Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello October!

My favorite holiday is creeping up around the corner. What better way to celebrate summer's end by welcoming Halloween month! My mom's coming to visit me from the Philippines on October 8 and she's staying for two weeks. My mom will be here in time for my wedding and she's treating Jordan and I out to a weekend trip to Vegas! As it is a tradition in my fiancé's family to visit Knott's Scary Farm each year, I'm definitely planning on dragging my mom along! Being that Halloween is my favorite holiday and Jordan's as well, we're going all out this year.

Imagine entering Knott's Scary Farm vulnerable to all the startling surprises they have in store the theme park. A thickening fog forms at the level of your feet, the hustle and bustle of the crowd distracts you and suddenly, a chainsaw chase ensues! Other than that, you have to keep your eyes peeled for the masked actors who slide up next to you with no warning. If this doesn't keep your adrenaline pumping then I don't know what will! Do something outside of the box! I must admit, I like the feeling of being scared. No matter how much I screech and get out of breath, I yearn for it. Call me crazy but it's fun!

Besides, who doesn't like October? It's when the temperature begins to cool down and is most definitely an answered prayer to those who reside in California. I can't hardly wait to see the autumn colors and spring flowers.

I'll share some photos of the trip with you guys if my camera survives the drops! For now, here are some distorted images of me.

I come in peace!

Talk about emphasizing my beret, eh?

Happy October to everyone!
Have you picked out your outfits yet?


  1. oh my gosh, i love halloween too! i actually can't believe that i haven't been to knott's berry farm or universal studios for halloween. that's an idea! haha. and have fun in vegas! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. omg you last picture is so scary !!! I hate knotts I'm such a scary cat omg I went one year and I almost cried how scared I was ahahhaah omg TMI right

  3. @Mimi I do too! You should go to Knott's instead of Universal. We wanted to go this year because of La Llorona but my fiance's cousin went and said that it sucked and only had three mazes.

    Thanks, Mimi! It will be my first time so I'm pretty pumped! :)

    @Curves ahead makeup I know, right? My laptop has an application that always me to do so. I just had to post it in the spirit of Halloween! :)) You did!? I'm a huge scaredy cat but I enjoy being scared. Ironic and odd but I get a kick out of it. lol.

    Sooo.. I guess you aren't going this year? lol.

  4. Oh I love October too! Autumn is my favorite season. I love the changing of colors but the messy leaves all around is no fun,lol=) Pictures looks awesome! You did a great job in editing, hmm.. maybe I should try that huh! Enjoy your Vegas trip and of course... getting married with mom around is the best of the whole deal! More happiness and Best Wishes to you!!

  5. omg, that's insane. hahha. it seems so much fun:D

    i am now your newest follower.


  6. I lOVE October! Maybe because my birthday's in october & Halloween, of's definitely not because of the weather. Autumn weather in germany is something I could absolutely live without! lol

    You're engaged? Congrats! Have a blast in Vegas!

    PS: That "i come in peace" pic is hilarious!


  7. :P unfortunately i don't like halloween hehehe...dunno i guess there's nothing much going on here in the Philippines

  8. @vichygirl Oh I take no credit in the editing because my laptop did it all for me! I have a YouCam application. I can't believe that our wedding is just around the corner. Civil for now and a bigger ceremony in the future. :)

    @Carrie It is fun! I'll upload some photos of the park soon.

    @Caroleena85 I do too! Hey, Happy Birthday to you! I have a good friend that's based in Germany and he tells me how his nose nearly falls off because of the weather. :)) I like the outfits you can wear in the fall season.

    I am! I'm marrying on the 15h. :) Thanks! I'll share some photos, of course!

    I had to share that one. I looked so odd! lol.

    @Lynx I always enjoyed Halloween! I went trick or treating around the village. I guess it depends where you go. Halloween in Makati is the best! :)

  9. I love -ber months. Congratulations to you dear! :)

  10. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Hope you guys have a great time at Knotts Scary Farm! Can't wait to see some pics.

    I love Halloween as well, but mainly because I get to dress my toddler up in ridiculously cute outfits-at least they are cute in my mind :-D

    THanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm now following you. Instead going out to Rite Aid and buying a bottle of Cystex, sign up for my giveaway and see if luck is on your side.

    Have a great day!

  11. Thats' scary!!! =)
    rinz @

  12. hey! really r u living in CA? ooooh so lucky girl i went there this summer 4 three weeks and i had such a wonderful time is an amazing place :) i love it! i hope i can back soon! enjoy there! i follow you allright? follow me if you want ill come often! thanks 4 coming to my blog :)

  13. What day are you getting married? Congrat's by the way, oh that will be lovely having your mum stay with you. I really don't know what to wear for Halloween, I really need to brain strom because it is not far away :P
    Halloween in London is pretty shit, but I hope I will go to a party. I have some amazing mates who always dress up :P
    Thank you for your lovely comment btw, was so sweet of you xxxxx

  14. You like Halloween? YOU LIKE HALLOWEEN? How gothic can you get? Hihi. :p

    I am envious. I always wanted to go to Vegas! And NY for those broadway shows. I think I already told you about that but whatever, jealous!

    What the.. that last picture was.. disturbing. :(

  15. @Novie I do too! I'm hoping that the weather here will improve since it's October after all.

    @Emy Thank you so much! I'll post some photos shortly after I go. I'll record the sliders and the chainsaw chase. :)

    I like dressing up for Halloween as well but even more because I like seeing babies in costumes! My fiancé's aunt just gave birth a few days ago so he's going to be a giraffe. lol.

    I sure will join the contest. :)

    @Rinz It is! Have you been to Knott's?

    @StephanielovesUSA! Yes, I moved to California a little over a month ago. Did you visit Castle Park? It's a fun place with mini golf, batting cages and an arcade. We go there during the night time to relax. :)

    @Vintage and Cake I'm getting married on a Friday, the 15th. You can only wed on Fridays here in California. pfft. Thank you, Law! :) Hey, why not go as a gothic Raggedy Anne? hihi.

    You definitely should go to a Halloween costume party! That would be mint. You're welcome! I like reading your posts. :)

    @Vajarl It's my favorite holiday! What can I say? lol. The dressing up, trick or treating, costume parties and hey, it's the only time where you can disguise yourself and not look weird doing it.

    I'll post pictures on my blog and FB for you! I've always wanted to see a broadway show so Jordan and I are going to save up for a trip to NY sometime next year.

    Freaky, eh? Thanks to the YouCam application. :))

  16. Halloween is the favorite at our house, too!

  17. @Russ Take my word for it, I really am a lightweight. :)) I only had two vodka shots. lol.

  18. Oh my, hun i didn't know ur engaged and guess in days ur gonna say 'i do' :) ok in advance i want to extend my wishes to you and your fiancee! Best wishes!

    Its nice that your mom is visiting! Have fun in Vegas and that trip to knotts Scary Farm! now am curious about it hehehe..Yay October is fun and from then on comes Halloween and Christmas how cool is that huh? I love all those holidays!!

    Anyways, have great time spending quality time with ur mom! I know u missed her :)


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