Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top 10 Christmas Wishes

I'm not a materialistic girl. However, on rare occasions, I just have to get what I fancy. While I was at Super Cuts waiting on my husband, I thought the gifts I want for Christmas. 

1. Chanel Inimitable Mascara - I've read such great reviews about this product and it's only available at Nordstrom or the Chanel website. I'm all about the eyes and I was smitten when I saw that it adds volume, length and curl to the lashes so I can't wait to get this.

price: $30.00

2. Pillow Pets - This is where the child in me kicks in. I'm not an animal person but I do like collecting the most random things. When I was little, I had a collection of McDonalds Happy Meals and Disney Princess Castles. I want the lady bug, unicorn, hippo, cow and pig. 

price: $19.95 each but if you order more than one on the site, the succeeding Pet Pillows are marked down at $15.95 each.

3. Kindle - I've seen comparisons of the top ereaders in the market and the Kindle appeals to me the most. It has the longest battery life which can stretch onto three weeks without charging. I like that it doesn't have an LCD screen since that causes it to glare. The one I want has both wi-fi and 3G built into the ereader so there's no need for me to search for signal in order to download new books.

price: $189.00

Kindle vs Nook : The monochromatic look of the Kindle appeals to me more than the Nook. The latter may be colored but if that's such an issue then wait until the release of the new colored Kindle in 2011. 

I personally read mostly fiction so colored pages are futile since there are close to no pictures on the pages. The Kindle has more of a paper-like screen. If you lean towards art, magazines and children's books then I suggest for you to get the Nook. Being that the Nook has an LCD screen, it's harder to read in direct sunlight because of the glare. However, they are much easier to read at night without an external light source.The Kindle is the only e-reader that allows for usage in over 100 countries compared to the Nook that's limited to the US.

What I definitely sold me was the wireless connectivity. There's no need to set up a network since it's built in. Amazon pays for the connectivity so there are no monthly bills. You're ready to shop and read as soon as you remove your Kindle from the box.

For a more book like experience and touch navigation, get the nook. If you choose to have something simplistic in appearance with push buttons, purchase the Kindle. 

4. tokidoki coaster set - I'm a tokidoki fan and the coasters are a must have for me since I want to start a vast coaster collection. Maybe I'm silly for not wanting to use them but who wants to damage such adorable coasters?

price: $13.00

5. Tarte Jewelry Box - It's a limited edition release that's fully equipped with over thirty eye shadows, five eyeliners, lip gloss and the works. Even better, it comes with a stylish necklace!

price: $52.00

6. Stila Travel Palettes (Fabulous in Fiji and Pretty in Paris) I recently purchased Trendsetting in Tokyo and I love how pigmented and buttery the shadows are. Unfortunately, it's not a permanent item in the Stila collection so I'm hoping to collect my picks before supplies are scarce. It has four eye shadows and one convertible cheek and lip color.

price: $10.00

I don't know... I can't even finish my list. LOL! I do want a Fendi satchel, Coach winter boots and Gucci shades but we live in hard times and I can do without them for now. There's one thing I've always wanted to try though - knitting! 

Other make up essentials I would want are the NARS Midsummer Dream set and Benefit Cosmetics Sugarbomb blush. I'm going make up crazy over here!

I've gotten used to receiving money for Christmas so that way, I can purchase things of my liking. You know how you receive gifts you're not quite happy about yet smile anyway because it's polite? Well, that's where the money option comes in. I'd rather avoid that and buy something myself.

What's on your Christmas list?


  1. I want to get the Nook, it appeals to me more than the kindle for some reason, Great list!

    check out my blog @

  2. oh my gosh the pillow pets are adorable!!
    You even like the kindle more than the nook? I'd always choose a splash of color in an ereader :) good post!

  3. Those TokiDoki coasters are adorable!
    I have Nars Super Orgasm Blush, and some Urban Decay and Smashbox things on my list :)

  4. The Tarte jewelry box looks pretty! And yey for the necklace. I hope you get to have these goodies on Christmas. :P

  5. i second the stilla colour palletes. stilla has great makeup and they last forever. plus i need some new makeup.

