Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hola A Todos!

I'm ba-aaack!

I had an eventful five days with my friends, mom and fiancé. In bullet form, this is how it went for me.


-Jordan, mom and I visited the Pumpkin Patch in Calabasas where we saw Travis Barker of Blink 182. We were the only ones at the Pumpkin Patch who didn't have a kid in tow. It was rather funny.
There was a petting zoo, blow up slides and concession stands for the guests. We had fun.

I see pumpkins!

It's Travis! :O

Mi madre


The blow up slide

They sell everything that's Halloween related

-Jordan and I went to Old Pasadena to meet with an old friend of mine and mingled with her friends.


-Jordan's aunt and boyfriend brought us to Redondo beach and Hermosa beach.

(I'd rather not post my friends' faces on here. I'll tell you though, we had a great time!)

What did we do?

We got to Redondo at 1:00 pm so we went around to see the sites. The usual, me taking photos of the area and then we had champagne. After walking around for a bit, we bought hats at a store since the sun was beaming that day. We proceeded to Hermosa and ate at a place called Heineken. We had cocktails and grape vodka shots. After lunch, we proceeded to the beach and stood by shore where the cold water touched our feet.

The view of Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach

It's Baywatch ala Hermosa!

She was on stilts walking around the pier

Suddenly, I forgot how to swim

View of Redondo from the pier

The pier

Mom enjoyed the stroll

All of a sudden, we spot boats a few feet away from where we were standing and people huddling around the pier above. Lifeguards rushed to the water, we saw a fire truck and ambulance arrive while a helicopter was circling in the air. A lady was telling my mom that a woman fell off the pier and landed into the water. After a few hours of searching, the boats and the rest of the rescue team proceeded down the beach. I assume that they found that poor woman's body.


We drove off to Vegas at 12:00pm and got there at 3:00pm. That's the perk of leaving on a weekday. No traffic whatsoever. We stayed at Treasure Island where we gambled for a bit and won a little. That night, we went to The Venetian and rode the gondola then watched Sirens at Treasure Island. Upon returning to the hotel, Jordan and I were exhausted so we slept in as my mom gambled.

The view from the room


Entering Vegas

On the gondola with Carisa

By the canal

The square

A mammoth's tusk

Interesting, eh?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall, anyone?

I woke up in amazement because my mom flashed her V.I.P. card to Jordan and I. She gambled so much the previous night that she got us a free lunch, tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Mystere, a free night during our stay and the privilege of not lining up at any places within the hotel. For our next visit, we're going to get a free night and the same privileges.

When my mom told me about the free Cirque du Soleil tickets, I was ecstatic! I defied the laws of gravity and lunged at my mom with a big hug. This was my reaction:

ME: Reaaaaally???
*with a twinkle in my eye*

I wanted to see the wax museum so we visited Madame Tussaud's and took photos with the wax figures. There was a Scream maze inside and zombie actors walking outside the maze. I was talking to my mom about not wanting to go inside then when I turned, an actor was an inch away from my face and I screeched like a mother!

I paid $1 to take a photo with them

We belong together :)

I got "married" to George Clooney

J-Dogg and Double TT carousing with Hugh

I'd see it all over again
We went around the strip afterwards then my mom resumed her gambling as Jordan and I got all dolled up for Mystere. It was an two hour show and I adored how the actors so interactive with the audience. Jordan has seen it before but they tweaked the show a tad and added new acts so it was fun for him as well. Mystere was amazing but Cortere will forever remain my favorite Cirque du Soleil show.

Also, Jordan had his first taste of Dunkin Donuts and we grabbed some Tacos Mexico after the show for dinner. My mom seemed to enjoy the tacos.


I was sad to leave Vegas but I knew that we had to so I stared at the view of The Strip for as long as time permitted me to. We bought pizza from Pizzeria Francesco's in Treasure Island. After a two hour drive, we stopped at Barstow and got chili fries from Tommy's.

That was the best and most eventful five days of my life. I was so tired when I got home that it felt like a hangover. It looks like my future father-in-law is planning a trip to Vegas next week so lets see how that goes!

We just got our marriage license. The wedding is on October 29, 2010. I'll catch up with you all soon!


  1. Wow! Indeed eventful..looks like you had a fabulous week! Your mom looks so young! And I like the picture of you by the canal.. I'm sure you'll be busy with your wedding. Enjoy!

  2. Welcome back!! I love, love, loove Vegas so I don't know if I want to be welcomed back right away! =)

    We had the most amazing holiday staying at the Planet Hollywood, gambling at 11 pm to 7 in the morning, take a lil nap by the pool and going again! Love the photos, its making me so nostalgic!


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  3. aww lovely trip! i know for sure ur in heaven now hehe with the trip with ur mom and fiancee it sure is so much fun! Nice to see ur back again pretty woman! btw, pics are great and ur mom looks so young and cool! :)

    Take care..

  4. TLDR....
    Jk, man, looks like you had fun. Its funny how I had alot of days where I was just disconnected. Nice pumpkins, I hope you got some pumpkins or since everyone else took kids, maybe trade your pumpkin for a kid. Good deal I think. :D

  5. love the paparazzi pic of travis! haha you have an awesome blog here! almost reaching 100!

  6. It sounds like a super fun trip! You captured all so well that it feels like I could be part of your trip LOL I want another vacation already! And Travis? No kidding, I love that man! You mom reminds me of mine! As long as she gets to gamble, it's like she is transformed or reborn into some young energy loaded girl, ooh! But so cute seeing all the energy she has!

