Monday, July 26, 2010

CFO Manila Process

I went to the CFO office a day after I attended the PRISM seminar since I wrapped things up later than I expected. I arrived in the CFO premises at 10:15 am and submitted one valid I.D. to the guard. (I gave him my NBI I.D.) I have provided a flowchart of the CFO process for K-1 visa holders like me.

CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate

CFO sticker

Counter 1B - Issuance of Forms for Emigrants I was handed forms (3 pages long) to fill up. I provided basic information about my fiancé, closest relative and myself.

I submitted the following documents:
-photocopy of the Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance (from PRISM or SMEF-COW)
-photocopy of passport
-photocopy of visa

Time check: 10:20 am

I filled up the forms and proceeded to the line at 10:25 am.

Counter 2 - Verification Counter Since the lady assigned to the counter was busy, I was asked to proceed to Counter 1B in stead. I submitted the duly accomplished forms along with one 2x2 I.D photo. (A 1x1 I.D. photo will suffice.) I was asked to check the spelling of my name on the PRISM Certificate of Attendance. I overlooked the spelling of my second name so a CFO employee electronically corrected it for the issuance of my CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate.

Time check: 10:35 am

Counter 3 - Cashier I paid the fee of Php 400.00 and submitted my passport. I was asked to wait for my name to be called.

Time check: 10:40 am

Counter 4 - Passport Releasing When the guy behind the releasing section returned, he called out the names of five people including mine. I was asked for my birthday and place of birth for identification purposes. He made me check the spelling of my name on the CFO sticker and the Guidance and Counseling Certificate which were affixed to my passport. No spelling errors. I claimed my passport and visa along with the CFO information kit.

Contents of the CFO Information Kit:
-Emigrant checklist
-List of Philippine Embassy and Consulates in the States
-CFO Feedback form

Time check: 11:20 am

My trip to the CFO office took an hour and despite the lines, I was accommodated faster than the others who were there. If you're worried about getting lost in the process, don't worry because the guard will guide you. The staff at the CFO office were pleasant and I had a good experience. One thing I noticed was that at the releasing section, the employee assigned to that counter disappeared every now and then. I assume that he prepared the stickers and certificates himself so that caused the applicants to pile up. Other than that, it was speedy and hassle free.


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