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An Abridged Account of my Fiancée Visa Process - Medical

The K-1 process takes an average of six months to complete wherein majority of the wait is attributed to the issuance of the NOA2.In my case, the NOA2 took less than two months for my fiancé to receive it.I have provided a timeline of our journey as reference.

Jordan’s half (These were all processed in the States.)

02-10-10: Sent in the I-129F via USPS
02-12-10: I-129F arrived at CSC
02-16-10: Received the return receipt, check cashed & NOA1 issued
02-20-10: NOA1 hard copy received
04-05-10: Received text and email confirmation. NOA2 issued
04-09-10: NOA2 hard copy received
04-16-10: NVC received the petition and sent to the Embassy

My half (Procedures done in the Philippines.)
04-26-10: Embassy letter received
06-09 & 11-10: Medical at SLMEC - PASSED!
07-01-10: Interview - BLUE
07-06-10: Submitted additional evidence of current sustained income (paychecks)
07-13-10: Visa Approved!
07-19-10: Visa Issued!
07-21-10: Visa Received

NOTE: After the National Visa Center has received the petition, a couple is free to schedule an interview with the Visa Information Service by providing the assigned Manila Case Number. Both parties will be notified through mail. Once an interview date is set, the beneficiary will receive two email verifications from the Visa Information Service. From there, s/he can undergo the mandatory medical exam at St.Lukes Medical Extension Clinic located in Manila.

SLMEC Requirements

-3pcs 2x2 I.D. photos with a white background (A scanned version of the photo will appear on your U.S. Visa.)

-valid Philippine passport

-Letter from the Embassy with 1 photocopy or a print out of the email confirmation letter (If you decide to choose the latter, remember your MNL Case Number.)

-black ballpen

-Peso equivalent of $213.35

The medical is a two day process so I suggest to bring a book to pass the time. Bring a jacket if you’re susceptible to chills. Wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to remove because it’s going to be a long day and there will be a physical exam. If you have a copy of your immunization record, bring it for reference purposes.

Procedures on Day 1

Present your passport, letter and I.D. photos to the guard at the entrance. You will be given a Patient Data Sheet and a number. Take note of your petitioner's complete name, mailing address and contact number since it needs to be filled up on the PDS. Once your number is called, line up and submit your I.D. photos and PDS. You will be asked a few questions at this point. It’s pertinent that you take note of the first and last day of your menstrual period since you’ll have to repeat that information at several stations. Quite monotonous, I know. You will be guided step by step so don’t worry.

-digital photo will be taken

-proceed to the cashier (pay the Peso equivalent of $213.35)

-blood extraction

-submit yourself to a urinalysis

-chest x-ray

-vital signs (HR&BP)

-eye exam

-physical exam (no IE)

-immunization interview

The waiting period took roughly 7 hours as the combined procedures only lasted an hour so eat a hearty breakfast.

Day 2

Present your receipt to the guard. Immunizations will be given to those who passed the medical. Otherwise, you will be delayed.


-releasing of documents (x-ray cd and vaccination record)

Your passport will be taken from you so take note of your passport number. If you don’t have it, that’s fine since the documents will be forwarded to the Embassy. (I left mine blank and didn’t encounter any hassles at the Embassy.)

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  1. miss toni, what do you mean by NOA1 and NOA2? is that Notice of Acceptance? thanks a lot! your blog is helpful.



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