Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Have you ever felt so infuriated to the point where your senses are obscured? You have so much pent up anger that you begin to act indifferent towards a certain person. I'm afraid to be swayed by my emotions because I might run her face against the rough pavement.

I have learned to stretch my patience by a mile in order for me not to bludgeon those who irk me. There's a certain person in my life who has such a foul mouth that it wouldn't shock me if she gets slapped one day. That will teach her a lesson. She has the ability to answer back, devoid of qualms about her attitude problem. Your family can only hack your attitude to an extent and still love you despite of your lousy behavior but once you step foot into the social scene, you'll be fending for yourself. Fix it and swallow the harsh reality because whether you like it or not, you're bound to deal with others.

Some people just never learn. Pull your crap together! TSK TSK TSK!


  1. Angsty, much? I must say I have felt that surge of anger that makes my head explode (or want that person's head to), I deal with it by ranting either in writing or with my best friends. But I keep the option of hiring an assassin open. :p

  2. Thank you! :)) My sister was acting like a little b*tch and she does it on a daily basis! :s

    An assassin? Where's the fun in that? Torture the person! Peel them alive with a grater and bread knife then squeeze a lemon over them. I'm going to be a writer for SAW 7! :O


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