Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Popped My Disneyland Cherry!

It seems so surreal that in July of last year, I was in the other side of the world with my family. I'm now situated in Los Angeles with my husband. Since I got here in August of last year, I have been pondering over visiting Disneyland but since I found discounted tickets, I seized the opportunity to visit the happiest place on earth.

My husband and I left the house at 7:15 am and arrived in Anaheim at 8:00 so to avoid further expenses in the park, we went to iHop and had a quick breakfast. Boy, I didn't expect to pay $27.00 for breakfast! I think iHop is overpriced for what they serve.

Anyway, I purchased our parking ticket the day before so the entry to the parking lot was quick. There was quite a wait at the bus line and the driver was killing my excitement by going 5 miles an hour. Okay, I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean. *snickers*

Shades - Versace
Headbands - H&M
Top - H&M
Khaki bottoms: H&M

Here are some photos of my trip:

 Splash Mountain
We didn't want to purchase the photo so we grabbed our camera
and took a picture of the screen. lol!
 We didn't go on this but I thought it was worth a snapshot.
 Autopia reminds me why I don't have a license.
 This is across Autopia - video games and everything techie!
 This one was visually stimulating.
 I enjoyed the boat ride. The piranha part was a ball!
 $12.70 for the roast beef sandwich.
It's a tad steep but it was tasty. :)
 My husband was playing with the tiger on the Kinect.
 Happy!!! :)
 Cannonball! :O
 Space Mountain, I think?
 It's A Small World was rather fun. 
 The tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room!
 A huge iPad
 The Haunted Mansion
 The canoes were fun up until the kids in front of me
wet me so much that my underwear was drenched. :/
 Pirates of the Caribbean


My sequined Minnie ears were overpriced at $28.00.
This sucker bought them anyway. :)

Disneyland is a must! I went to every other town except for Toon Town which will be top priority for my next visit. Being with a group of people, you tend to stall by discussing which ride to go on until it's a unanimous decision. I'm glad that I went with my husband since he made sure the day was all about me which I found so sweet of him. I was skipping all over the place and dragging him from one ride to another with a big grin on my face. As much as I enjoyed myself at the park, Disneyland is a place I would visit once in a blue moon. Visiting my Disney friends once a year will overfeed my nostalgia. I'm going to give myself some time to miss the happiest place on earth.

Next on the agenda is Halloween so will it be Knott's Scary Farm or Universal?


  1. omg I'm glad you got your diseny cherry popped :) ive been there too many times and I HATE DISNEY lol but i LOOOOVE beignets.

  2. HAHA I'm glad you had fun. I love Disney Land, but I just hate the long lines. I love your Minnie ears :)

  3. Wow! I miss the Disneyland in Anaheim! Last time I've been there was more than 5 years ago. Eeek.

  4. aww looked so fun! i really want to go to disney land before i die.. maybe even for my honeymoon haha. how awsome would that be!? anyway i love the pics!

  5. Congratulations on losing your Disneyginity! I have an annual pass, so I love to see people go for their first time.

  6. I wish I was there.... Someday I'll go. I've been to Disneyland HK and it's a marvelous experience, especially the fireworks at the end of the day!

  7. Seems like a really fun trip. The magic of Disneyland? I've been to HK Disneyland with my family last year and it was pretty cool ;)

  8. I loved the Haunted Mansion when we visited a few years ago!! :)

    Hey Toni! :)

  9. I'm here in LA as well, from a K1 visa. I'm still waiting for my time in the happiest place on Earth. You're making me excited!!! :)

  10. I LOVE Disneyland! =)


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