Monday, August 2, 2010

A Collection of My Top 10 Picks

Beginning on Thursday, I will be publishing an installment of my Top 10 Picks. I will add more to the collection on a bi-weekly basis. The list will range from my personal favorite music finds to the quintessential cartoons of the nineties. I already have a couple of entries lined up for the series though ideas don't flow like water. Trimming down the choices to the final ten was harder than I initially thought. Tell me what topic you want featured in my Top 10 Picks so I can disclose my respective selections.

Any suggestions? :)


  1. looking forward to this :)

  2. oh shoot. see i just sent the same comment twice because i didn't realize it had to be approved. please excuse my slowness. LOL

  3. Thanks, Lex! Topics for the Top 10 are welcome! I know that the stream is going to run dry so I have whip up something. lol. No worries, you only posted it once. ;)

  4. @Dhila I'm planning on including movies as well though maybe I should make it more specific like uhm Top 10 Roadtrip Movies? Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies? Top 10 Asian Horror Movies!!! :)

    I think I like the latter. :D

  5. @Pao Why do you have to throw that at me? I don't know him! LMAO. Wanna do a list for me to feature? I don't mind it. :) Make your Top 10 songs of Gin Blossoms and I'll publish it with your full credit. :)


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