Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Blast

On Saturday, my husband and I attended two parties. Did we know who threw the parties? Of course! We met them that night! A friend of mine invited us to a party, so who are we to decline?

Here's the diagram for what went went about on Saturday:

The first party was fun. I was awkward to walk into a house of someone I didn't know but at the same time, I was looking forward to meeting new people. There were a ton of people blocking the front door entrance and one girl in particular said hi to Jordan and I. Being that she was polite, I said hi in return. At the end of the party, I bumped into the same girl again and discovered that it was her party. *teehee* We met a lot of new people and my husband finally met my friend's husband. I haven't seen that friend of mine in months so Jordan and I decided that the drive was worth it. Since most of the people we were conversing with left and there were cliques at that part, we decided to go to another one.

We were met with a plethora of zombies at the door of the second party. It was a laid back party with less people who were more sociable. I tried my first ever chocolate cake shot. Being that I'm a light drinker with a ton of allergies, I choose to steer away from alcohol. I must say, that shot was the bomb! As the host of the party explained, it was half and half of vanilla vodka and hazelnut liquor. The drink was served chilled in a shot glass with the rim lined with sugar.

Oh yeah! The outfits! I was dressed as a 20's flapper while my husband was dressed to the nines as a mobster. My friend was The Queen of Hearts and her husband, the Oxyclean man. Our new friends were dressed as zombies.

Bringing back the 20's!

My lovely mobster husband

You gotta love red

The make up at 5:00 am

The next day, we both got up in the afternoon. I slept like a baby. Since Saturday was a busy night, we handed out candy and carved some pumpkins on Sunday.

Our pumpkins

Pretty awesome, huh?


  1. awww envy the party i didn't have the chance to go any party during the halloween! You looked amazingly beautiful sweet! I loved the make up :) U and ur husband are lovely!

    nice choice of costume labeyt!! :)

  2. You should go to one next year. Were you with family? AWW Thanks! That was the goal! :)) I swear, my husband's aunt does wonders with makeup!

    Thanks! I'll be sure to tell him that. :D

    I likey too! I'm thinking of what I should be next year!

  3. Sound like you all had fun!! The pumpkins looked great.

  4. The pumpkins look awesome! Aww Hallowwen always looks like so much fun and you rocked the red lipstick!

  5. love your outfit so cute ~~~ sounds like you had a amazing time !! thanks for stopping by my blog new follower =)

  6. I really wanted to carve pumpkins this halloween, but i didnt get around to it!
    Thanks :-) Yeah, i really want one of those complete faux fur inside out jacket things.

  7. you look too freaking cute! as a flapper! love it doll! n thanks for your comment! :)

  8. LOVE your costume! It looks so darling!
    Good on you for going to a party where you didn't know anyone and making those new friends ... it's always so fun to expand your social circle =)

  9. You look Like a bombshell! Sexy and seductive! Like it !super fits your hubbues mobster look:-)

  10. hii..followin u..nice check out mine..

  11. @Susie It was fun and thanks! First time carving pumpkins!

    @Fifi Call me silly but that's the first time I wore red lipstick out of the house.

    @Curves Ahead Makeup Thanks!

    @nana You should go to pumpkin patches. You might just get pumpkins for free since they're just getting rid of them now. :) Faux fur is a must for a girl to have! hihi.

    @babycakez0426 AWW! Thanks so much and you're welcome!

    @Miss*Kimmy Hey there! Thank you! I'm new to the States so I figured that meeting new people is mandatory for me if I want to have some sort of a social life. lol.

    @MINAKICHU AWW! You're the sweetest! You do too, I gotta say. ;) My hubby loves the mobster look. If he could wear it all year round, he would. :))

    @bumika Thank you!

  12. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    You blog is amazing! I am following it and I hope you will follow my blog too!


  13. AWW! Why thank you!

    It's sweet of you to say that. I shall peek! You're welcome. ;)

  14. love your costume :D! It actually goes really well with your husband's costume, a perfect match ;)

    I didn't get to carve a pumpkin this year :P ahhh...i missed out :(!

  15. Thank you sweetheart! <3

    You look beautiful in that red lipstick!!


  16. Aww that is SO sweet of youu <3 Actually I'm only wearing a bit foundation (cause I got these weird-looking red blemishes) and mascara :3 so it's not like I caked it on.. But usually I always look really tired on photos, because I have these small wrinkly lines under my eyes, which I've had since I was super tiny. xD Dunno what they're there for, but oh well.
    And trust me.. the shoes are SO comfy, you won't believe it! Even with the almost 2" heel, they's SOOOOO comfy!

  17. @Cassie Thank you! :)

    @나니 You're welcome! I don't notice the blemishes but omg, speaking of that, I have a pimple on my lip. GRR. Of all the places! At least those lines aren't obvious. :P

    They do look cumfy but I was questioning it for a bit because of the heels but since you say so then it must be a good pair of shoes!

