Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frugal Purchase of the Week

I know that I have been out of touch for a while now. Excuse my absence as I've been so lethargic lately. I have so much to share with you from make-up must haves to absolute steals from Apothica.

As I've been scouring the web and publications for unbeatable discounts, I came across two Target coupons that had me storm straight to the store. I had one coupon for either a 20 or 22 ct of Carefree acti-fresh feminine product and one for a full size Colgate toothpaste. A friend of mine gave me her coupon inserts from the LA Times since she knows I collect them. That's why I got to double my intended purchase.

This would normally cost $9.01 + CA tax

Carefree liners - $0.99
Colgate Pro Clinical White - $3.79
Colgate Advanced Whitening - $3.24

I had two coupons so I purchased two of each.

Carefree liners - coupon for $0.01 each
SAVINGS of $0.98 each
Colgate Pro Clinical White - $2.29
SAVINGS of $1.50 each
Colgate Advanced Whitening - $2.24
SAVINGS of $1.00 each

Total savings of: $4.46

I forgot to whip out my reusable strawberry bag. That would've gotten me an additional $0.05 discount!

There's a lot where that came from... Go and purchase your local Sunday paper not only to keep yourself aware of pertinent issues but great money saving coupons as well. Keep your eyes peeled for Red Plum inserts and visit for ongoing deals. 

Be sure to purchase a CVS card since they now have UP points. 
manufacturer's coupon + store coupon + CVS discount card = A great discount or better yet, free products!
UP points add up at every purchase and they are as good as cash for your next trip so don't discard those receipts! 

I must skidaddle now since it's a beautiful Sunday morning. It's my cue to get the LA Times, clip some coupons and head to the grocery store.

Until next time, savvy shoppers! 


  1. Woah, amazing deals! :) I love getting a good deal, have you used any of the $5 off Physician's Formula coupons?

  2. do you tweet? you need to tweet...not that I'd really check it...cause i as well get a case of lethargicitiy... (huhemmm idk if thats a word even)but i was gonna go to target the other day and WE NEED TOOTHPASTE..we're pushing it out like hobos fighting for food.. i even thought about hidding it.. but i was gonna go to target and thought now cause i'd spend more than i needed... now this is a slap in tha face lol

  3. this is so cool! I didn't know that Carefree is also available there...hehe

  4. Ive never tried to use any Man. coupons afraif to be rejected LOL :) but i see u saved lots! I might wanna try that as well

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