Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mundane Happenings - Couponing

I've been swamped with my training and personal agendas that I have unfortunately neglected my blog.

What's new?
I've been hooked on watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. It amazes me how the women featured on the show have so much dedication and time to collect thousands worth of coupons over a period of time. Mind you, it definitely pays off in the long run. Though they mostly buy in bulk which works for some, (not for me as we have a small household size) the significant amount of money saved is ridiculous. $1,200 worth of groceries for $4.00? Let me in on the secret! I hear... KA-CHING, KA-CHING!

My opinion, kudos to these ladies who put time and incessant effort into this addicting money saving habit. This has nudged me to search for coupons online to stretch the dollar but to a certain extent. I would like to save money without compromising my space. I cannot fathom multiple bags of toilet paper underneath my bed or stockpiling canned goods in the living room. I will practice couponing to a certain extent. The walls need not close in on me.

What I learned?
We all know to purchase products on sale but to get an even better deal, match the sale with a coupon that can be doubled in value or use a manufacturer's coupon. Stack up on as much freebies as you can so as not to repurchase for the next few months or so.

Recommended sites: (I know someone who's far more into coupons than I am and she's great at it.)

Also, take a gander at store coupons available at the entrance of your local grocery store or inserts in the L.A. Times. A couple of minutes a day might just find you money within your budget!

Before engaging in this activity, always make it a point to call your local grocery store to check on their coupon policy as it varies from store to store. Remember to balance the need versus the desire of wanting to save or you might just end up with products that you won't use in the long run.


  1. You should check out Cassie's blog, Mrs January. She is Canadian, but she posts her deals and gives advice. It really is addicting! Also, check out Hounding with Frugalsuz, she is American and has lots of beauty deals hauls. She doesn't give advice like Cassie, but the store might be more relevant to you!

  2. We don't have those here. But it would have been awesome for us. Especially the buying things in bulk part. =)) I live in a house with 7 others. =))

  3. been watching it too!! OMG those people are crazy awesome LOL. I wish I could do it but I am so unorganized, i dont even remember my own CVS coupon in my wallet!

  4. time is money baby~! I always buy stuff thats on sale! I always feel so good to see the "you saved $$" on the the receipt :)


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