Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shopping Haul + Blog Awards

Let me just say that I can't wait for Black Friday!
For now, I have a few steals from stores that I frequent.


original price $6.95
on sale for $3.00

original price $9.95
on sale for $5.00
(This is a skirt but I played around and used it as a top just for kicks)

Charlotte Russe

original price $26.00
on sale for $5.00

original price $16.50
on sale for $5.00

Original price $33.50
On sale for $25.00


Original price $89.00
On sale for $14.99

U.S. Polo Assn

The best deal ever!
A wedding present from my auntie!

I'm excited to shop for rain boots and more winter clothing!

Oh yeah! thanks for the blog awards, Caro Cassie and Vida
I pass both these awards to:

I adore her creativity. :)

She does wonderful make up!

She's one of the most spontaneous people on blogger!

The queen of giveaways! She's a sweetheart!

I'd like to add more but I can't think of anyone else at the moment.
I need some shut eye for now.
Have a great week ahead, everyone!


  1. loving that polka dot scarf!!!! it's sooo cute!!!
    xoxo, Olya

  2. hi toni! first off, thanks for the awards! i really really appreciate them! :D

    and good job on your bargains/steals! i love shopping especially when we get great items like the ones you have here. have a great week! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. @Olya Thank you! Gotta love H$M! :)

    @Mimi You're most welcome! :P Thank you! I can't wait to wear them! I like seeing tagged clothing in my closet. lol. Me too! I don't really shop unless I get a discount. I'm frugal like that. hihi.

  4. oh no problem, girl! I love H&M as a whole! and their scarf started my scarf obsession back in 2004!!!

  5. ohhhhhhhhh yeah!!


    love this sport ;) ;P

    kisses from Germany Sweety.

  6. What great finds!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I'm following you on Google Friends, and I'm hoping you could do the same for mine. :)
    Great blog layout, btw!

  7. thanks soo much 4 the award,means a lot!
    great bargains by the way xxxx

  8. really cute scarf! great finds!

  9. oh, I love your blog! full of inspirations and I have to tell you that.. you live in a place where I would like to live so much! I mean, California is amazing :) Maybe just because I've seen all of the "Laguna Beach" episodes on Mtv and "The Hills" too, but I don't know.. I'm so jealous! :) Maybe you have a Facebook account and you would like to contact me and tell me a lil bit more about USA and CA :) that would be really nice :)
    lots of love!

  10. The skirt is SO cute!

  11. @Olya That's wonderful! I like their accessories the most! Some of their clothing is too 80's for me though.

    @TrendRebajas Gutentag! I love shopping too! I'm trying to keep away from it! Danke sehr! Hallo from California! :)

    Katrya Karla Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post!

    @sabina You're welcome and thank you! :)

    @JUSTYNA AWW! That's so sweet of you to say. I really enjoyed your page. It's the most unique one I've seen so far. I live an hour from Laguna Beach. I'm in the Valley. I do have a FB account! Feel free to add me on there. :)

    @Cafe Bellini Thanks for following and for commenting as well! :)

  12. Thank you so much sweetie for that lovely comment on my blog!! (:
    Uh this is all totally ALL up my alley..first off..LOVIN the price on all these & that scarf is freakin adorable & awesome idea for the skirt, definetly diggin that doll, love the blog my dear <3

  13. @Katie You're welcome! I know, eh? I only shop when there are sales going on. I don't like to squander my money. I will get some signature pieces cuz I'm a sucker for that! lol. Thank you!

  14. you got soo many great deals!! all these things are awesome :D

  15. I envy your finds! I also envy the fact that you are small enough to shop at places that don't ever carry "big girl" clothes. Sigh...

    And congrats on the blog awards!!! They are always super fun and super ego boosting. :D

  16. @Pop Champagne Thank you! :)

    @Christina in Wonderland AWW! Thanks! I have wide hips so it's difficult for me to find bottoms. I think I'm a size 6 here in the States.

