Monday, October 4, 2010


What's the first thing you buy when you have money to spare?
. . . . .

I don't know about you girls but I like to invest my money in shoes! Oooh la la! My fiancé thinks I'm insane since he got me shoes last month which I still haven't worn to this day. Can you blame me for wanting a full rack of shoes?

My new babies:

foldover collar suede booties

black crinkled pumps

wrapped peeptoe platforms

flat slouchy booties

fur rimmed winter booties

By the size of my feet, you can more than likely tell that I'm related to Big Foot.

I don't know how fashion bloggers can do this in every post! Why do I say so? Writing about shoes is triggering my impulse for more! The incessant sales left and right doesn't help solve my flourishing addiction. My fiancé does a great job at keeping me from the mall though. Pouty lips don't seem to work anymore... Oh drats!

I'm mulling over perambulating around TJ MAXX or DSW in a few days. They seem to have some great bargains going on lately. The barrage of shoe related commercials only feeds my addiction. Oh beautiful footwear, have mercy on my pockets!

In times like this, my blinders come in handy.

... but I can't help but peek! ;)

Hey shoes! Are you there? Shoes?


  1. your post was so cute love it !!! I know hw you feel I'm there with you we need more feet to wear them all ahahah lov eit !! thanks for making my day

  2. LOL! You live around Glendale! You're my soon to be neighbor! If only I grew more feet! :)) It's either that or MORE seasons. How crazy is that?

    Awww... That's touching! You made me blush a bit. hihi.

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    cute shoes!
    I'm now following you.

  4. aaah, i love shoes too! i just bought yellow ballet flats today, haha. ;) i also like to go to forever21 and check out their sale racks - i usually find a lot of great items there. :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. Ahhh shoooeesssss!! <33 thanks love for the comment. i love your shoessss

  6. cute shoes! im lovin the first one. they remind me of elf shoes with heels lol.

    thanks for following me. i know what you mean about acrylic nails being a pain when poping them off. i suggest getting cotton, foil and 100% acetone.. soak the cotton in aceton then wrap the acrylic with the soak cotten and seal it with foil. wait one 1 hour and they pop off easily.

  7. @Leslie Thank you! :)

    @Mimi You did? I like flats. I'm honestly not accustomed to heels anymore though I wore them to school every single day in college. :)) Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to take a gander!

    @Mimmy Jaime Benjamin @ Mii Thank you! I like them too! A LOT! :)

    @Ares I like those the most! My fiancé says their elf shoes. lol. This is a great tip! I found that that I need Konad to get the striped effect. Great advice, Ares! Thank you! :)

  8. I find almost all my nail goodies on (bows, pearls, rhinstones.. etc) and Sally's sells good acrylic. The acrylic I use is pro and isn't sold to the public unless your a licenced cosmo.

    No problem. I'm here to help out when I can =)

  9. those black crinkled pumps are so pretty! love it!

  10. Hi Toni! I just gave you an award. Check it here.

    PS. I love the shoes!!! :)

  11. Hi Toni! I just gave you an award. Check it here.

    PS. I love the shoes!!! :)

  12. These are all darling! You have impeccable fashion taste. I especially love the pumps and the winter booties with the fur. And yes, I just hit up TJ MAXX Friday and found a lovely tan boot for $25 (it's Caleb's fault; I would never have gone shopping had I not been waiting for him to get off work, teehee). I've been wearing them tucked into skinny jeans. Great post!

  13. ah i love all those shoes! its getting cold here I need some boots!

  14. Ahaha! Great! First thing that came to my mind when reading your first question: Shoes?
    I love the booties from the first pic, and your blinders... but really, that's self-deception! ;)


  15. gorgoues shoes.xx

  16. @ARES Thanks! I'll be sure to go on :)

    @Stay Beautiful Thank you so much! It's still a challenge for me to walk on them. hihi.

    @Novie You're so sweet! Thanks so much! My first blog award. :)

    @Miss Meg Thanks, Meg! I have to go to TJ MAXX. I have no idea how much the price range is but since you got a total find over there, I'm going! :) I wear skinny jeans nearly every day. It's cold now so it's a must for me.

    @Sarah Ann It is starting to get chilly! I have to buy more boots! <3

    @Caroleena85 YAY! Great minds think alike! :)) I try not to look but who can resist shoes?

    @ARA Thanks so much!

  17. The first pair of shoes were really cool! Me likey! :D


  18. I really like the first pair! Really cool Me Likey!! :D

    <3 Cassie

  19. I love your shoe collection...especially the furry booties!

    And thank you for checking out my blog. I'm your newest follower. :)

  20. awww, shoes...I love it, I love it!

