Monday, September 27, 2010

First Home Cooked Meal

Have you ever taken advantage of mark downs at the grocery store? Ralphs had a three day sale a while back on filet mignon and lobster tail. My fiancé is a big meat eater and a fan of seafood. We concur on our food choices when it comes to meat but being allergic to seafood, he's alone on that one. As I wanted to be a good fiancée that day, I offered to make him some filet mignon and lobster tail.

Here's what I whipped up in the kitchen.

homemade sour cream mashed potatoes, lobster tail and filet mignon

My happy customer eating his meal.

I've been cooking more often nowadays so I decided to impart a couple of my recipes. I will add a food category to my blog so check up on future entries for some step by step food guides.

Before I forget, this is what we had for breakfast the next morning.

A turkey sandwich and leftover sour cream mashed potatoes topped with mixed cheese


  1. that's so sweet that's what marriage is all about !!!

    New follower hope you can follow too

  2. Yummy!!! Wish i could cook that good too. *drooling* Haha! :)

  3. Never thought you knew how to cook. I mean, when I imagine you cooking, I imagine chaos. Hihi. :p

  4. @Curves ahead makeup Thank you! I like cooking so I hope to keep up with myself.

    @Novie Thanks! It took me a while to cook that steak. It turned out really succulent so he was happy.

    @Vajarl Seriously? Cooking calms me down and Jordan knows when to intervene so I'm happy. I don't like making a mess in the kitchen. I learned from my mom and siblngs. :)

  5. Seems like you're quite the cook. I'd have no idea how to make anything you said except the turkey sandwich, I can whip one of those bad boys up in any Subways or Blimpies in long as the guy behind the counter isn't new.

  6. ^_^ wow what a dutiful wifey-to-be hehehe...the food photos are tempting, haven't had potatoes and filet mignon lately (yum!)

  7. Very nice... I bet your cariño is very happy. He should be...looks like he got it all - the total package; An intelligent, adventurous, caring, beautiful girl AND a cook too! :)

    Can't wait to read more

  8. ahaha thank you for your lovely comment! i cant wait to make some mixed babies too aha..

    this food looks sooo yummy. especially right now since i just ate chips for lunch LOL. anyway new follower :)

  9. oh my gosh, my mouth is watering! i want to eat filet mignon and lobster! :D

    <3, Mimi

  10. This meal looks so delicious! I only get this kind of eats when I go home for breaks from my university. So jealous!

  11. @Mike Subway is still the bomb. I only cook when I have the patience to do so. I'll be posting more plus instructions so you can make something for your lady. ;)

    @Lynx Thanks! Jordan was hankering for it so I gave in and made it for him.

    @Russ Hey, your food adventures gets me salivating so I say the same to you! I can't wait for your next post!

    @Donna Interracial babies turn out to be really adorable. :) You're crazy! Those chips aren't even filling! :O Thanks for following. :)

    @Mimi Come over and I'll prepare some for you too! lol.

    @Erin Thanks a lot! I'm hoping that you'll get a break soon. I have a friend who moved to Aussie and she says that they have one of the best steaks over there. :)

  12. That looks good:)

    I am a new follower on your blog:)
    Follow by blog 2:)


  13. Yummy! You're making me hungry!! I want some ;)

    I am a new follower. Hope you follow me back ;)


  14. what a great blog you have!
    Haha the weather in Dallas is unbelievably hot pretty much the entire year then January is bitingly cold- I almost got heat exhaustion wearing that coat outside!
    thanks for commenting on my blog : )
    following you now

  15. Ahh Surf n Turf. Classic combo. Next time whip up your mashed potatoes with Boursin cheese. You'll never go back to sour cream.

  16. thank you for the lovely comment hun, yeah we had the best day thank you. Oh that looks yummy, yeah go for it I'm not really a cook but I will have to start soon. Look forward to seeing the recipes xxx

  17. lol you totally make me excited to grow up and do that for people. having a boy over whiel the rents are out just isn't as fabulous as being engaged. lol oh to grow up...

  18. okay. that looks delicious. :D

  19. OMG! That meal looks so good! If that's your first home-cooked meal I can't wait to see what else you come up with. I love reading about food related posts and looking at the pictures.

    Aren't leftovers the best; it saves so much time in the kitchen the next day :-D


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