    Thanks so much! :) There are stores that cater to big girls. Torrid is a great one. :)

  17. I Love Black Friday shopping too!!! lol!! love winter clothes. The scarf and skirt are too cute..

  18. cute finds! I like the scarf a lot! xo

  19. oh yeah you are back how did everything go? I need to read the post below this one. Oh I love your H&M haul. I am soooo into them at the moment they have such nice stuff, their homeware is sooo cute ...I want it all. I love the purple dress and the polka dot skirt is super cute xxxxxx Hope you are well kitten xxxxxx

  20. Those finds are fab! Love the skirt that you wore like a top. :D

  21. i am jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL =))

  22. Black Friday, yay! You found some great finds. I have a terrible time at H&H, I'm too tall and busty for most of their clothes, but I do like their prices. How's married life?

  23. Super cute collection. I love your style ♥

  24. @MissK Thank you! I'm a sucker for polka dots! :)

    @Taj Thanks! :)

    @Vintage and Cake Thank you! I only had a civil wedding so I didn't go on a break. We went to Vegas prior to the wedding so that's enough. We got to work! :) H$M is awesome!

    @Novie Thanks! I think I'll wear it with leggings. :)

    @Rinz You can go to The Northridge or Topanga mall! :)

    @Miranda Thank you!

    @myraysofsunshine I can't wait for Black Friday! I'm going to get up at 4am! lol. Really? I wish I was busty! :)) Married life is going well for me. We did live together before the marriage so this is just a formality. :)

  25. I love getting a good deal on clothes! I shop at most of the same places; fashionable but not pricey. I want that skirt!

  26. Awe, Great haul! I'm loving the boots and the purple blouse! :)


  27. Hello...just saw your blog link....really cute blog!!

    I love all of your finds.....great pieces...H&M and Charlotte Russe are favs of mine too:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Enter my Awesome ModCloth Giveaway

  28. That red dress is really cute! :O)

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It's nice to know that somebody out there reads it. I hope to see you come back real soon!

  29. Hello from Ukraine!! Thanks for following my blog, I love getting feedback from people and am always happy to meet fellow 20SB friends! I am only able to access the internet like once a week though, which sucks for now but I promise to keep posting tons of photos about my adventures :)

  30. they are such great buys.. i especially love the boots.
    love your blog
    Hopefully, you can visit my blog and enter the GIVEAWAY.

  31. awesome steals!!!

  32. great purchases! the polka dots scarf is so cute and those boots look so warm!

  33. @Plum Thank you! I shop at other places too but I don't like buying things that aren't on sale because it gets me stoic whenever they do go on sale. :))

    @Caro Thank you! ;)

    @Colette Thank you! I'll take a gander soon!

    @Raven But of course! Honey, with over 17,00o views, people do read your blog. :P Thanks for following!

    @Jing You're welcome! I'll read your updates once you have some. I wanted to work for the Peace Corps for a while or UNICEF. It seriously roused my interest. :)

    @Wunmi W-A Thank you! I saw the ring. It's rather cute.

    @Kasandra Nichole Thanks! I like them a lot!

    @Catita Thank you! I like polkadots so much! The boots do make my feet all warm and fuzzy. :)

  34. congrats on the award :) you got crazy bargains! love all the stuff you bought!

  35. Wow, totally awesome finds! I absolutely love the scarf, red dress and fur lined boots you got (boots as a wedding gift?! now that a proper present if you ask me!)

    For some reason I never get anything decent in the sales. Maybe I'm just too lazy and dont put enough time and effort into actually looking for stuff. Hmmm, basically all I really need a personal shopper who'll work for free... :)

  36. you got so many awesome stuff and for such an awesome price! love the boots :)

  37. @All Made Up Thank you! The scarf happens to be my favorite find! The boots are from my aunt. I was so happy when it fit me because my calves are so chunky! :))

    Well, it took me a while to look for those items. You should have seen my husband's face! lol. Maybe you should get one! :))

    @Diana I know, eh? I love bargains! <3 Thank you!

  38. I can't wait for black Friday! So soon! Counting days heheh! Awhhh.. those are such awesome purchases! Dore your scarf! And congrats on the Award again!

    Have a delicious day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  39. God you got the best bargains! Love the spotted scarf darling x

  40. I love your scarf!
    Fab purchases:)
    I just discovered your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:)
    xx Mary

  41. Just went shopping too yesterday!!! I love sales!!! That's a great Haul!!!

  42. @Sanny Thank you! I can't wait too! I want to get so much clothing and home decors on Black Friday!