  18. Awww you look gorgeous girl! Def rockin those red lips :D

  19. such a cute couples costume :)

  20. First of all, you and the hubby were adorable together and I just LOVE the costumes! And how your makeup actually held up WAY better than mine would have. I think my face hates makeup... but whatevs.

    Secondly, what is this chocolate cake shot and where can my alcoholic self find fifty? :D

  21. @Tammy AWW Thank you!

    @Luna That's very sweet of you to say! :)

    @Christina in Wonderland hihihi... Why thank you! :) My aunt-in-law is amazing at what she does! <3 She can do miracles. lol. I bet you just need the right kind of makeup.

    A chocolate cake shot is half and half of vanilla vodka and hazelnut liquor. It's served chilled and the rim of the shot glass is dipped in sugar. :D

  22. What a fun and busy night for you!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  23. Such great costumes!!! xx

  24. @Marie It really was! :)

    @Hannah Thank you!

    @Lisabubblebath Thanks! It was our first time carving them.

  25. Lol Nice. the costume looked pretty good on ya, might be a child of the 20's yourself. Nice work on the parties, I'm definitely gonna look into this whole "cake shot" business, sounds delicious.

  26. @Mike Believe me, it was really good! I liked the cake shot and I barely drink. :) AWW! Thank you! I love the twenties! :D

  27. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) Love your costume by the way...

    And you are very welcome. Looking forward to reading your future and past posts! ;)

  28. @LCzinha I really did have a blast! It was sucha great night. I love the 20s! Thank you! That's really sweet of you!

    The same to you! :)

  29. I love your costume, it's so pretty! Sounds like u had a great night! The 20's look is amazing! :) x

  30. Thanks Toni for all the sweet compliments for Ellie!!

  31. Sounds like a great night! I feel kinda lazy knowing you went to two parties and i stayed in and watched tv in my pjs!

    Lovely pics - you really suit the 20s style and the black and red is totally gorgeous :)

  32. wow, toni, that looked and sounded like a really busy halloween! i'm glad you had a blast! your costume looks lovely, btw! :D

    <3, Mimi

  33. @neekeexoxo Thank you! I like the twenties! :)

    @Susie You're welcome! She's so darling!

    @All Made Up hihihi... Hey, that's what I did last Halloween so I thought to amp it up this year. Thank you! I really do like the 20s! Red happens to be my favorite color. :)

    @Mimi I know, eh? It was a busy weekend and I enjoyed it since I normally prefer to stay at home. lol. Thank you! :)

  34. Cute costume!!! :) I'm a new follower here btw.

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  35. ohhhh I love your costume! that headpiece you are wearing is just fab!

  36. @Mr.Pineapple Man Thanks!

    @Hardcore Makeup Junkie Thank you! Yeah, I saw. :) I'll be joining for sure! I'll be hosting my own rather soon. :D

    @Pop Champagne hihihi.. I love love love the headpiece! :)

  37. great costume. inspiration for next year! love the pumpkins too.

    glad you stopped by!

  38. love the bright red in your costume :D you look lovely


  39. @oomph Thank you! Try it out next year! ;) AWW! It was a first!

    @Dottie Thanks! I like the red too!

  40. cute costume!!

  41. This just shows how sometimes it is worth going to those random 'friend of a friend' parties!! Glad you had such a great night! xox

  42. Love the outfit and you and your hubby are too cute!! ^__^ who doesn't love red? :P Looks like a fun weekend!!


  43. sounds like a fun time! was the chocolate cake shot good? never heard of that before....

    happy weekend!

  44. Awhhhh aren't you guys the cutest couple!!!! I super duper adore your make-up!!!! You are definitely gorgeous ((((: Just like you, I'm pretty much allergic to alcohol, and I struggled each time after having a full shot.

    Ps. All sound like a super exciting party!

    Have a fabulous weekend! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

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  46. @Kat Thank you!

    @Cecilia's Heart I know what you mean. I enjoyed the party so much! I rekindled a friendship with that friend of mine too.

    @aiko Thanks! Red is the best color! :) It was honestly a blast!

    @cailen ascher It was an interesting taste. I know some people who don't like it though cuz it hits you hard.

    @Sanny Thank you! I love the make up so much too! It's so much fun having make up applied. The weekend was most definitely eventful!

    @Susana R Well, I'll take a look!

  47. looking gorgeous, red lips suit you!
    PS: i am having a blog giveaway if you are interested!

  48. The pumpkins are great! We carved some too, it was so much fun. You're looking good!

  49. cute outfit! thank you for visiting our blog & leaving a comment!!

    xo, camilla & valerie


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