely blog you got here
    happy new year dear xox

  31. Hi :-)
    A very happy new year to you. So I came across your blog via your comment on my letter "Dear photograph" on Fai's blog.. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. And apart from that, a very interesting blog you've got out there. Hope to see you around on blogger,
    Nil :)

  32. Happy New Year! :D

    xoxo from rome

  33. A New York trip would be AMAZING. I hope you get there! Happy New Year:)

  34. New York would be AMAZING:) I wish you the very best of luck getting there- happy new year!!

  35. Happy New Year! I really like your resolutions; they're all very realistic. I'm sure you'll accomplish your goals :) I'm a new follower! I had thought that I had checked out your giveaway too late, but then I realized it's still open! Thank goodness :p

  36. happy new year! hope you will go to new york with your hubby. I've never been and I would love to go as well :D

  37. The most important thing to do to stay on a diet is DEFINITELY grocery shopping! Juts buy good stuff! ALSO you will LOOOVVVEEE NY! I went for the first time last month and LOVEEDD it! I want to live there!

  38. Happy new Year, Toni! <3
    I love your resolutions! I admit I need to work on the first two also haha. I think it's wonderful you plan to travel this year & to such awesome places. I wish you good luck, girl & although we just "blogger met" recently, I can already tell you're very diligent & focused & I'm sure you'll be able to stick to your resolutions & make it an awesome year for you & your husband. <3 Much love.

  39. Happy new year. I love your blog post. I shop the same way. Please continue to check out my blog n comment. You were my first follower!!
    Hugs n kisses.

  40. Happy New Year my dear. Wish you all the best!

  41. Awe, what a sweet post, Toni! Happy New Year to you, too! May all you dreams come true! I really hope you get to go on your 3-day trip (and post about it, of course) You're one of my favorite bloggers! So glad to *know* you! :D


  42. Thanks so much for visiting!

    Happy belated new year! Those are great resolutions to have and if I had made any, it would be along the lines of sticking to a strict diet and saving money as well. It's SOOO hard to not pick up stuff that you don't really need when grocery shopping and in the end, it all adds up :(.

    Hope you'll get to go on your NY trip soon!


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