Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dream Travel Destinations

My fiancé and I share a predilection for culture and travel so I took the liberty of creating a list of places we want to see in the future. I have curtailed our choices to that of which our budget can sustain.

1. Bruny Island, Tasmania – North Bruny and South Bruny are adjoined by a beautiful narrow isthmus and is the home of an iconic Australian lighthouse. The island offers boating and fishing in crystal blue seas.

2. Machu Picchu in Peru – “The Lost City of the Incas” lies on a mountain ridge in the Urubamba Valley. The terraces, llamas, temple and spectacular view are some of the wonderful sites to discover on the mountain.

3. Catacombs of Paris, France – Underneath the City of Romance lies a tunnel which leads to crypts in the renovated section of the Catacombs. Human skulls are embedded on the cavern walls.

4. Santorini Island, Greece – A volcanic land form which slopes downward towards the Aegean Sea nestled by a captivating group of islands.

5.Tokyo, Japan - Beyond the city lights lies an exotic cuisine that will tickle any palate. The city’s best attractions are accessible without ever hailing for public transportation.

6. Huatulco, Mexico - The convergence of a rich culture, white beaches and an extensive shoreline is absolutely perfect for honeymooners.

7. Loquillo Beach, Puerto Rico – One of the most popular public beaches in the San Juan area surrounded by palm trees and refined sand.

8. Fuentes Georginas in Guatemala – Enjoy soothing thermo baths nestled in the vicinity of the Zunil volcano. Immerse yourself in a natural paradise with a tourist center for guests.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Savor the lush music scene, night life, fishing villages and well known beaches conveniently situated in close proximity of the city.

10. Piazza Campidoglio in Italy – Michelangelo’s original design of the square became the center of civic government in the Middle Ages. Witness the exquisite works of art and architecture in the world of ancient Rome.

Now that you've seen mine, where would you like to go?


  1. Machu Picchu and Greece would be amazing!

    I've always wanted to go to London. Rome would be fantastic as well.

  2. I'd love to go to those places so I'm hoping that we accomplish all 10! :) We're prioritizing Japan and Italy right now. Mexico is near California so that's easy

    London would be interesting to see as well! Big Ben and the double decker buses! :)

  3. nice travel list! id love to go to Israel, you know the so called Holy Land. :D

    Have a good day. Hope u can visit my blog too! :D

  4. @vonfire Thank you! Oh yeah, the Holy Land. Israel, Jordan and Lebanon. I might be missing something. A friend who went on a Pilgrimage and she was so happy when she returned.

    I don't mind dropping by. Thanks for taking the time to post on mine. ;)

  5. I have always wanted to visit the catacombs. Or the colosseum in Rome... so I guess Italy would be my answer.

  6. greece for sure! my friends went on a school trip and they loved it. i would love to go one day.

  7. @Dana Me too! I'm more excited about the Catacombs than the Eiffel Tower, to tell you honestly. The Colosseum would be a great place to visit! I'm looking for tours online because I'm hoping that my fiancé and I can go there next year. :)

    @TheFeminissima That's such a cool school! I'd like to go to Greece too. Mostly to visit Santorini and the city proper. Lovely! :)

  8. whatsup
    I'm honored to be followed by you!
    I decided to take a look at your page and well, I liked what I saw.. i luv ur pics ;p I think me and you should perhaps be friends, because you seem pretty nice, and smart, and maybe even cute!
    Have a fantastic day
    PS:The song on my page, in the vampire diaries season 2 preview!Check this video out - Cosmic Love

  9. @Winter That's really sweet of you to say. I saw an update from you so I'll check that out in a bit. I was wondering what the song was because I've never listened to it before. I like how it's so mellow. :)

    Thanks for the kind words. :P


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