Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I See Tags

Excuse me for flooding your updates with posts like this but two more friends of mine did it again. Yes, this is another tagging spree! I will spare you from the tags on this post so don't worry, sit back and read ahead!

Tagging culprits: JC and Law
State 10 things you like
  • Which would you prefer as a pet, a Kraken or Barney, the annoying purple dinosaur?
  • Name at least five (5) people you’d die to have sex with. Go dream big! Name celebrities, historical ancient people, whoever!
  • Would you rather die at 70 suffering from Alzheimer’s for the last 10 years or die at 50 without having any degenerative diseases?
  • Who would you punch in the face first, (1) Jamby Madrigal, (2) Bernie Madoff or (3) Edward Cullen?
  • Regardless of your religious views, name the latest Deadly Sin you’ve committed.
  • How would you feel about spending a night in the same room with a cross-dresser?
  • If a criminal was sentenced to death and you were asked to choose how you would like to execute him or her, how would you choose to kill him or her?
10 Things I like:

1. blinders - I use blinders whenever I need some shut eye. I'm the type of person who can't sleep unless there's utter darkness. I'll fall asleep in five minutes if I have blinders on.

2. leopard print - From tops, bags to thermal gloves, I truly adore leopard printed items. I own a handful of them and as I'm getting older, expect some of my household decors to have a leopard accent. (Jordan's aunt gave us a leopard printed couch. Hmm... A bit too much? Maybe , maybe not! I've got to see about that. My walls are white though so maybe it can bring some life into our walls.)

-I'm pondering, still pondering, leopard printed couch... YES OR NO?-

3. cranberry juice - A diuretic never tasted this good. I abhor fruits that end with "-erry" since they taste foul and make me nauseous but cranberry juice does the trick for me. I surprisingly took a liking for the little berry.

4. cleaning - I'm so anal and my fiancé can attest to that. At any time of day, you'll either find me folding something despite it being clean or dirty or scrubbing surfaces. I have an idea embedded in my brain telling me that germs clamber everywhere so it's a must for to tidy up until everything looks spic and span.

5. vintage jewelry - In previous post, you'll see a post with my vintage rings. Aside from that, I like collecting vintage bangles as well. I prefer classic pieces over modern styles.

6. industrial music - Angelspit is my favorite group that hails from Australia. They are an electro-industrial band with a Gothic appeal. If you don't know who they are, search for them on YouTube!

7. bags - Numerous girls like shoes and I understand that. Give me all the footwear necessities and then more bags! I prefer bulky bags for two reasons: 1. I carry a lot of medication, make-up and miscellaneous objects and 2: I feel awkward whenever I use tiny bags. I don't mind a clutch as long as it isn't one of those puny bags with long chains.

8. being random - There are several facets to my personality. It's rare for me to express myself entirely and the only one who has seen all of me is Jordan. From my happy disposition to a cranky 23 year old going on 60, he has seen it all.

9. faux fur - I'm a fan of fur; faux fur that is. Majority of my jackets have fur linings and the same goes for the winter gloves I have. Every girl should own at least one item with faux fur!

10. movies - Being engaged to a movie fiend has its perks! I don't miss out on quality movies and get reviews on movies that I've overlooked in the past. I enjoy movies as well but it's even better to share this hobby with someone I love who has keen knowledge in all types of films.

- I'd choose Barney over the ginormous octopus! Okay, it's a sea monster but it looks like an obese octopus. Barney may look like a pedophile but he did say, "I love you, you love me!"

- Ay la horr! Is this even appropriate? Hay, cochino. Call me icky but Richard Gere has always been a crush of mine despite the fact that he's old and gray. A few others are Chace Crawford, Johnny Depp, Jensen Ackles and James Dean!

- I'd rather die with a sane mind. I want to remember who I'm leaving behind. My cousin's mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and I witnessed how her mental condition apathied through the years. She was a doctor.

