Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's Play Dress-Up!

Who isn't excited to work? A lot of people, I surmise.
As for me, I'm laughing in my sleep with excitement.
I can't hardly wait to start working!

Being that I'm on a special kind of visa, there are certain kinds of limitations that come with it.

1. Marry within 90 days of your arrival
2. Apply for your Social Security Number (SSN) - (This can be done before or after the marriage but I elected to wait until after the marriage to avoid hassle.) and also, a State I.D.
The last chance to apply for a SSN is when you receive the two year green card.
3. File your Adjustment of Status
4. Work upon receiving your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card

Since my family is permeated with my eagerness to work, Jordan's aunt gave me a wonderful present.
An Erin Fetherston dress! 

dress: Erin Fetherston
belt: Nordstrom

flower head wrap: Viancz Closet (Philippines)
earrings: Good Shepherd Night Market (Philippines)

 It dawned on me how bare my face looks. I tried on the outfit just to see what accessories I could match it with.

One of my favorite party dresses was given to me by my mom. I know, this is absolutely not office wear but isn't it pretty? I believe that the sequins makes the outfit "pop".


Oh, yes! My winter gloves. :)

How's everyone doing?
Get your cumfy shoes on for Black Friday!


  1. Oh how kind of her and it is really cute. Loving the flower in your hair too, ooooohh I love the gloves they are super pretty and look really warm. You will be working in no time, I miss work sometimes. I can't work at the moment so just enjoying being a mum :) Hope you are well kitten xxx

  2. Thanks for the comment kitten. OUCH ! I hope you are okay :( hugs. Yeah where will you be working, I would love to get back to work ...I miss it. Once my son is in nursery I will be getting a job ASAP :) take it easy xxxx

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  4. @Vintage and Cake Thank you! :) I'm doing fine. II need stitches but I'm a scaredy cat so the hubby bought me butterfly bandages in stead. Your little tyke is adorable! The first day of nursery will be a tear jerker! Enjoy the special moments! They grow up too fast! :P

    @MizzJ Thank you!

    @Temple Thanks!

  5. oh sweet congratulations with the work! :) I can't wait for more details about it all ears k? ...

    Nice dresses! Lucky u have some love coming from you aunt with those lovely dresses! :)

    Ur pretty dear! :) Have fun with ur job!

  6. Love both of your dresses, they are beautiful :)


  7. I'm envious of your ability to look adorable... and to wear super short dresses.

    And hoorah for work! I think people should stop complaining about work. In most economies in this world, it's hard to find a job. We've got to take what we can get, so, woohoo for being employed.

    And, also, who says that dress isn't office apparel? I'd glam out and be like "Yeah, I'm awesome. What of it?"


  8. Good Luck with your job!! Love the dress!!

  9. Re you looking for a job or did you find one already? Either way, good luck with it :-)

    I love the flower band.

  10. Super hearting your headband and winter gloves, all are FAB! I know how waiting for this status thing can be a bummer! I remember my time where the first thing I did in the morning was checking the immigration website!

    Have an endless fun weekend! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  11. I LOVE playing dress up. Some days I get in the mood of playing dress up before I go to work and ended up late for work. I want that BELT!

  12. @evey Thank you! I'm so happy! Are you working? Jordan's aunt is amazing because she treats me like a sister.

    AWW! You made me blush. :P

    @Jemina Thank you! For day and night. lol.

    @Christina in Wonderland Oh believe me, I had to muster a lot of guts to wear that dress! This is the first time I've worn a dress that short. :))

    I know what you mean about that. Since I'm new here, I'll take what I can get and I'm glad that there are vast opportunities out there. If there weren't any, I'd go to school.

    I think I'll keep the leopard dress for clubbing. :P

    @Susie Thank you! <3

    @Sanny Thank you! I love my leopard! Faux fur, of course! I would never touch nor wear real fur. :s Seriously? It gets frustrating, right? I hope that it ends soon! Have a great weekend, Sanny!

    @Dhila Me too! Majority of the time, I look so plain. Since I'm away from my siblings, I thought to myself, "Why not?". lol. Nordstrom has amazing belts! <3 I only get to play dress up when there's not much household chores to do. lol. Dress up before work? SILLY! :))

  13. Ur blog is amazing.. I am reading it regularly.. Keep up the good work...

    Meanwhile i have a blog about movies .. If you like it, follow it :-)

  14. Awww thank for your sweet comment girl!
    I see you're soo close to hitting the 200 :D

    Cute dress and i love all the leopard stuff!


  15. Both the dresses are pretty! and I love the headband. Dressups are awesomeee!

    visit my beauty blog

  16. @Vigneshwar Thank you!

    @LOVEaLi Thanks! :)

    @Bianca You're welcome! I like catching up with my followers. You'll get there too!

    Thanks! I love animal prints! <3

    @furkie Thank you! I got the headband for about $1!

  17. The erin fetherston dress is great!

  18. Lovely, specially the animal print and the brown belt, both looking great.

    Have a stunning day.


  19. I wish I'm fashionable like you! And that I could wear those clothes here without sweating and looking like an idiot haha (I'm in the Philippines) :)) I love the animal-print dress!

  20. Maybe Im the only one who needs so many brushes haha, your hair looks lovely to me without even owning one! how does that work?? x

  21. @sexylegsandbody Thanks, Colin! I appreciate you passing by!

    @iamchibee AWW! Is it hot in the Philippines right now? It's getting chilly in California so I can't wear that dress outside without freezing to death. :s

    @dazzlelight91 I guess it's the Asian in me! :)) I seriously don't like my hair. It doesn't have body at all. :))

    @mr.pineapple man Thank you!

  22. I love both dresses :) They are lovely! I dress up a lot when I am at home by myself :p I don't know why, but I get these urges to sometimes! :P I am loving the gloves! And good luck on starting your new job! =)

  23. Jordan's aunt seems to be a nice lady with great fashion sense ;) I like the dress paired with that belt! :)


  24. hi toni! just wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway! i also sent you an email with the details. congratulations! :D

    <3, Mimi

  25. How cute they are! I like the head wrap too:)
    Great outfit Toni!

  26. Hey i love you style, i can see your soul on it! :) I love thiiiiis belt! Follow you :)

  27. Love this belt!! nice style
    Here is my blog, for whenever you feel like visiting!Dont forget to participate in the prize giveaway!Love from Athens!

  28. @Rainy Days and Lattes I do that too! It burns time! I put on make up as well when nobody is around. :) Thank you so much!

    @Caro Thank you! I can't wait to wear it! :)

    @Mimi This is so timely! Thanks so much! What great news! My husband was so happy when he found out about it. Thanks so much! I'll be shopping at CSN now. :)

    @ginerSnaps Thank you! The head wrap, I got in the Philippines.

    @Modafobik Thank you!

    @L.M. Thank you!

  29. So I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower!

  30. @Lex Thanks! You're back after the longest hiatus ever! :))

  31. hi love! aw thanks so much for following my blog :). am now following yours! :) def loove the leopard print! one of my faav trends this season :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  32. I lvoe ur pair of gloves, They look so trendy!!!

  33. you look hawt! i bet you're getting a lot of spanking and a little more loving from hubby seeing you in this! hehe, adore the flower headband and that animal print..rawrr!:-)


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