Thursday, September 2, 2010

My First 10 in the States

I've been in the States for a week now and I have to say, it was jam packed! I went to several cities all over California and there's more to visit in the following week. It was so much fun and I still feel like such a tourist even if I know that I'm here for good. Can you really blame me? Los Angeles is amazing!

1. Hookah lounge with friends
2. Grabbed a Double-Double at IN-N-OUT
3. Went to Pyramid Lake with family and friends
4. Toured Hollywood
5. Ate at Cafe Bravo
6. My first taste of an authentic California burrito
7. A late lunch at Olive Garden

8. Watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World at the Americana
9. Ate at Max's
10. Brought Jordan to Red Ribbon for his first taste of Halo-Halo

I'm so fortunate that my amor loves me because I'm still stuck in tourist mode and he accepts that I want to take photos of every single thing that amuses me. He's such a wonderful man.

Chinese Mann Theater
Kodak Theater and Walk of Fame
Kodak Theater overlooking the Hollywood sign

Aside from the aforementioned, I made friends with a Turkish saleslady at a jewelry kiosk in the Galleria. I was given a few pieces of free jewelry so I promised to come back. I'm going to Vegas next month so I'll keep you all posted on our trips!


  1. he is a wonderful man! haha, even though I haven't met him in person yet. lol. i'm loving the hookah and they have red ribbon there?!?! amazing.

  2. I missed you! And I'm glad you're having so much fun! I would love to go to LA someday. And I loved Scott Pilgrim. It was hilarious :D

  3. This all sounds so fun! I went to LA with a group when I was in 8th grade. I remember it all so vividly; beautiful city, and it's so rich with different culture. There's so much to experience, and I'm dying to go back. I'm glad you're having a great time! BTW, My boyfriend and I saw Scott Pilgrim last week, I believe. We thought it was super cute.

    Happy travels! Can't wait to hear about Vegas.

  4. @Pao Thank you! He's pretty awesome. You gotta come here and visit us! There's a Red Ribbon in Glendale and one in Canoga Park near our place. A cake is about $30! :)) Imagine that!?
    @Lex I missed you too! I have to peek at your posts. I've been gone for too long. lol. Scott Pilgrim was awesome! The totally gay bed scene was hilarious!
    @Miss Meg It truly was so much fun! L.A. is even more beautiful at night. The lights are spectacular. The view from the house is breathtaking. Scott Pilgrim was so funny though there were only six people in the movie house. :)) I'll tell you about Vegas!

  5. Jealous! I so want to leave this country. And one of my dreams is to watch a NY broadway!

    California eh? That Double Double looks yummy. And sinful. :p

  6. @Vajarl Hey hey! You should! Jordan and I want to go to NY too! I love broadway shows! He wants to see In the Heights and I've got Rent in mind. Lets see.

    Yeah, California. It's about 100'F today. :s IN-N-OUT is exclusively around the west coast so drop by this area! :)

  7. Welcome to the states, might wanna be careful and buy a gun, I hear there are ruffians in California. I live in NY and I'm always watching my back, even around friends, I never know who could be a double agent (my friend or undercover gang member? Who knows...)

    Hope you have fun!

  8. Thanks for the kind comment at my blog. Really appreciate it esp at times like this. Btw, you've got a sassy, cool, edgy and spunky blog here! Enjoyed reading your posts! Your shots are makin' me miss L.A. I love those burritos they sell on vans at the streets. Yummy! Have fun at Vegas! I'm sure you'll have a blast there! :-)

  9. Wow!! This is so super exciting! :] Looks like you had fun!

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  11. @MINAKICHU You're welcome! I hope that you'll heal eventually. You aren't alone. Writing it down is quite cathartic, huh? Anyway, I'm touched that you find my blog amusing.

    You should drop by LA again once you have spare time! Try Tacos Azteca in Glendale. They have the best tacos, ever! The burrito in Pink Tacos is great too! I've never been to Vegas so that will be interesting. :)

    @ohyouprettythings I definitely had fun! I'll upload more photos of the places I've been to in the future.

  12. its my childhood dream to see LA! aww and ur so lucky uve been there!! :) enjoy ur stay!


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