Saturday, March 3, 2012

From 32 to 30

Hey Guys!

I've been M.I.A. for quite some time. I'm attempting to dedicate more of my energy back to blogging as I've missed it tremendously. I have recently undergone oral surgery and I figured that I can redeem myself from sharing my story.

Are you one of the unfortunate ones who have to deal with wisdom teeth? Some lucky folks are born without them. Mine grew when I turned 14 prior to getting my braces. My teeth were overcrowded so my Orthodontist pulled two upper and two lower teeth leaving me with 32 teeth, 16 above and 16 below (including the wisdom teeth).

I am now 24 and I just had 2 of my bottom teeth removed. They were horizontal impacted teeth. The lower right portion was so severe that it infected the area around the tooth and my body was rejecting it. The lower left grew into the tooth next to it that the Orthodontist had to slice the neighboring tooth in half and I now need a root canal.

GET THEM OUT A.S.A.P. Seriously, don't even wait for your wisdom teeth to fully erupt.

I got laughing gas and an IV for my surgery. My doctor was amazing! I went to UCLA for the surgery and they took great care of me. My doctor waived the anesthesia fee so I only had to pay for extracting my two lower teeth which cost me $300.00. I remember shaking like a mother ******* towards the end of the surgery and waking up to a sore mouth. I was given a goodie bag with a couple of gauze pads, care instructions, syringe for irrigation and my prescription.

 Swollen after the surgery
My goodies :)

I'm still healing and my face isn't as swollen so I'm thankful. The feeling is highly uncomfortable but hey, it's over and I'm glad they're gone!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NO H8 - Let's Make It Count

If you're in the Los Angeles area or if you're planning to drop by sometime next month, there will be an open photo shoot for the NO H8 campaign on January 21, 2011.

For those who can't make it, you can grab Twibbons for your profile here. I have done so with mine, as you can see.

For more details, please visit the website at

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Madness

I know I haven't blogged in months and being that numerous events have passed, I just had to make the time to write this entry. There's so much to tell!

I'm one of those Black Friday fiends who lines up for hours and hours just to get a deal. This was my schedule that night:

10:00 pm - Lined up at Walmart in Woodland Hills

I was in line for an hour and met a few people while I was at it. That night was so chilly that I could see my breath every time I spoke. By the time we got in, I honestly didn't know what to get since I don't shop at Walmart. It was my brother-in-law's suggestion. I got there and saw printers on palettes on sale for $19.99 each. I got two! One for myself and another for my mom.

As soon as I got the printers, I lined up and my trip only took 20 minutes. Despite that, the line wasn't moving so I wondered what the hold up was about. Guess what? Electronics are on sale at midnight! We had to wait until the clock hit 12:01 before we got to check out.

Next stop, Westfield Topanga Mall

12:30 am - We hit Macy's 

The store was jam packed! I barely had any wiggle room in there and a lot of the racks were practically empty. I took advantage of the 50% off outerwear sale. I would have gotten two but the black one I saw had such a tacky floral lining reminiscent of the 60's flower power era. Great steals, horrible shopping experience!

I lined up at the shoe section since I bought some bedroom slippers for myself. The ladies in front of me did the same. That one transaction alone took 30 minutes and I was already in line for an hour. My in-laws and I befriended the lady behind us and she along with everyone else was agitated.

Note to Macy's: I know that majority of the cashiers at the sale were seasonal employees. It was evident. The cashier at my line didn't know what she was doing. Poor girl was so apologetic and frenzied that she had to abandon her post and look for a senior employee. She was gone for a good ten minutes when a more experienced employee came to her rescue. I was relieved - boy, was I wrong! The cashier looks at me and goes, "I don't have the code for that. Shoes only. Line up somewhere else."

I was sooo mad that I just wanted to jet out of there so I just turned around and said, "SHOES ONLY!!!". I left her with an angry queue of turkey filled, sleep deprived sale hungry goers. I lined up at yet another section and waited for 45 minutes. This time, the service was better and the cashier was not curt like the previous one.

 I love my fluffies but these are extremely cumfy. 50% off the original price of $24.00!

 On sale for $9.99 from $28.99!
Bling bling on my shorts!
My first pair of denim jeans - I never wear them out.
Too shy. :)

 Trench coat was $89.00, on sale for $29.99
The dress was $32.50, on sale for $24.99

This bracelet was $10.00 off so I got it for $26.00

3:00 am - Target

We initially went to Target to line up at Starbucks but I wanted to pry and see if the jacket I wanted was on sale since I've been eyeing it for 2 weeks now. My in law's were in line for Starbucks and it was about 12 yards long, I kid you not. I was a tad antsy so I went upstairs to look for the jacket and I found it. 30% off! I went straight to the cashier with a big grin on my face - even better because there was no line at all. Original price: $44.00 so when she told me that my total was $48.00, I was in shock.

