Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jumelle Makeup Artistry

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I'm getting married this Friday. I'm fortunate that my fiancé's twin aunts are professional makeup artists and stylists. They are the brains behind Jumelle Makeup Artistry. They both worked with music artists at the Latin Grammy Awards and numerous wedding entourages. Makeup is an evolving lifestyle and these two ladies surely keep up to date with the latest beauty finds in the industry.

We went to Macy's yesterday and purchased my wedding dress along with makeup and other articles of clothing. I like the classic Victorian style so that's exactly what we got for me to wear on the big day. I'll reveal my dress on Friday but for now, I do want to show you another purchase I made that day. There was a clearance sale at Macy's and I got a skimpy dress by Ms.Fabulosity herself, Kimora.

I'm thick and I don't mind it.

Soon enough, another ring will be around my finger.

Yesterday was a good trip to the mall and I'm happy with my purchases. The twins are going to join the blogging world soon so watch out for their page. I'll link them to my blog this Friday. Go and take a gander at their work!


  1. toni, i am so excited to see your dress! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. CONGRATS PRETTY GIRL !! can't wait to see your pictures your going to be such a lovely bride

  3. Congratulations dear ^_^ wow, i love weddings, too bad can't witness your BIG DAY! Anyway, I hope you post photos of your wedding ^_^

  4. Girll U look good.. Dont mind it at all .. Lol!! Congrats again!!! :) so exciting

  5. aww hun you look so beautiful! :) Its nice to see a pic of you again.. I can't wait for your wedding photos sure u will look one of the loveliest bride of the year! :) Lucky u have two aunties-in-law to do ur make up! Enjoy your Big day!!

  6. You aren't thick. Lol. You're very pretty, and you actually look like Kimora in that dress. I thought for a second it was! :D

  7. oh my god cant wait to see u in a wedding dress!!!! =)))

    love the red lipstick u have

    Rinz @ miss-rinrin.blogspot.com

  8. @Mimi Thank you so much! :) I promise to post pictures on Friday night!

    @Curves ahead makeup AWW! Thank you! That's the goal! hihi. I can't wait to look "glam" because of the hair and makeup!

    @Lynx Hey you! It's only a civil wedding for now but I'll surely post pictures. I already planned our second wedding! lol.

    @MissK hihihi. Believe me, I would love to have smaller legs! Thank you! I'm so ecstatic!

    @evey Thank you! I hope so! I'll post photos and you guys should be the judge of that. Thanks Evey!

    @Christina in Wonderland Yes, I am! I'm a big Asian girl. lol. I'm guessing my mom's Spanish genes came out in the form of my legs. :)) Hmm... I'm guessing because Kimora is half Asian. lol.

    @Rinz YAY! I'm totally excited! I'll post photos! The lipstick is Vixen by VS. :)

  9. You look goood in that dress. Can't wait to see the ring!

  10. It's almost Friday, almost your BIG day! Congratulations! You are looking fierce! I'm sure you'll be a lovely bride. Don't forget to share with us your wedding pics after:-)

  11. I can't wait to see your dress!!! Oooo friday is coming up so son, bet your so excited :D CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I love that bronze dress your wearing, your so pretty and you have a great figure (Y).

  12. You are not thick!!! you look beautiful!


  13. @Diana Thank you so much! I'll post photos of the dress and ring! ;)

    @MINAKICHU Two days to go! AWW Thanks! I surely will post photos. Not to worry!

    @Hannah I'll surely share photos cuz I'm so happy with the dress! Thank you! The Kimora dress was a steal! It used to be $30 and I got it for $9. :)

    @Cassie Thanks Cassie. I need to start jogging a tad though. lol.

  14. OMG I am soooo excited for you sweetheart, I hope that you have a perfect day. You are going to look so beautiful and what lucky to have a makeup artist and stylist on his side. That will be great for all your events, oh I hope you have fun. Time has gone so quickly, I can not wait to see the dress !!!!!!!!!!! OMG hugs and just enjoy your day xxxxx

  15. It's getting so close...excited for you lovey! xoxo

  16. Girl, it is sexy to have some curves. Nobody wants a stick lol. Plus I'm thick too and I love it.

  17. Congratulations!! I hope everything goes off smoothly. :) Definitely sounds like you're marrying into a wonderful (and useful!) family. I look forward to seeing your dress.

  18. You look all FAB in red lipstick, me likey! (: Anyhow, I'm excited for you and your wedding! More excitements to look forward!

    Ps. Hybrid is very smooth!

    Have a wonderful wedding (: me wishing you all the best

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  19. @Vintage and Cake Thanks Law! I'm so excited! Tomorrow is the last night I'm going to wake up as a "Ms". I'm thrilled that his aunts are amazing at what they do! :)

    @Brunch at Saks Thank you! I'm so glad that the excitement translates in my writing. hihi.

    @ARES You are damn right! I don't wanna be a twig but I do want to firm up my legs. :)

    @Sandy Thank you! We're hoping for everything to be smooth sailing. Jordan has a wonderful family. I love every single one of them.

    @Sanny Thanks! It's from VS. I'll post photos. The reception is a week later, I know. lol. I would get a hybrid but my fiancé wants a different car. Thank you Sanny! :)

  20. Oh, Happy almost wedding day! Have the best time and wedding night (wink)

  21. Best wishes to you Toni and your lovey.
    Thank you for dropping by in my site.
    I'm excited more than anyone else to see you in white dress.


  22. you look so hot in the dress! hope you have a great halloween weekend!


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