Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Favorite Online Accessories Shop

I am a self professed shopaholic. Being a mall rat can be tiring especially when your products of choice aren't available. I've resorted to the convenience of online shopping. It works for me in two major ways: As long as I have access to the internet, I can freely order online and stay clear of the mall. Second, I save myself from squandering hours in the mall to no avail. A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to come across a dainty accessory shop on Multiply called Viancz Closet. This couldn't have come at a more auspicious time since I was looking for web earrings and vintage finds. The store offers a variety of accessories ranging from cellphone charms, handmade hairpins, couple necklaces, feather earrings, tiny hats and more! I was overwhelmed by the vast selection that Viancz Closet provided and what fueled my excitement even more were the affordable prices! The undeniably stylish products lured me into ordering for they screamed, "BUY ME!" so I did.

I contacted the seller and submitted an order form. Being my first online transaction, I had no idea about the procedures but it was simple. Sheena contacted me and verified my orders so I paid her through BDO. The delivery came sooner than I expected and the packaging was neatly presented in a standard gift box. I ordered a few feather earrings, one pair of vintage earrings and a floral headband.

Vintage piece, colorful feather design, web design

A black feather design with a hint of white detail at the top

Peacock earrings and a floral headband

Future transactions followed shortly after the initial order and I've never been disappointed. I recently bought a number of vintage rings from the shop and Sheena was nice enough to place them in a petite box for me. I have so much love for the store that I purchased a tiny white hat for me to wear at my wedding next month.

Vintage rings

Tiny white hat for my wedding

If you're a busy bee who has a hankering for fashionable accessories, visit Viancz Closet for a hassle free transaction and feed your urge. Products are delivered in good quality and I can vouch that customers are efficiently accommodated. Order from this whimsical store and you might receive a little surprise in your shopping bag. ;)

Do you like what you see? Contact Sheena of Viancz Closet on Facebook or Multiply! The shop is based in Manila though she ships the products nationwide. Begin your online shopping experience in a fashionable manner!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Viancz-Closet/100000527559681

Multiply: http://vianczbaby.multiply.com/


  1. Oh I love that hat! It's so pretty and I love the peacock earrings!

  2. Thank you Lex! The peacock earrings were given to me for free but the value is at $2. The hat was less than $5. I don't quite remember how much the latter cost but it wasn't more than $5. :)

  3. Love Love Love the veil! Getting hitched, ey? Congrats! I am envisioning Oscar DeLarenta-ish gown to accompany that gorgeous veil and bright red lipstick.

  4. @Dhila I'm having two weddings. The hair accessory is for my civil wedding. I'm going to wear a white tube dress with pockets on each side. For the second wedding, a halter gown with a deep v-shaped cut. It's a beauty! :)

    You got that right! "Puta" red lipstick! :) lol.

    Thanks Dhila! ;)

  5. Those are some pretty bigs rings :O
    looks like they could knock a bro out!
    knuckleduster for the ladies!
    Also to note
    your expressions look like ur about to steal those accessorys from a shop :o these taken from a shops mug cam?

  6. @Jesse They're called, "Jesse busters" and they are designed to smash the bones on your face. lol. Maybe they were stolen shots of me at a store? You will never know... MWAHAHAHA!

  7. Wow. That's a really good deal! It's kind of amazing.

  8. @Lex Yeah, accessories are quite cheap in the Philippines as long as you know where to look. :)


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