Me: Uhm... Are you sure that's the price? The reason I purchased this jacket is because it's 30% off.
Cashier: It says 30% off?
Me: Yes, I got it off the rack and it has a huge sign on the wall which said 30% off.
*cashier then enters 30% off on the computer and smiles at me.*
Cashier: That will be $33.00. Cash or card?

Lesson learned. Sometimes, you just have to be persistent. :)

This jacket may just be my new favorite! <3

The mall opens at 4:00 am and since it was minutes away, a throng of people were crowding inside Target. Some teenagers even sitting on the floor. There was an instance where this guy bypassed security and bolted in the mall. His run was short lived. He didn't get far. The security guard caught him in a jiffy. As soon as the mall opened, there was utter chaos. It was a stampede in the making. If I wasn't so alert, I would have mistaken that for an episode of  Nat Geo - In the Wild. 

Other stops in the mall: Steve Madden, Cathy Jean, PacSun, Hot Topic and... Love Story!

I've been shopping at Love Story for a couple of months now and I love how they have the three main things I consider when I shop:

- It matches my budget
- The clothes fit me in the right places
- Their line coincides with my taste

The only downside is that they only have one branch so far and it's all the way in Westfield Topanga. That's a bummer since I moved to Glendale. Other than that, this is my go-to store.
I bought a leather jacket, a little sweat shirt and a cute little dress.

There were so many other dresses I wanted to buy but I was on a tight budget this year. Besides, I plan on frequenting the store so that just gives me more to come back for. It's kind of like the chase that us girls look for.

This top was $14.99 and it's so cumfy. It goes with the shorts I got from Macy's. ----->

This year was a great shopping experience for me. Despite the throbbing feet I got from all the walking and perpetual migraine, I had a wonderful experience. All these great shopping finds only totaled to a wee bit over $300.00. I will definitely start saving early for next year's trip. I may never leave the mall. I'll walk in as if I'm on a mission and leave like the walking dead. ha-ha! How was everyone elses' Black Friday?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Popped My Disneyland Cherry!

It seems so surreal that in July of last year, I was in the other side of the world with my family. I'm now situated in Los Angeles with my husband. Since I got here in August of last year, I have been pondering over visiting Disneyland but since I found discounted tickets, I seized the opportunity to visit the happiest place on earth.

My husband and I left the house at 7:15 am and arrived in Anaheim at 8:00 so to avoid further expenses in the park, we went to iHop and had a quick breakfast. Boy, I didn't expect to pay $27.00 for breakfast! I think iHop is overpriced for what they serve.

Anyway, I purchased our parking ticket the day before so the entry to the parking lot was quick. There was quite a wait at the bus line and the driver was killing my excitement by going 5 miles an hour. Okay, I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean. *snickers*

Shades - Versace
Headbands - H&M
Top - H&M
Khaki bottoms: H&M

Here are some photos of my trip:

 Splash Mountain
We didn't want to purchase the photo so we grabbed our camera
and took a picture of the screen. lol!
 We didn't go on this but I thought it was worth a snapshot.
 Autopia reminds me why I don't have a license.
 This is across Autopia - video games and everything techie!
 This one was visually stimulating.
 I enjoyed the boat ride. The piranha part was a ball!
 $12.70 for the roast beef sandwich.
It's a tad steep but it was tasty. :)
 My husband was playing with the tiger on the Kinect.
 Happy!!! :)
 Cannonball! :O
 Space Mountain, I think?
 It's A Small World was rather fun. 
 The tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room!
 A huge iPad
 The Haunted Mansion
 The canoes were fun up until the kids in front of me
wet me so much that my underwear was drenched. :/
 Pirates of the Caribbean


My sequined Minnie ears were overpriced at $28.00.
This sucker bought them anyway. :)

Disneyland is a must! I went to every other town except for Toon Town which will be top priority for my next visit. Being with a group of people, you tend to stall by discussing which ride to go on until it's a unanimous decision. I'm glad that I went with my husband since he made sure the day was all about me which I found so sweet of him. I was skipping all over the place and dragging him from one ride to another with a big grin on my face. As much as I enjoyed myself at the park, Disneyland is a place I would visit once in a blue moon. Visiting my Disney friends once a year will overfeed my nostalgia. I'm going to give myself some time to miss the happiest place on earth.

Next on the agenda is Halloween so will it be Knott's Scary Farm or Universal?