    @EveryDay Makeup Thank you! :)

    @Jamie-lee The scarf is my favorite item! :)

    @Mary Thanks for following me! I'm so glad I found the scarf hidden under a pile of other scarves!

    @LHEY I like how there are tons of sales during the fall season! :)

  43. Hey Toni! How are you? Thanks for the comment, haha yeah I have a bunch of crap in my makeup bag cuz I live far from my work and 90% of the time my friends wanna go to a nice dinner and a bar after work so I am always scrambling to go from daytime natural look to something a little fresh or a pop of color, but luckily it's not weighing my bag down! LOL. I love your post on you and your husband, congrats! I am engaged myself and we are aiming to get married next year but what a crazy process! Hope all is well with you!

  44. Naww, thanks for the comment! :3
    Lovely blog! And congrats on your marriage! :D
    I love to read but I don't do it anymore. It's definitely something I need to get back into! :)
    I'm following! xx


  46. @Miss*Kimmy Thank you! :)

    @Vanessa I'm doing good. A bit chilly because of the Sta.Ana winds! lol. No wonder! You're a busy girl! I used to do my make up at traffic stops especially during rush hours! :)) Thank you and congratulations on the engagement!

    @Elle Thank you! :)

    @Life of Temptation I got lucky with the sales. I came when they were all on sale! lol.

    @Ailing Thanks for taking the time to comment on mine! I know, there's this book I've been wanting to read. :) AWW! Thanks for following!

    @JOCEE411 I do too! I'm shy to show my legs so I thought of turning it into a top! Plus, it's chilly nowadays! :))

    @Mandsy Thank you! :)

  47. i love the boots!

  48. Those are soo soo cute Toni! I've never been to a Black Friday! Are those stores open during day too?? Those stores are several of my fav to shop at! Great style & taste too! ^_^

    I'm curious, how did you get that signature on your blog? I am a virgin to this whole blog thing, and I love it! lol.. Ttyl hon xoxo

  49. Oh I love your haul!! :D Amazing!


  50. hi there very cute blog. looks like u got some great finds there ^^

    following u <3

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  51. love the scarf, cutest!

  52. @Kyoote Thank you!

    @Roam Rome Thanks! You should go to Black Friday sales! You have to line up at the stroke of day! :)) I have a post that gives you instructions on how to do it.

    @a!iko Thank you!

    @HitomiNeko Thank you! I did! I love them! You're not following me but thanks!

    @cloee Thanks!

  53. hi toni, it's me again. ;) just want to invite you to join in on my giveaway. :D

    <3, Mimi

  54. Wow, the items are such great bargains! :)The boots are really lovely.

  55. HELLO Beautiful! Holy Cow, where have I been? I hate Black Friday. Did I say that out loud? At any case, that purple dress looks delicious and the bargain makes it even more delicious I want to lick it.

  56. I love your haul!! You got great deals!

  57. The red dress caught my eye immediately! Truly stunning.

    Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!!


  58. Congrats on your awards!

    Love your haul, especially the gorgeous brown boots!

  59. @Mimi Thanks for notifying me about it! :)

    @Karla Thank you! The black ones, you can unfold the fur and it's half way the calves. :)

    @Dhila I hope you're doing good! You've been gone for a while. I miss you and your photos! I totally can't wait! You should definitely go!

    @Beauty Addict AWW! Thank you! :) Glad you like my picks!

    @sexylegsandbody Thanks! I haven't worn that dress yet. :)

    @Penelope Oh thank you! Thanks! It took a while to purchase all that. :))

  60. This made my thrify heart beat a little faster. Hats off to you on this one! Great finds!

  61. Love that haul!

    As for the nail art idk what "Kaartehan" is. Maybe I do but its called something else...??? Lol

  62. I can understand most tagalog but I cnat speak it -_- I'm not home grown lol. Ill look into it.

  63. Great hauls and congrats for the blog award! ;)

  64. Holy crap those are good deals! No wonder you guys go nuts down there :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw!

  65. @Jamie Lane Thank you! I found those items by luck. It took me a while! :)):

    @ARES I know you didn't grow up there. Okie dokie then!

    @Mitchelli Thank you! :)

    @MizzJ Thanks! The stores are awesome when it comes to sales!

  66. Fab deals!
    Thanks for the awards! :-) You're too sweet.


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