Monday, September 13, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife - An IMAX 3D Experience

My fiancé and I have had a lifelong habitude for movies. Being that we're finally together, frequenting the movie house is a given. We went to the AMC Promenade yesterday and watched Resident Evil: Afterlife since Jordan has religiously played the entire Resident Evil series on several systems. (Jordan used to work as a Game Tester so he's a gamer at heart.)

Since AMC only provided 3D viewing for the movie of our choice, we had to pay $16 a pop. The movie is reminiscent of the game, stretching from the storyline to the characters. I believe that this is the fourth installment so far. Seeing The Executioner in the film made me jump every time he appeared on the screen.


Call me crazy but coming across Bozo the Clown, Juggernaut, The Executioner and other masked characters incites such an eerie feeling. The fear lurks in because it's impossible to gauge a person's true identity behind the mask. Media has contributed to inciting fear in millions and I'm one of the suckers.

One of the many things Jordan and I have in common is coulrophobia. Yes, my lovelies! We fear clowns to the utmost level that it makes our hair stand on end.

Anything with a concealed face = I'm out!

Excuse me, I'm digressing!

Back to 3D viewing! The experience was most definitely worthwhile. Considering that we went on a Sunday, there were only twelve other people in the theater. The 3D glasses are meant to be recycled but after paying so much to see the movie, Jordan and I decided to keep them.

Toni: Amor, can we keep these?
Jordan: Heck, I paid $32! These are ours!

Resident Evil: Afterlife is a must see! Milla has done it again! Having Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller in the cast made the movie even better to watch. If you've seen the previous movies or played the game in past, you should be familiar with the virus that has been ravaging the world. Alice (Milla Jovovich) continues her precarious battle with the Umbrella Corporation as the Undead takes over Los Angeles. Alice makes it her mission to assist the survivors and guide them to safety in Arcadia. Unbeknowst to the humans, the radio frequency is a deadly trap made to lure them into a so-called "safe haven" known as Arcadia.

In a nutshell, Aside from The Executioner, the zombie dogs gave me the chills when their heads split in half! The movie has a few inconsistencies but that's expected from any film inspired by games. Watch this movie in 3D for the 3D and CGI effects are stunning!

P.S. You might wonder, "Why is it labeled Relationships and Marriage?" That's easy! Watching movies is an escape for Jordan and I since this is one of the many similarities that we share as a couple. Another bonding moment between us lovebirds.


  1. thank you hunni, that is really sweet of you. Oh I'm not sure I will see this film I loved the frist one but than it got a little stupid. If it is in 3D it may be good, 3D makes anything look amazing. Hope you are having a great week. Thank you again for your lovely comment xxxx

  2. My hubby can't wait to see it!! We both love the first 3 movies.. I mean who doesn't love zombie flicks and stuff!! I do!

  3. Con las imagenes en 3D seguro que habras
    disfrutado de la película como la estuvieras viviendo en la misma escena,
    tienes un bonito blog.
    un placer leerte.

  4. oh I want to see that movie! haha yeah clowns freak me out as well, like in Saw!

  5. @Vintage and Cake You're welcome and you have to see it! I was skeptical at first but 3D does make a difference. The effects were stunning! Be blessed!

    @LindseyLove This movie in particular made me jump a few times but it was a blast to see! You two should see it together. :)

    @Ricardo muchas gracias! lo aprecio mucho! era una buena pelicula! voy a visitar tu blog!

    @Pop Chmpagne It's a definite must see! SAW was gory and this is a toned down version of it. The zombies were really eerie though.


    Bwahahaha. Love your hair though. The bangs! :)

  7. The bOo saw it w/the homies, but I can't wait to see it. & about the glasses: ah-hahah heck YES! People please keep them..ticket prices allude to them being gold plated!

  8. Resident evil in 3d is fantastic!..Cute blog, I follow you..If you like, visit my blog..

  9. @Vajarl Why not!? You scaredy cat! lol. Thank you! I'm growing it now though.

    @Moxie Artistry I'm hoping that you've seen it by now since it took me a while to respond to this. hihi. They should be gold plated! That would be so gangster! :))

    @Miss Cherie It's a good movie! You should see it!


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