- As much as I dislike Jamby Madrigal for being a lunatic, Edward Cullen gives me the creeps! Since when do vampires shine with glitter? If you haven't noticed, he has awfully hairy nipples. I'm obviously not a Twilight fan.

- Since I'm going food crazy over here, I must say that I'm guilty of gluttony.

- I don't think I'd end up sleeping because I'd more than likely have a ton of questions to ask the cross-dresser. I'm going to force him to teach me how to do a feisty catwalk.

- Should I really answer this? I'm not in the position to decide on how to execute another human being. If I had a choice, I'd make that criminal rot in jail to suffer and reflect on his faults until the day s/he expires.

Take the liberty to answer the same questions I was asked. I don't mind hearing your thoughts!


  1. First of all, I welcome and embrace your flood! Second of all, here are my answers:

    10 Things I like:

    1. Photography, especially those ones that are random. Drive somewhere, plug my ears with my MP3 and shoot away. My way of relaxing

    2. Movies. I HEART Movies! Outside of being a National Geographic photographer as my dream job, next would be being one of the behind-the-scene crew of movie making.

    3. Music. Whoever says they don't like music they should just not live. What's the point of living?

    4. My husband. This big giant teddy bear provides constant serenity and gives off warmth, He keeps me alive.

    5. My four-year-old. I no longer needed Comedy Central. We procreated one at home.

    6. Peanut sauce and hot sauce. Anything with peanut sauce, sign me up! A restaurant with sriracha on every table gets my thumbs up, all the way up

    7. Fruits and Veggies. Except for raw onions.

    8. Eating Out. I just noticed about fifty percent of my likes revolve around food. I sometime think sleeping and eating are overrated. If only could possess the power to never having to sleep and having to eat whatever without gaining the extra el-bees.

    9. Upper body dancing and singing while operating a motor vehicle and pretending my coffee mug is my mic.

    10. A good bargain.

    Part Deux

    >> Kraken will eat me and my youngens, may be handy if I want to rule the earth, but not right now, not yet at least.
    Barney please, although I think he's gender confused and seems to be high most of the time, I welcome his lovey-dovey morning to start off the day.

    >> 1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I paid contribution to his lusciousness on my blog.

    2. I really like Thom Yorke (Radiohead lead singer, if whoever is reading this doesn't know) and would consider having intercouse with him except that I may have to do it with a bag over his head or in a really pitch dark place. He has a voice of an angel but not that good-looking (oh, forgive me Thom, I sure hope you never come across this)

    3. Sean Connery, this gracefully aged beauty is welcome to enter my you know what.

    4. Paul Newton and Marlon Brando (yes, together), when they were in their 30's.

    5. Yes, this is cliche, but my husband is on my top 5 list. --- It's also because I cannot think of anyone else.

    >> I would rather die at 50 without degenerative diseases. This ensures me of living life to the fullest. If I am healthy I can do anything. If I were to suffer from Alzheimer's I would expect my loved ones would just put me out of mysery. How do you enjoy living without having recollections of it? How do the people around you enjoy you and your nuisances.

    >> I do not know who these people are (shame on me?), thanks goodness for Google and Wikipedia. It was a toss-up between Edward Cullen and Bernie Madoff (I had an AHA! moment with Edward Cullen hence that's the extent of my caring for this dude. God that movie was TERRIBLE! and yet they keep making them). But if I had to choose it would be Bernie Madoff, his Ponzi Scheme affect our economy as opposed to Edward Cullen who only poisoned the minds of a very small group of teenagers and can certainly be turned over in a matter of minutes. There must be a scandalous affairs that I am not aware of about Mrs. Madrigal, a powerful woman politician. I do not wish to punch her, unless she too poisoned the minds of teenagers.

    >> Gluttony, definitely, definitely, Gluttony, definitely. It's written all over me.

    >> It would be a slumber-fucking-party.

    >> Depends on the crime he/she committed or whether it'd be a slow-death or a quick-death. I can think of many things in both areas but I'd rather not elaborate.

  2. hahah I'm gonna try this later :D


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