Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baguio Weekend Excursion

My mom's friends from the Rotary Club invited my brother and I to Baguio; we spent the weekend in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. We met up in AIM Makati and slowly trudged through Friday traffic. My brother and I rode in a separate car as the ladies of the Rotary Club bonded in another vehicle. After a seven hour drive up north, two stop overs and five toll gates later, we finally reached the zigzag portion of the mountain. It was a rainy weekend so the fog, eroded land and broken roads added to our travel time. We stayed at the Igorot Lodge of Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Camp John Hay.

Boating in Burnham Park and the St.Bernard in Mines View Park

Shopping centers along Session Road and the Camp John Hay Commissary

View from our lodge before and after the thick fog arose

After a buffet dinner, we headed to Starbucks which was a stone's throw away from the Igorot Lodge. In the days that followed, we visited Burnham Park; Mines View Park; Hangar Market; Session Road; Wagwagan and Manor in Camp John Hay. I was surprised to see how cheap the products were in Baguio. I purchased some affordable fashion finds for the winter season. The chilly weather, simple living, cheap products, fresh produce and serene environment makes Baguio a remarkable tourist spot to frequent.


  1. Can I just say I love the pictures you posted on Facebook? :)

    We have been planning on going to Baguio for quite a while now, but like the usual planning session with friends, you never really get to accomplish anything. I really want to go out of town soon!

    Baguio on rainy season? :p

  2. Thank you! :) I didn't get to take photos in Manor because I was busy munching on taro chips and buffalo wings! hihi.

    You should definitely go! We passed through Marcos Highway and we got there later than expected because of the thick fog. You know that you're near Baguio because as soon as the breeze touches your face, the tip of your nose will feel like ice! lol.

    I went there and it was raining during the night. The hotels have no air conditioning because it's THAT cold. Stay in Camp John Hay too! :)

  3. That is one stylish St. Bernard. The place sounds lovely. FYI, I just put a "Follow" button on my blog and I welcome you to check out my amateur shots from the Minnesota Zoo.


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