Monday, August 16, 2010

Babbles in the Bathtub

I was mulling over how to make my blog more personable.

Enter, thought bubble.

A video of moi! :O


I will leave it to your discretion.

Watch the video at your own risk.

. . .

Are you sure?

This is the point of no return!

I didn't mean to damage your cochleae.

Is this the part where I say, "I told you so?"

My voice will reverberate in your minds!

Top 10 Picks on Thursday!

NOTE: My YouTube video is unlisted so you can only access it by directly viewing the clip here or through the links shown at the end of the video. My video and channel will not appear in YouTube's search engine. This way, it's restricted to those who have stumbled across my blog.


  1. Hello Toni, Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are quite the blogger and as for tats; In my day it was ear piercing and as much as I hated the thought of the pain (it was really painful) I had to have it. I already had some posts that were a birthday gift so I get that you can't stand needle but no pain, no gain. Really, tell your mother to put her art on line. It opens all kinds of doors, it feeds one's creativity and how long can one work in a vacuum? Take care.

  2. Hahahaha Love this. You should do it more often :)

    P.S. Are you in a bathtub? Because if you are, that's incredibly funny

  3. Oh duh. It's called BATHTUB babbles. Sometimes.... I don't know about me. Please excuse my stupidity. Thanks. :D

  4. @Carrie H. You're welcome, Carrie! I had a pleasant time appreciating your artwork. If only I could paint. I have a creative handicap. :)) I hope that's a good thing! My sister and brother have about 4 in each ear. :o I wanted to pierce my conch but since it's cartilage, I knew it would hurt so I tossed the thought out the window.

    I will tell my mom about it and hopefully, she listens. She's waiting for a pen tablet so she can easily display her artwork online. I'll be anticipating it. Thanks again, Carrie! :)

    @Lex My voice is annoying though! I look so awkward in the video that it's funny. I'll try not to be so fidgety in the next one. I was hiding in my mom's bathtub! lol. You were on a cruise, the ship jiggled your brain a little. lol. Babbles = Bubbles! :))


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