Thursday, September 16, 2010

Childhood Cartoon Memories

Growing up in the nineties, I was fortunate enough to watch quality cartoons on the I-Channel and the Cartoon Network. Saturday mornings were particularly special in my house because my younger siblings and I had dominion over the television. We would cram around the bed and delay breakfast for our favorite cartoons which were aired back to back. We would sing in chorus upon hearing the introductory music of each show and carelessly jump on our parents’ bed. Kids nowadays have missed out on great cartoons and are instead hooked on an animated sponge that's devoid of a brain.

My post reflects late on here since my account is oddly stuck at Filipino time. It's Thursday afternoon over here in California so I still made it! I'll post a day in advance in the future just in case this minor issue can't be remedied.



The Magic School Bus

AAAh! Real Monsters

Wacky Races

The Flintstones

The Jetsons

Little Lulu

Hey Arnold

Captain Planet

I trimmed down the best cartoons for the usual Top 10 Picks! Don't you just miss the nineties? I'm getting nostalgic for 90's cartoons, Lisa Frank, roller blades, McDonald's Happy Meals and my Polly Pocket collection.

What are you nostalgic for?


  1. I miss Jem! And loved Hey Arnold :)

  2. oh my goodness I completely forgot about Ah real monsters!
    i loved that show!

  3. LOVE Arnold. "Stoop kid never leaves his stoop!"

    By the way, I tagged you in this neato cool post. I was tagged, and thought it looked fun. :)

  4. @Karen I know, I used to sing the song so often though I got excited for The Misfits to come on the show more than Jem. :))

    @Sarah Ickis was my favorite character. :)

    @Miss Meg It was awesome! Mr.Football Head! Helga and her obsession. :D

    Awesome! I'll take a peek!

  5. Heya! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    Well, I use Konad for my nail art, which is a special stamping thingy...I'm really bad at explaining it lol..just google 'konad' and you can find it :)
    btw, just noticed you watch timothy delaghetto...i love him!! he's such a cutie and soo funny hahahah!!!
    Im following you now!

  6. Hi Toni, thanks for stopping by at and leaving those wonderful comments.

    I love Jem btw, especially their intro song. For it me was like barbie combined with rock music. Aside from Jem, I also love G-Force, Garfield/ Orson's Farm, She-Ra, Bionic Six, The Jetsons, and Visionaries....

  7. Hey AAARNOLD! Move it football head! *de nah nah naahh*

  8. @Kirssy You're welcome! I don't see blogs about nail art quite often so I was rather glued on yours. I've got to get my hand on Konad! I'll tell you once I figure it out. Delaghetto is so funny! He rocks! :) AWW thanks, Krissy!
    @Lynx Hi there! You're most welcome. I honestly enjoyed your entries. You write with such substance. Majority of the cartoons you mentioned, I never watched but She-Ra, The Jetsons and Garfield were some of the programs that I followed.
    @Lex Hey Arnold kicks ass, Lex. lol.

  9. jem...i miss jem.

    and thundercats.

    and captain planet and the planeteers.

    and the visionaries: knights of the magical light.

    and little lulu.

  10. OhMG!!! The Flinstones and Hey Arnold! I haven't seen that in years! (and I'm only 16 lol). Did you see Hey Arnold the movie?

  11. @noisy me Jem was so cool! Hannah Montana was probably inspired by Jem but in stead of the earrings, they opted for a wig. Jem still rocks! :) I watch it on YouTube from time to time.

    @J There's a movie!? The Flintstones is a given. It's a must see for all generations. :D What!? There's a movie? I missed out on that! :O

  12. I'm honestly nostalgic for some Rugrats, Yugioh, Pokemon, Team Rocket and many more but those are off the top of my head. Could always watch marathons of any of those. I really like your picks too, just not Real Monsters, that kinda freaked me out as a kid, lol.

  13. toni!

    i missed out on mentioning she-ra and he-man. :)

  14. Ah Jem and little lulu! saturday morning cartoons used to be Looney Tunes and some random chinese kung fu movies while yayas make longanissa and fried rice!

    Miss He-man and She-ra too!


  15. I remember watching Jem, The Flinstones and The JEtsons.

    A while back, while I was recuperating from a surgery as a consequence of a car accident, I got this thing in my head where I wanted to find Jem videos. So I looked them up on YouTube and I spent a good couple of weeks watching them. I couldn't sleep at all so it really kept me busy.


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