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How to Accomplish the DS-156 Form

I've been approached by a couple of Fiancé(e) Visa applicants regarding how to properly fill up a DS-156 form. (Keep in mind that you need two copies!) Those who are applying for non-immigrant visas are required to fill up this particular form. I will parlay my experience in order to provide you with a guide. Please take note that the details you enclose will differ depending on your circumstances. The forms can be filled either online or manually. I personally opted to fill out all the forms manually. (This is specifically for a K-1 Visa)

-Answer the questions appropriately and with all honesty. Be aware that you will suffer the repercussions if you disclose false information.
-Write N/A or NONE if the question is not applicable to you.
-Write legibly and make sure the information will fit in the spaces provided.
-Affix a 2x2 photo on the DS 156 ahead of time. You can either glue or staple it to the form. Make sure that the photo is not less than 6 months old.
-Do not leave anything blank. If you're missing passport information, that won't do any harm since the Embassy has your passport. With everything else, duly fill them out.
-If you decide to fill up the form manually and inadvertently commit minimal errors, superimpose or use whiteout to conceal the mistake/s.

1. Passport Number - List your current passport number. Ensure that your passport is valid for at least six (6) more months.
2. Place of Issuance - Include the city or state/province and country.
3. Issuing Country - The country that you're a citizen of. (i.e. Philippines)
4. Issuance Date - self explanatory (If you surrendered your passport during the medical, you can leave this portion blank like I did.)
5. Expiration Date - self explanatory (If you surrendered your passport during the medical, you can leave this portion blank like I did.)
6. Surname - Also referred to as a last name
7. First and Middle Names - Same as that in the passport and birth certificate
8. Other Surnames Used - Other surnames you may have used in the past like in a prior marriage.
9. Other First and Middle Names Used - Indicate any other aliases that you have used in legal matters.
10. Date of Birth (day-month-year) - self explanatory
11. Place of Birth - Fill in the city or province/state and country
12. Nationality - Filipino
13. Sex - M or F
14. National Identification Number - Put N/A or NONE
15. Home Address - The address you currently reside in.
16. Home Telephone Number; Business Phone Number; Mobile Number; Fax Number; Business Fax Number - If any of these don't apply to you, put N/A or NONE
17. Marital Status - For a K-1 Visa, you must be SINGLE.
18. Spouse's Full Name - self explanatory
19. Spouse's Date of Birth (day-month-year) - self explanatory
20. Name and Address of Present Employer/School - List the present address and name of the employer/school. If it doesn't apply to you, put N/A or NONE.
21. Present Occupation - Indicate your current status. If unemployed, place "unemployed"; If retired, place "retired"; If student; place "student".
22. When Do You Intend to Arrive in the U.S.? - Eyeball your target date. It doesn't have to be definite.
23. Email Address - Write your personal email address and not the petitioner's.
24. At What Address Will You Stay in the U.S.? - Write the address of your petitioner.
25. Name and Telephone Numbers of Person in the U.S. Who You Will be Staying With for Tourism or Business - List your petitioner's information in this section.
26. How Long Do You Intend To Stay in The U.S.? - "Will apply for permanent residence after marriage."
27. What Is The Purpose of Your Trip? - "To marry U.S. citizen fiancé(e)."
28. Who Will Pay For Your Trip? - List down your petitioner's name.
29. Have You Ever Been in The U.S.? - Yes or No. If yes, fill up the space accordingly. Indicate the duration of your trip.
30. Have You Ever Been Issued a U.S. Visa? - Yes or No. If yes, write the details accordingly.
31. Have You Ever Been Refused a U.S. Visa? - Yes or No. If yes, detail the denial despite of the visa category.
32. Do You Intend To Work in The U.S.? - "Will apply for work authorization."
33. Do You Intend To Study in The U.S.? - Considering the visa type, just say NO even if you plan on doing so in the future.
34. Names and Relationships of Persons Traveling With You - If it doesn't apply to you, put N/A or NONE. Otherwise, indicate what is asked. (e.g. Hannah Montana - sister)
35. Has Your U.S. Visa Ever Been Canceled or Revoked? - Yes or No.
36. Has Anyone Ever Filed An Immigrant Visa Petition on Your Behalf? - Yes or No. If yes, indicate who filed an immigrant visa petition for you.
37. Are Any of The Following Persons in The U.S., or Do They Have U.S. Legal Permanent Residence or U.S. Citizenship? - Indicate your fiancé(e)'s name and state that s/he is a U.S. citizen (e.g. Shia LaBeouf - U.S. citizen)
38. IMPORTANT - Check the boxes that are applicable to you. I checked NO to everything.
39. Was This Application Prepared By Another Person on Your Behalf? - Yes or No. If yes, proceed to question 40.
40. Application Prepared By - Name of the person who filled up the application. Write N/A or NONE if it doesn't apply to you.
41. I certify that... - Sign the form even if someone else filled it up on your behalf.

Apply the same rules when filling up the DS 156K and DS 157 forms. I suggest to divide the DS forms into two sets and use a paper clip to bind them.

(1) DS 157, DS 156K, DS 156
(2) DS 157 DS 156 + email confirmation


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