    I especially like the foldover booties, peeptoe platforms and winter booties!

    I picked up two pairs of boots yesterday, complements of my mom who was visiting :-)

    Marshall's has the best shoes (at least the one near me)...Steve Madden, Elie Tahari (I might have misspelled it)Rocket Dog... at great prices :-)

  21. @Cassandra Thank you!

    @Taj Acosta Thanks! I had to go to a different mall to find my size!

    @Jessi Thank you! Those furry booties only cost me $4. You're most welcome. I like your profile picture. You look pretty! :) Thanks for following!

    @Emy I love it too! :))

    Those are my top three! It's versatile but since it's so cold in California at the moment, I can't wear them.

    My mom's visiting me this Saturday! YAY! I'll be sure to take her to Marshall's. Don't we just love our moms? :) You're tempting me! NOO! lol.

  22. its been a pleasure to finally read your blogs and what caught me first eh? the shoes!!! :) Am a shoe girl myself, i love 'em so much that if i have the chance and the money of course, i indulge myself in the shops and malls browsing for shoes!! They are love!! :) ur collections were soo nice..i may say i have to look forward for more..Have great day!

  23. I love shoes to no end. I wish I didn't have high arches tho. I envy people who just "fit" into like every type of shoe! I love your lil booties here! They rock!! =)

  24. you can never have too many shoes ;) love your collection!!

  25. Awhhhhh, awesome collection of shoes! You should show them off more often, you got me drooling already! (I feel like stealing the first pair) I need shoes shopping soon (I always overspend) LOL The last pic of you is really CUTE!

    Have a lovely one, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  26. and i'm little foot :D hahaha loooove looove the shoes toni! can see your awesome tattoo too! heheheh

  27. @evey Thank you very much! That's truly sweet of you to say. I used to be bigger on bags but for now, I'm going shoe crazy! I like shopping for bargains but when there's room for branded ones then that's a luxury I won't turn down!

    @Melanie's Randomness It took me a long time to find the first pair I posted on this entry because they didn't carry my size. Thanks! :)

    @Diana I second the motion! Now, we must buy more! ;)

    @Sanny The last photo was necessary to make the post funny. lol. It's okay to overspend as long as you get great purchases.

    @Fashion Meow Thanks! I love them more! :)

    @Pao Yes, my dear friend. You'll forever be my Lotus Feet! <3 I miss you! Hey, I'm going to Vegas next week! Oh yeah! I like how the pumps emphasizes my tattoo. :))

  28. I usually want to spend all of my money on shoes too - can't help it!

    Loving your new buys girl xx

  29. I loveee the first pair of shoes!!
    Don't worry i have too many I splashed out on some vivienne westwoods - never worn i have size 3(uk) feet so the smalelst of the small and everything is just too big!! x

  30. are my vice too. i just love them. too much. (and i love the shoes you featured above...very cute!)

    ps thanks for stopping by my blog : ) liking your blog a lot! following you now.

  31. love the first shoes. today i bought a new ones. women never have enough shoes! x

  32. hahaha I love shoes too! I need a pair of shoes to match a purse! love your shoe collection btw :D

  33. thats so funny that you have a similar dress! i hope you post it :) let me know if you do!!

  34. @jamie-lee Thank you! That's sweet of you to say! I love bargains!

    @cowbiscuits I now feel a lot better about my purchases since you blew yours on branded ones. AWW! You have petite feet!

    @calien ascher Thanks so much! I'm glad that you like it! ;) I'll try to keep up and update you guys on my shoe finds!

    @Mariane You should post your new shoes so I can take a look! :)

    @Pop Champagne What kind of purse is it? You can never go wrong with black pumps! I want faux alligator skin pumps. :) Thank you!

    @Diana I really do! I'll have my fiancé take a photo of me in the dress so I can show you. :)

  35. i found your blog through your reply to my discussion on 20sb.

    congratulations on your upcoming marriage! and those shoes are HAWT.

  36. Who took the pictures? I heart the 2nd one.

  37. I wanna have the first shoes too! So chic and stylish looking...gnarl coz I know I won't find it anywhere near where I am...hehe

  38. OMG I am so in love with the first pair :D
    gorgeous ones :))
    have a good day

  39. Love the first & last pair of shoes!
    & thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my blog :)

  40. awesome shoes love the 2nd ones
    come follow xoox

  41. The first pair is so unique and stylish! I'm liking them all though :)


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