  6. i love the wish list!! and now i am lemming that pillow too!! so cute!!

  7. hahaha those pillow pets crack me up :D

  8. oooww I love the list I really want to get my son one of those pillow pets as he always drops on the floor for a little rest, so I wanted him to have something soft he can cuddle and have a lay down. I know what will happen I will end up keeping it myself lol. No I may get him one, but my bloke would tease me if I had one. Oh stila palette looks so nie and want a great price :)

    Hope your well kitten xxx

  9. Great list! Can you get the Stila palettes at Sephora?

    I so need to make my list 'cause the hubby's been asking what I want for both my birthday and Christmas.

  10. oh hi hun! long time no hear..i missed u! oh am mia myself for a couple of days hehehe sorry! I see you have done with your christmas list huh? nice... Wish i could give you that pet pillow... but it'll cost me much with the delivery more than the pillow :) .. sorry! But why not when you come home in Phily in the future... that time i'll deliver it mysef what do you think?

    Best regards to you and ur husby! enjoy the holidays!

  11. @Leslie Thank you! I don't blame you for wanting those! I was introduced to the NARS Orgasm blush by my husband's aunts and it works so well on my skin.

    @Pammy Thank you! That's so sweet of you! It would be great if I did get them all but the Tarte jewelry box is what I'm aiming for the most. <3

    @Faboulosita I know what you mean! I love how it blends well with my skin. I love Stila! You should definitely get it while supplies last!

    @Rinz I know, right? Get a Pillow Pet! LOL.

    @Lex Excuse me, missy! They're awesome! :D hihi.

    @Dina Thank you!

    @Vintage and Cake He's such a cute tyke! Why not get one for him and one for yourself as well? :)) It's rather affordable for the price and I'm pretty sure that they'll ship it to the U.K. for a cost.

    @Emy You can get them at any Sephora store or online but supplies are limited. A lot of them are out of stock at Stila. :(

    @Evey You're sooo sweet! <3 I plan to go to the Philippines in about two years. It's a lovely pillow. You should get one too, Evey! I hope you've been doing well.

    Happy Holidays!

  12. I can't stand the Nook or the Kindle or the iPad. I'm an old-fashioned paper and ink book girl. Call me slightly old-fashioned.

    I hope your December has been going great, and I hope you get everything you want for Christmas with that wad of Christmas cash you'll probably receive instead of actual presents. :) Lol.

  13. i really like the jewelry box. i have a Nook, the first edition and i used it overseas no problem. maybe the new Nooks aren't as comparable to the new Kindles though.

  14. Your list is too adorable! I love you get everything you have! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  15. nice post!!check out my channel =)

  16. Boy, I really should make a wishlist post and e-mail it to love ones. Number 1 - $$$!

    Save us all the trouble of buying and returning, yes?


  17. @Christina in Wonderland I know what you mean but I don't need the bulk in my house so I'd rather get them all in one device. We'll see. I know I'll have the traditional method to fall back on.

    Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse That's good! You can use the Nook overseas! It's downloading while your overseas that differs with the Kindle and Nook. I'm glad yours works well!

    @Sanny Thank you! I hope to get it all too since I want the tokidoki iron now! :))

    @zafiro Thanks! I'll think about it! LOL.

  18. My kids want those pillow pets so bad! lol


  19. @Marcy I think your kids should get those pillow pets! :))

  20. Hi Toni,
    I so love the Pillow Pets!!! they're adorable. I'm sure my son will love them.

    by the way, thanks for visiting my site again.
    the NYX Bravo has become my Go to lipstick now...hehehe

    happy blogging..

  21. @Hollie Are there Pillow Pets in the Philippines? You should definitely get them for your son! <3

    You're welcome! I have to look into NYX since I've never tried drugstore makeup before. I've seen a couple of nice ones though! :)

    Happy Holidays!

  22. which one is better? Nook or Kindle? I want one too!


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