Sunday, August 22, 2010

Personal Items Under $15

Here are some household and clothing steals from various shopping centers from Manila to Baguio, Philippines. Need I say more?

Fedora hat - $1.40

Thai bag - $5.00

Picture frame - $3.19

Coaster set (6pcs) - $5.40

Napkin rings (4 pcs) - $4.40

Marching band jacket -originally $19.50, on sale for $13.50

Thick wrist cuff - $1.08

Thin wrist cuffs - $0.20 each

Blue and yellow flats - $4.30

Conductor inspired hat - $2.60

Pleated mini skirt - $5.40

Colored scarf - $1.23

Plain white scarf - $2.17


  1. Pretty bad-ass. Especially the rings, I'm a sucker for cool rings, especially when they all kinda match. Makes me feel like each one has a power or something. :P

  2. Hey Mike! Thank you! I didn't post any rings in this entry but I did in an old one. Thanks! My rings make me feel like I'm part of Kazaam. :))

  3. i liked the fedora hat and the scarf. nice finds! :)

  4. I LOVE bargain shopping. This was awesome. And cute stuff!

  5. @noisy me Thank you! I got those items in Baguio. :)
    @Miss Meg I do too! I was fortunate enough to get most of those items on sale. Thanks! :)

  6. love the fedora hat!!! love ur new steals!

    xoxo jenna


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