    Have a festive weekend, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  7. wow Lots of pumpkins!!!! are u going to carve some?

    Rinz @

  8. Thanks for the comment
    yes that is a hello kitty lomo fish eye canm :)


  9. it looks like you all had a blast! :D the view from your hotel is fantastic! and where in calabasas is that pumpkin patch? i want to go there too. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  10. @vichygirl Thank you! I'm going to shop for the dress next week - probably. :) I had so much fun!

    @20 York Street I didn't get to visit Planet Hollywood but maybe next time. You can't help but spend there. Thank you!

    @evey My mom is pretty awesome! I'm rather ecstatic about the wedding. Thank you! I'll be sure to make up for lost time! :)

    @Mike I would love to trade in a lot of things with pumpkins! I'd purchase the whole pumpkin patch if that was even possible. :))

    @mr.pineapple man Thank you! I know, eh? I'm rather happy about it.

    @Sanny WOW! That does sound a lot like my mom. Gambling relieves her stress or so she says. When was the last time you were on vacation? Go on another one! Have a great one! :)

    @Rinz I'd love to experiment and try that out. You should visit the pumpkin patch!

    @SusaunaLove That's awesome! I like the fisheye camera! Do you display your Lomo photos on here?

  11. @Mimi Thank you! I had so much fun! :) The pumpkin patch is off the 101 freeway. You'll spot it from the freeway. :)

  12. You're back! :) This looks like you really had a great time! Your mom is so awesome, getting you all that free stuff by gambling? :D So cool!
    Well, well ... I'm sure you got loads to do, enjoy your pre-wedding time! :D


    PS: ♥ George Clooney *melt*

  13. oh looks very fun, and i loved the venetian! the pumpkin patch is crazy... so many pumpkins lol

  14. first off, your life is envy-inducing but what is SOO funny is that you actually took a pic of travis! everything i see a celeb, i want to but end up getting too nervous to take a pic of them. kudos lol

  15. @Caroleena85 I'm back! Yes, she accumulated points because of her gambling. I can't wait to go back! Thank you!

    @Pop Champagne The Venetian is lovely! I was staring so hard at the ceiling. The pumpkin patch was really so much fun!

    @Artemis Clover I live a rather mellow lifestyle. It only gets eventful when my mom's around. lol. I didn't want to disturb him because he was with his children so I just sneaked a photo. lol. I get shy with those things too but I really wanted a photo of him! :))

  16. Love reading your blogs, Toni!

  17. hi toni! i just wanted to let you know that i gave you an award on my blog. :D

    <3, Mimi

  18. thats a crap ton of pumpkins and congrats on the wedding youre getting married so soon!

  19. I am geeking out over all this. First of all, you are all precious, but your mother is simply ADORABLE with her pumpkin in that picture! :D

    And I am so jealous you went to Madame Tussaud's. And got married to Mr. Clooney. Sigh. I guess Toni Clooney sounds better than Megan Clooney anyway. And besides, my Caleb is terribly envious of George, so it's all for the best.

  20. AWWW!! it seems you got a very nice week :0 goo for you.
    you also got a nice blog here.
    I've read some of your older posts, only the best.

    try to visit my blog too. thank you:)

  21. This is one of your best blog posts ever !!!! Just amazing first of all, how amazing is the pumpkin patch ... I have never seen so many. Oh congrats on getting married to George :P hahaha great stuff. Oh your mum looks like she had fun too, so glad you had a wicked time and that you got some time with your family. I love these photos and you look like you had an amazing time xxxxxxx

  22. Lovely pictures
    Love your blog!
    you follow me and i follow you?

  23. @Russ Thank you! That's sweet of you to say!

    @Mimi I'm so touched! Thanks for picking me, Mimi. :) There's another pumpkin patch along De Soto st.

    @Paige It was so much fun! 23 isn't a bad age. :)

    @Miss Meg My mom had so much fun! You have no idea how happy I am that she visited me. George was amazing. He looked so real! :))

    @karla Thank you! I'll drop by soon!

    Vintage and Cake You think so? Maybe because of all the hustle and bustle. I like traveling! Jordan and I want to go cross country one of these days. George was such a gentleman. Jordan was the pastor. KIDDING! :))

  24. Cool photos, you guys sure had FUN! I wish I can visit the US someday and see all those wonderful places you've been :)

  25. How did you not crap pants when you saw Travis Barker? I've been (secretly) in love with him since I was 7th grade. I. would. have. crapped. my. pants.

    Love all these pictures. The one of the lifegaurd is kinda funny because of that lady in the background!

  26. You are SO beautiful!!!!

    Haha thanks, some just doenst like kitty! a dude i dated a while back sure didnt ;) haha


  27. sounds like an awesome long weekend. never been to vegas...seems like FUN!!!

  28. Whoa - that was one filled vacation! And I can't believe you cheated so easily with Clooney!

    But I suppose it's a common weakness!

  29. It looks like you guys had an amazing time! What an awesome Pumpkin Patch. I used to listen to Blink 182 back in the day, although it's been awhile. You guys look so cute together. Your mom must be an expert gambler to have gotten all of that.

    Have a great week and congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

  30. Great photos! I especially love the pumpkin patch. Does anyone else notice in the picture of the lifeguard that there's another woman taking his picture?!



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